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A Wonderful Peace


Someone special to me died, and a short time after he died - but maybe an hour before I got the phone call from his mother telling me he had passed - I had the most beautiful feeling of love pass through my whole body. I feel that a higher power was preparing me for the news, or maybe that the person who passed was giving me his love. I don't know, I am not psychic.

I just have feelings sometimes that are rarely clear and strong. This was clear and strong. I had a burst of energy about six months ago that was rather strong and strange too. I never have visions or anything, but sometimes I am a little intuitive, not much. Is there any way to strengthen intuition? I am not a person who really thinks she has any hold on truth. I want to learn more about human connection to nature and the spiritual realm. I am sure there is one, but I have no idea what it involves.

When I dream of flying, it isn't something nice like having a nice roam around the earth like in dreams some people have, I go zooming way up high really fast and it is rather scary really. I get frightened that I will go so high that I will not be able to make it back to my body. Does anyone know if this has any meaning at all?

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beatrix (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-13)
thank you for this story when my husband die on april 4, 2008 I felt that was it for me. I wanted to go on the plane and see if I could just talk with him one more time. I am so happy god left me with the holy spirit so when evil tell me to curse God for taking him. I feel God arms going around me saying I got you.
DaeNee (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-18)
The same thing happened to me the morning my grandmother died. I woke up that day to that feeling, almost like a huge breath of life rushed through my body, and it before anything else, I hopped out of bed and opened every window in my house to let fresh air in. It was a beautiful day outside and I felt so much love inside of me and an overwhelming need to experience life in general.

It happened again at her funeral, but in a different way. After completely breaking down in front of the casket, I began to hyperventilate and nearly passed out. Embarrassed and upset, I started for the door, all the while I'm apologizing for my actions because I felt like a complete idiot. It was an uncontrollable rush of every emotion possible and I couldn't handle it... I broke down. Then suddenly, right before I got to the door something came over me, like a someone was holding me up in their arms. I felt compelled to look around me, something inside said that I should't be crying because my grandmother was dead... I needed to smile at the beautiful lives she created. And I needed to be strong for the family members that were weak. I was humbled. I didn't shead not one tear for the rest of the day, instead I sat inside the funeral home and held my younger cousin in my arms while she cried. The priest that day told me I had been touched by the holy spirit.

I also experience flying in my my dreams. I was 11 years old when it started. I was scared at first because I would wake up in the middle of the night because I felt like I was going to fall out of my bed, but would wake up lying safely in my bed. I told my parents. My father covered the floor by my bed with pillows. The following instance, I let myself fall into the most incredible dream where all my senses were in tact. It's an amazing experience. Eventally you learn to control them. For example, I avoid cold, dark spaces at all cost and stay were I feel warmth. I only jump to fly if I feel inside myself that I can. I think you can cross boundry between lucid dreaming and sprituality when it gets cold and dark. I usually get scared and wake up.

I've been searching the internet for four months now trying to find answers. I don't think it can be explained in text. I figure that if it were something explained and understood, it wouldn't be spiritual.
Thomas (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-16)
I know the spiritual world is not no place for us to play around with. It is for God and His angels. Satan and his fallen angels. This Spiritual battle has been going on for a long time. Adam and Eve and the devil started it all. God will have HIS day trust in HIM! The Holy Spirit will guide you through this life in the things that are your buisness. Stay out of things that are not your buisness. TRUST GOD! He will give you a wonderful peace beyound your understanding.😐

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