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Feeling Of Complete Peace



It was set in a schoolroom, full of students. I looked out of the window and loud explosions went off outside. Causing a panic and everyone started to flee. All of a sudden soldiers burst into the room, drew weapons and started shooting upon everyone. A group of students and myself flipped over some desks and took cover. It was either bullets or what seemed to look like darts. As a group we managed to knock out a soldier and take his weapons and ammunition. I stumbled upon a few what looked like to be grenades, and somehow found myself placing it on the window and set a timer.

It eventually made a distraction and everyone ran out through the doors. From then on out everyone was just running in pandemonium and I realized that people were being chased by these clear ghost like spirits/people. Making my way out I stumbled upon this awesome group of people that I somehow was drawn to. As soon as I reached them the person I was next to reached into their pocket and handed me a candy cane. While holding it noticed everyone had them and felt extremely at peace.

Then I woke up and talked to my girlfriend immediately after having this she is very spiritual along with her family. She told me it was me just discovering God. That the candy cane was a sign/symbol of Jesus.


While spending time with my girlfriend I just recently accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. That night was awesome I prayed the whole time for hours. My eyes were closed and I noticed a white figure with wings floating around sometimes-changing shape or moving father and closer. I grew a lot tougher from the experience I asked for it and I felt my stomach growl and some slight blows to my arms and mid-section. Tears were filling my eyes but went away quickly. I prayed for guidance, my family and for her and asked a lot of questions. I never heard a voice but somehow came to conclusions about a lot of what I said because of the floating white object with wings. I somehow made it basic and every time I heard my stomach growl it was a yes or got it right. If nothing move on or not quite right yet.


Another night a few days later, I found myself looking intently at my paintball poster. All of a sudden I found my eyes starting to lose focus and become blurry, focused, blurry all the while I was seeing this little door start to appear on the poster. Not sure what to make of it I kept looking for quite some time and just came to realize I saw a little door. Then just went to sleep.


Now I have a few disorders, such as bipolar, racing thoughts, paranoia, manic mood swings, and maybe a case of schizophrenia. With that said lately I feel like my life is going out of control and is too much to take. So I take like a meditative stance in the middle of my bed. This being a week later, I just reflect on everything that has been happening lately. I ask God for help to be thankful with what I have and give me the strength to improve and find inner peace. I was focused the whole time and eventually I come to this realization / feeling of complete and utter peace unlike ever before. It only lasted for about a half hour tops but it was the best feeling in the world. I was able to appreciate everything for what it was and wish I could keep this state of mind forever.

I was brought up in private school all my life so discipline and religion was highly present. But up until now is when I really started letting Jesus into my heart and the changes so far have been amazing. I'm open to everyone's opinions and welcome them all. I'm a huge fan of wondering what's next and I love tips and moving forward quickly mentally. If anyone shares some insight as to what all this means I'll gladly listen.

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Chris rains (guest)
4 years ago (2020-09-12)
I had the same feeling and it only lasted for like 15 minutes. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful and I asked God if I could feel that again
dylancasey (4 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-29)
Practice makes perfect brother. The people I know with bipolar are extremly caring. And the fact they can care too much can be a bit hard on them. We are all gifted with something it is up to you mate, to figure that out. What I think this means is your heart has fully opened itself to accept God.

Peace Love and Happiness


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