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Bee Keeper


This story is based off the most terrifying thing that's ever happen to me. I have had a phobia ever since. Also this story is going to be long. One day my mom's boyfriend called her asking if her and I would like to go hunting. She said yes and we stayed in this house made in the early 1800's. There's also a cemetery near by. There were other houses but long ago indians burned down the other houses. My mom's boyfriend bought the land along with everything on it. It was about 200 acres.

This house being so old, had many problems. No electricity, no t.v., and had a bad infestation problem. I'd say what of but there was a lot of everything in that building. A deer could walk right in if it wanted to. People have died in the house also because of it. They would sleep on the cots and poisonous spiders, snakes, scorpions and rats that had diseases.

Well remember when I talked about the indians? Well where there were indians there were, arrow heads, old bowls and such. My mom was a fanatic about that stuff. Her boyfriend told her that the last people to own the land found them as well in a certain area.

The area was full of tall dead grass. My mom didn't want to go alone due to the fact of the know wild animals that come out of no where. I was good with a gun and she need protection... And if your thinking what I think your thinking then you are one sick person.

Anyways I grabbed my 20 gauge and my mom and I left. Her boyfriend gave us his walky talky so we could stay in contact because he had to put up a deer stand nearly on the other side of the property.

He dropped us off and we wondered around. An hour later my mom and I smelt a bad smell. We followed the smell to a dead bore. It had bumps all over it. We thought it was small pocks so we left quickly. We were surprised though because no animal had tried to eat it.

Walking around I heard what sounded like a motorcycle starting up. My mom screamed and ran like hell. I didn't know why until I turned around. There a massive amounts of bees. It looked like a giant cloud hovering above me. The bees attacked me covering me from head to toe. Stinging me everywhere there stingers could get.

I dropped the gun and ran like hell. It was the fastest I have ever ran. I ran and suddenly felt the ground under me move. I saw them coming out of the ground. Hundreds hell THOUSANDS were all over me. I couldn't see where I was running there were so many but then suddenly I fell into a pond nearby.

At that point I was more afraid of bees then the possibility of there being a poisonous snake or alligator. I poked my head out of the water and the bees swarmed my face. I ducked back under and held my breath. I then passed out under water.

Later I awoke in my moms boyfriends truck. Had bumps and bruises all over me. My mom had a few herself but not nearly as many as me. My mom stayed with me in the truck while her boyfriend and his friend looked for the gun I dropped. They couldn't see it in the tall grass so they got in the truck and we started driving through it. Suddenly The bees appeared and swarmed the truck. There were so many that you couldn't see the sunlight coming through the window.

At that time I knew how lucky I was to be alive, but it wasn't over yet. I started to get sick and felt very strange. I layed in bed for the rest of the day and the next morning I woke up in my moms car. She was rushing me to the hospital. She told me she couldn't wake me up, she took my temperature and it was higher than hell and my face was so pale it looked like it hadn't seen sunlight in years.

I arrived at the hospital when they told me that I was allergic to bees. I was stung over 200 times. I was DEADLY allergic to them and was about an hour away from being dead.

If your highly allergic to bees, been stung over 200 times and lasted a whole night before showing side affects then your very lucky. I don't believe in luck though. I believe that there was someone, something watching over me. My brother died the month before that. I always thought it could be him, but it could of been anything. It could have been the people who've died there also.

Luck didn't save me. Something held me together through the whole point. I don't believe in god but there are things that I think you should believe in. There's something always there whether its helping or destroying you. I had an angle watching over me that day and ever since then I keep my out for anything of the abnormal or paranormal.

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