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Feeling Of Warmth And Safety


I have come to this site searching for answers, and maybe feed back by. Someone that had similar experience. For this experience saved my life and opened a storm of questions.

I'm 22 years of age and a couple months ago I was not doing so good, um got married which should have been wonderful but turned out to be a real eye opener. We where fighting and it got so out of had we would get physical with each other, well one night he choked me until I lost conscience when I started to gain it back I had never felt fear so intense before almost crippling, I was heart broken it happened but could forgive him and move on.

I will never for the life of me forget what happened the second and last time it ever happened. Once again we where fighting things got out of hand he choked me I lost conscience, but this time the most amazing thing happened. As I was gaining conscience I could feel the most indescribable feeling of warmth and safety not only was that feeling running threw me but around me.

It seemed I was in a vary big room that was well lit not to bright, not to dark. I couldn't see the walls or nothing but it was kind of hard to take my eyes of the four figures that were with me, couldn't see many details just remember the feeling of love and safety, oh and what ever was with me was really really tall. When I gained ful conscience it was just me and Ryan and the first thing out my mouth was what I saw and felt. I still don't have all the answers just some possible theory 's.

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