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Born a Blue Baby


In 1950's when my Mom was in labor to have me, she had a long ways to get to the hospital. My Mom and Pop's car got stuck in the snow storm and my Pop had to walk many miles to get help to get his wife to the hospital so she could have me.

Finally some neighbors came got him out, Mom is left in the car with all this going on. And being in labor all this time, telling Pop that they need to hurry, that I was on the way out, she could tell that.

Mom and Pop finally got to the hospital. Mom was taken quickly to the labor room and the doctor was there waiting for her. Mom was in hard labor and couldn't have me. She was in labor for more then 20 hours with a baby not wanting to come out.

The doctor then found out that I was trying to come out a breech birth, buttocks first. I was bent in half. That was the problem Mom was having to give birth. The doctor told her the baby would not make it, that the baby had not had enough oxygen, but the baby had to come out.

With more hours of labor finally I was born. I was completely Blue with lack of oxygen. The doctor checked me out and told my Mom that I didn't make it. The doctor laid me on a table near my Mom so she could see me.

While my Mom was being cleaned up, I started to move and was quickly moved to an incubator. The doctor was afraid that I would have brain damage. My Mom didn't know I was alive, she was sleeping at the time.

Later they told my Mom that I was indeed alive, but the doctor said I probably had brain damage due to lack of oxygen for a long period of time. Prayers were said over me. It would be a matter of time as I got older to see how much brain damage I had.

I did things like turn over, laugh, grasp for stuff at a slower rate. As I got older I walked later in my life then normal and same with talking. The doctor was sure I had brain damage.

In school I was always a slow learner, had to take special classes to read and write but I made it. But when I was quite young, I seen spirits. I could tell Mom when people were going to die, or something happen to them. I could sense things to come. I wrote a manuscript at the age of 12, I could write poetry and later in my life wrote a song and also a book. When people who may have some brain damage they are often given special gifts, for their life from the Lord.

Life has been hard on me. But I am strong with the Lords help. I never give up total, although I say I will but never do. Since then I have become stronger in my faith, helping many people and love life.

Once I knew that I had psychic powers as I called it, I think since I was born dead, that the Lord indeed did give me a special gift. With my second chance on living when I started breathing again.

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Julien Willis Liberty (guest)
1 year ago (2021-12-06)
Hello, my name is Liberty (I don't know how this website works just searched "blue baby spiritual meaning" and found this as the first link). I was also born a blue baby. I am 27 now. A totally similar experience in the hospital. I am the youngest of 6 children. I was born able baby but the doctors didn't think I would die. My dad didn't know what to do about it and all he could do when he tried to pray was cry many tears and it seemed The Lord heard his heart since no words could come. I then turned from "blue to pink" as my dad describes, since my mom was giving birth to me. And another part of my miraculous birth was that the hospital tried billing my parents $19,000 but then The Lord seemed to have absolved the amount in full. I also went and had taken special classes in school because I grew up with a lisp. But I am very bright mentally. I also have "psychic" abilities as I also like to call them. I see and hear and comprehend and understand spirits. I know God and His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I am very connected to the spirit world. I believe we are all connected.

I am very thankful for your experience and I am glad to see others have had similar experience and that I am not alone. I am from Los Angeles. God bless you and your family (s). Let God be The Glory.
Christopher Lee Hardy (guest)
2 years ago (2020-11-08)
I was born Blue as told by the Parents.
I remember seeing everything that was going on and understanding the English being spoken because I was like a Bird watching down on this Birth. This was not my Birth I was living before becoming this body. There was Complications and their has always been complications within my Life journey. I have the ability to see parts of the future, I can often see what some call Ghosts, Orbs and Energies and I can feel Evil around me and see it in People.
There is a lot we know but prefer leading lives of isolation.
luckyboyblue (guest)
2 years ago (2020-10-20)
my son 50yrs ago was born with the cord around his neck x2 around his arms and legs he was then taken straight away and I didn't see him until my husband and my mum came to meet him he was still blue this was after 6hrs but he was fine after mum rubbed the colour back into him. I was never told any of this until 6yrs later when I had a baby girl about my son having double nuchal and was informed he had been very lucky to have lived but he 50 in november
Godchild (guest)
3 years ago (2019-12-22)
I just wanted to share my story. My son was born with cord around his neck. I'm not sure how long it was around his neck to the time he was born. The first hospital I went to didn't do an ultrasound or sonogram. I was dehydrated and having contractions they sent me home from being there 15 minutes. I was only dilated 1cm. I had to wait another day to go to a different hospital due to weather and power outage. I felt went he pull on the cord it hurted so bad all I could do was cry and pray.
But I'm very blessed and thankful to God for saving his life he's now 13 year old.
ssusan (guest)
14 years ago (2009-04-01)
I liked your story and am happy you were able to share it. My son had a very difficult birth and when he was younger, he would see my deceased dad. He would also always turn his radio on to music of the 40's and he was only 3 years old. When his preschool made a trip to the fire station and an ambulance, he started up the step into the ambulance and bristled and backed down. (My dad had been in several ambulances before his death and I believe David felt his emotions)

Has anyone ever laid their head down to go to sleep and immediately hear a whirrrring sound and visions of faces flashing past their eyes? This happened the other night and at first I thought it was cool and even felt like I was somehow experiencing something from beyond. Then I got scared and fought hard to open my eyes and sit up. When I did, it all stopped. When I layed back down, this time on my back, it began again and it was like I was traveling through space going a million miles per hour (all in black and white)...and that loud noise in my head and my body was paralyzed; I could not move at all and tried and tried to open my eyes and move my arms, but couldn't. I struggled to break free from these visions and sounds. Have you ever heard of this?
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2008-08-14)
6senses, Congrad to you for making it into this world and for what ever your age is now. Yes Miracles do happen more oftne then we know.
6senses (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-17)
I wasn't born blue, but when I started to cry I turned blue. I was born with my aorta and pulminary arteries in the wrong spot. Only one in 100, 000 babies are born that way, and most don't live, but here I am! Miracles do happen! 😉
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-05)
My cord wasn't wrapped around my neck, it just I was bottom first into this world, and that bent in half for some snuffed me out. But not 4-ever maybe just to catch my next breath of air when I was laid on my back, as here I am today still going strong and I am nearly 60 years of age. Thanks for your comment to my story.
haley9045 (4 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-04)
such a sweet story it makes me think about hope! 😊 it is great. I know some people who are blue babies. It can also mean you have your abilical cord wrapped around your neck. 😕

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