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My Mom's Second Chance at Life


This took place around 1990 in Michigan. My Mother was diagnosed with Diabetes about the age of 69. My Mother had some sores on her right leg. She always thought she could take care of sores that she got herself. And with being a stubborn woman didn't go to the doctors to find out what they were. She thought they were just sores. Wasn't until much later down the road she decided to go to the doctors with help of one of her daughter's to go and see why the sores would not heal up.

Come to find out she had leg ulcers, caused from the adult onset of Diabetes. She was put in the hospital as they were very bad. The ulcers would not heal up, no matter what the doctors put her on as far as medication went. They just got worse and deeper. She was in terrible pain, day and night.

I was called to go to her bedside after I got off of work, as Mom was not expected to live through the night. It was December 24th. Her leg became gangrene and was all through her body now. I live about two hours drive from the hospital where she was at, got my children from the babysitters and went to my sisters house and we left. I prayed all the way there that she would live long enough, so I could tell her I love her and good-bye.

We made it to the hospital. She was in bad shape and only two people at a time could go in and see her. Some of my relatives would watch my children in the waiting room, when it was my turn to go in and see Mom. Everyone but myself had someone to go into her room to see her but me. I would have to go alone and I really didn't want to, but I didn't want my other family members think I was a chicken to go in by myself.

It was my turn to go and see Mom. I went into the room, looked at an ashen gray complexion I was told that the gangrene in her leg had given her many different illnesses now, that she was being treated for. She looked like she was not alive to me already. The heart monitor beeping was on, and beeping to let me know she is still alive. I said "Mom I love you" tears dripping down my face.

I went and sat down in a chair that was at the foot of her bed. Listening to the beeping of the heart machine. A nurse came in to see how she was doing, told me if I needed her she was right down the hall. After a few minutes of the beep, beep on the heart monitor I got up and walked to the nurses station to get out of that room. I was told that a decision was made that when she was gone not to revive her. That they could not even get a blood pressure from her anymore. It was only a matter of time she would be gone. The nurse said this to me as gently as she could. I went back to my Moms room as us kids said she would not be left alone, when the Lord took her home. I didn't want to be away from her to long.

I went back to my Moms room stood by her bed, stroked her hair telling her I love her. I sat back down in the chair, praying and looking at her. She didn't look like she was in pain, she looked peaceful to me. Then it happen...

The heart monitor went from beeping noise, to just a line on the heart monitor I looked up and seen the line. I stood up as I was walking to her bed I said to myself "Lord help me", then I went to my Moms bed and yelled at her "DAM IT MOM YOUR NOT GOING TO DIE ON ME" I took my fist and I hit her more times then I could count on her chest. Then the beeping of the heart monitor came back. A nurse came in and she looked at me. I am shaking, my legs are wobbling. She asked what happen, I told her "I hit her she is not going to die on me"

Soon as my Moms heart started to beat again, the complexion was like magic it started to turn pink again. It was no longer the ashen grey in color. Soon after that she open her eyes, and she looked at me. I said "I love you Mom", she said to me "I love you too". The nurse went over to her to see about a blood pressure. In came a doctor, the expression on his face was one of disbelief. What happened here he asked? The nurse told him. He couldn't believe his eyes, her complexion was pink again.

I had taken more then I could stand, and tried to walk back to the waiting room. Someone else could take over from now on. I met one of my family members coming to relieve me, and I must have looked odd as he asked "Are you okay?" I said no. He assumed at that time that Mom had died.

I went to the waiting room looking like this, and everyone kept asking me "Is Mom gone?". I heard them say this but it was as if I could not speak. Then many left the room and went to Moms room where they seen a woman sitting up in her bed with a pink complexion

Soon it was time we all had to leave, it was nearing midnight. Since my sister Elaine lived close to the hospital she was in, we decided we spend the night with her. See Mom before we left on Christmas day. We decided after Christmas to come back and visit her. Mom seen everyone that was at the hospital and talked with them. I was the last to see her and talk to her.

I said to her "Mom I don't have much funds as you know, but I would like to get you at least something for Christmas which is tomorrow, what would you like me to get you?". She said to me "I would like 24 hours of pain free in my leg" I said "but Mom I can't do that". I said "let's pray about it Mom and see what happens". So we prayed together out loud.

Finally it was time for me to leave. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and I told her "I love you Mom". Then I left.

The next day we all went up to see Mom, before we went to our own homes. She got a robe, night gown, slippers, flowers from the rest that was leaving. All I gave her was my love and a kiss and telling her how much I loved her. We parted and went home.

Ten days later she had her leg amputated, when she was strong enough. I went to see her shortly after that. She said for me to come a bit closer she had something to tell me. I said okay. I got near her bed and she said "THANKS FOR MY WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM YOU". I am thinking "I didn't buy her anything what is she talking about". She then said to me "Remember what we prayed for on Christmas Eve?" I said yes I remember. She said to me "It came true from the second after midnight of Christmas Eve until that same time twenty four hours later I was pain free."

I didn't have to have the morphine shot to get my bandages changed..." I looked up and thanked our Lord for that great Christmas Gift he granted for her.

Mom was in the hospital for awhile. Then went to my sister Elaine's house to recover, as my sister is a nurse who took care of her. When she was able to go to her own home I checked on her every day, as I lived close to her.

The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure. And prayers do get answered. My Mom died in 1993. I know she is in Heaven with the Lord happy and pain free.

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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-05)
Thank you haley9045 for your comments to this story. My Mom may be with the Lord now but she will forever remain in my heart. I think of her often, and the days I am the lowest feeling I have beautiful dreams about her, it's her way to tell me she is okay. SS to hear your Uncle Chad is dying I will say a prayer for him. Once again thanks for your comments and compliment too.
haley9045 (4 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-03)
😭 that's so sad why'd you have to tell about her dying! 😭
why? I just don't like hearing about actual deaths especially since my uncle chad is dying right now!
haley9045 (4 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-03)
hey flutterofwings I saw you on psychic experiences and you are one of my favorite posters there too. 😉 😊

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