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In May 2008, I walked my dog Max. Max is an 85# White German Shepard. We went to climb the back patio and he seen a cat. He ran after the cat, he does this all the time to keep them out of his yard. This one day however, I was holding his lease when he seen the cat. So off I went about twenty feet, from the deck and landing on my right side, not once but twice. I was wearing a blouse, shorts and socks.

I live in the country and far from people, so no matter how much I screamed for help, no one would hear me. I was alone that day as my guy had an appointment elsewhere and would be home soon.

It was a rainy day out. Kind of cool mostly, with rain coming down lightly and then heavy at times. After I fell down, I first looked to see if I broke my glasses they were still on me. I heard something break and couldn't figure out what it was. When I tried to get up I realized I couldn't get up, I couldn't even move my right leg. I looked to see if my feet moved, and they did so I knew I wasn't paralyzed.

Finally I said "Lord if you want to take me now, hurry it up, because I am so very cold. Or if I am supposed to live, please find me some way, to stay a bit warm". Right after I said this out loud, I heard my dog Max, breathing into my ear. His body laying across mine. Max never did that before. I told the Lord "thanks" for answering so fast.

I laid on the ground three hours, wet and semi cold. Max would run across me chasing cats away from me, and then he laid down on me and kept me semi warm.

When the paramedic came, he said the dog laying on me, helped me from being to cold. I found out that I had broke my pelvis, something very painful. An area the doctor said is almost impossible to operate. And with me being diabetic they wouldn't operate.

I thank the Lord every day, for Max and for the Lords mysterious ways.

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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-14)
Thanks for all for the comments to this story. Yes Max was his right hand that day keeping me warm. However my beloved dog is now in doggie heaven, he had colon cancer. It's hard to be without him in my life but he is not really gone, only in body form he sits by me spiritually all the time.
rhodes68 (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-23)
It is so true that God "moves in mysterious ways". Max was His right hand that day, Flutter! What an amazing experience!

PS. I hope you have recovered from the ordeal.
astralvoyagesGlendaSC (guest)
16 years ago (2008-09-02)
Long ago, I came here (the spiritual site) and read what your name meant, then stopped after once or twice. I want facts. As a facts person, I avoid spiritual sites too much maybe. I am very grateful that you are strong though. Go there. Perhaps I need more a blend. Mostly, just appreciate who you are... I like it.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-27)
Thanks for your comments GinaSciarrino and Edmund. Yes it had to be our Lord working that day. I thank him all the time for the way he works in my life and with my children as well. Once again thanks and I am doing lots better can walk with the walker and a quad cane some days. So doing okay.
Edmund (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-26)
Flutterofwings... Ouch... Hope your recovering. Had to put my big white lab mix down last week hasn't been the best year. Remember to eat your blueberries! They help with the diabeties
GinaSciarrino (1 stories) (5 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-15)
I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal. You're very lucky. Your dog is very special to know to cover you. How your dog knew is the unexplained. I believe God speaks to all, both human and animals, giving instinctual knowledge, just as HE guides the unseen world, helping guide us through spiritually, helping us to find the will and strength that we never knew we had, to survive. I hope your recovering well, take it easy for a while. God Bless.

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