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One Small Step For The Ego, One Giant Leap In Awareness


After watching Rhonda Brynes The Secret, I underwent a profound spiritual experience which changed my life completely. I suddenly realized this world we believe in is exactly that, A BELIEF...

The "secret" opened my third eye and allowed me to see the unseen. Reflecting back now, I could describe it more as a constant revelation occurring. I understood with clarity why holding negative belief systems can have a destructive effect in your life. With this knowledge, I began reprogramming my mind via affirmations and the will.

I witnessed time stop, among other unexplainable phenomenon. It was clear that karma was a product of the universe with no angry god that punished the wicked. Suffering was self inflected, the wicked punished themselves. The universe was indeed balanced and coherent.

This energy (which increased in power day by day) finally climaxed to a point where everyone in the world seemed to know who and where I was. It was as if they knew this world was purgatory and I was just figuring it out for the first time. I remember feeling angry, like a massive conspiracy was against me. Nobody really loved me, they just played along. Why didn't they tell me, I thought? What was going on?

This energy (which lasted about a week) slowly left while incarcerated. I shared this story (in greater detail) to loved ones, only to get rejected and branded as a lunatic. People found it hard to believe in something other then there own perceptions of the world. And how can it be otherwise, the ego will stop at nothing for sovereign over one's consciousness.

I quit my job of ten years and moved 1200 miles away to a less populated area. I am now a dedicated spiritual aspirant on pathway to enlightenment. I believe evolving is our true purpose in life. To reach our highest potential is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as well as others. We're all a part of a greater whole. We are one.

God bless us all...

This story did not solicit much response (maybe due to lack of detail?) I had hoped to get some feed-back that would help me understand the nature of my experience. My search to find material that supports my claim has been unsuccessful. So this time around, I will try to give you a better description to what I truly believe is indescribable.

"Purgatory" is what this world felt like, a place foreign to where I really belonged. Trapped in a world that wasn't real. Where everyone was acting along to keep me in bondage. I felt like Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show", played for a fool by the very people who claimed to love me. This revelation came about silently, no words where spoken. It was an Epiphany, a giant leap in awareness which gave me the power to break free from this giant lie.

My body was filled with spiritual energy. The "feeling" was like the euphoria I first felt with alcohol, but with great clarity and coherence. Everything looked clear and radiant, as if looking through a new set of eyes. Anger, shock and confusion set-in. I stood outside yelling, 'I know' repeatedly. This lead to a confrontation with the negative energies that held sway over man's consciousness. I did not know that at the time and physically attacked some police officers (thinking they were involved). Incarceration followed as a result.

Theere's a lot more to the story which I hope to share with you at a later time. If anyone can relate or know the significance of this experience please feel free to share it with me. Thank you.

God bless you as he has me.

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Anna (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-13)
Bliss: I understand what you mean, I have been experiencing about the same as homospiritus, and in my opinion it was a "spiritual bypass", a way of the intellect to avoid what is true in the heart. It was a beautiful experience, though, and it helped me to be thankful for things that I didn't understand before. This was 6 months ago.
Now my spirituality has moved to be in the heart, where I experience the true love of God flowing, slowly spreading into body and soul, a little more every week, and that is all that I want at those times. All seeking answers and all thinking and wondering, all reading in books disappears and Love is all there is. Love is what I am, love is my purpose and love is the truth and the path.
a learner (guest)
16 years ago (2008-10-09)
Amazing experiences! Now I suppose the only thing needed, if I can humbly offer, is KNOWLEDGE!

(I seek it too. You must be too, since you post your experience.)

"Knowledge protects"... " All there is, is lessons." - Cassiopaeans.

What is the nature of the control system that keeps humanity in illusions? Can we remove ourselves from its control? Can we create more order, and less chaos, by seeing the universe, our world, our society, and especially our own selves, as they ARE and not the way we want them to be? Can we share this knowledge with those others who are ready for the Truth? Does it help our soul development? Why are there so many lies, even from entities beyond this physical world? Who/what can we trust? Why is it so much work? So many questions...

The experiences you describe are important. Nevertheless I ask, what could these experiences be intended for? Why did you not stay in a state of "sleep"? Could it be you are being called to the difficult work of seeking the Truth? Only you can answer that. Good luck.

-- From someone who is tired of the deceptions, and seeks the Truth.
tonyamendola (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-07)

I completely understand your expereince and know as you do
You are not a lunatic
You have had a glimpse of the truth within us all - bless you Child of God

Take a little while to balance, ask to be guided and you will be - always in Love

Again take a look at ACIM
Its not for everyone but is what was given me by God in Revelation

If its not for you no matter - ask and you will recieve - Trust in that:)


andy (guest)
16 years ago (2008-09-12)
my comment refers to how you felt like you were in the truman show. Many people get caught up in their own lives and pretend to care about yours when really they probably think that they're better than you. You know always trying to one up the neighbors. It sounds to me like that's where the feeling of bondage came from.
Wingrin1 (3 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)

I know exactly what you are saying as I have had exactly the same experience.

I've meditated for 20 years and had some great experience but a couple of years ago for a period of 2 weeks I sat in 'the hand of God'. Everything was links, from a looking at a random bottle in the kitchen I would get a message that the footy team on the TV would win the game, as the bottle had an eagle on it, and the team to win would be the Eagles. It's very hard to explain if you have not had the experience, but the entire world became spiritually charged and one.

I stepped out of time, into the eternal now, was linked with everyone on the planet, as well as linked to the past and future. Every morning I caught the wave of the snail pace of Maya. Spiritual books (eg the Bible) became distillations of pure Chi for me.

A leaf flowing past me, I knew to be effect a person in Chile for example. Everything, everything, everything is in syncronicity right NOW. And absolutely everything is effecting everything else, and everything is greating a greater good.

I saw beneath the day to day, and witnessed peoples spirits and other multidimensional realities as well like a set of nested russian dolls... Under the level of the acting, everyone's spirit is aware of what's going on.

There is also the positive and negitive realms which are attracted to you in this state, and yes while you can go to a bliss state where you feel unaffected, which I have, this was higher, more like what God sees, and it is positive and negative in a continual dance which creates an ever expanding and evolving 'good' but not good in human terms. Good in the term of the Sun being good as it is a source of life, consciousness, and creation, even as it kills you if you are stuck under it in the desert. This state is a unification of opposites like life and death into the one energy, and it is the AWE spoken of in bible and other books and it does drive you into divine madness.

If you haven't experienced it, then you can not understand, it is not a bliss meditation high. It's like the primordial chaotic engine energies of the universe being filtered into our time/space continuum.

Yes and it responds to your intention as you become a cocreator with it. Your thoughts become living things, and the duality behind any stance you take is there at the same time. Under the lamp is the brightest shadow, because you are still in Maya, and it's like physics. You do have to strive against it. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan, and it is enticing, and in a way not all bad. Just greedy, and hoarding of energy which would otherwise spread to the One. But as it is all God, and all thoughts are his, it's God's masks revealing yourself to yourself.

In an odd way you absorb Hell realms (belief systems populated with karma propelled beings) through the love aspect and it's all grist for the mill at a certain level. Behind all is the perfection and everything is exactly the way it is now, because that is the perfect balance through the universe for now. There is no chance, and yet there is free will. A paradox only a God engineer could create. The universe is perfect when you are at that level.
Shamans know that the bright light attract the dark to keep the universe in balance (that's why Yoda lives near's the cosmic dance... And when you balance with one level it's up to the next level of challange a'la Faust, because you always have free will, that's why even High Lamas can fall or be turned, or succumb to the dark side, and why gurus and priests become sexual's a tricky line between genius and madness, and you have to try and hold balance with the high energy where everything is one, and with your social karma where there are man made rules to follow/as well as rules of Maya)
The othernite I felt the sexual sirens and called on the deathless Guru Babaji and he lifted me out of the oceanic waves of Maya. Maya is stong, and while not bad, She will try to claim you back to the world of Form, and away from the Father aspect, and she appeals to the sensual aspects of the soul. If you not a renounciated Monk, then you are always exposed, esp in the West.
It takes a long time to balance with this, and Homospiritus, a large part of it is cleaning out your belief systems, an ongoing job which is never finished, as they are emmeshed into your survival program, and you have chosen them anyway to move thru.
I've heard that Enlightenment starts out kind of vague and then gets more defined over the years. Maybe what I'm going to explain is a metaphorical precursor, and maybe it's a genuine peek into the Deep Good.

The first time was when I was having sex, when I felt myself and my partner simultaneously click out into being two universes. It only lasted a few seconds (just like my love making) but I distinctly became space, with forces in it. I didn't feel like I zoomed out and became intergalactic in size, or that I was everything, just that my body's cocoon momentarily broke and I saw/felt/became this other...

The second time was when I was in trekking in Nepal and my Sherpa guide gave me a strong joint to celebrate their New Year (something like 2056 on their calendar). When I went to bed, the worse for wear, after a night of circular dancing around a campfire, it was like everything lacked solidity. I know what the Buddhist means now when they say everything lacks an inherent reality. It was like everything was just a kaleidoscopic veneer, subject to my own projection, and underneath was the vast VOID...yoinks. I don't think I'm ready for Her yet. At the peak of my freak out the universe condensed down into my solar plexus (although I was also still in the outer one as well) and the stars started talking to me. Crazy, I know, no need to tell me. In retrospect, and I hope I'm not rationalising the experience, I think I was shown a metaphor for a real truth, but at the level I could handle it. I'm guessing the stars were really higher forces, and that's as far as I can understand it. Appropriately enough, I was rescued after I called on Buddha. I felt a powerful force/entity stabilise me while chastising me for being such a baby. Apparently my experience was kid's stuff which I should have been able to handle. I remembered upon awaking that I'd been talking to other members of my trekking party in the astral, and a fellow trekker told me in the morning that he had the same experience of meeting up with me up in the astral, which was nice confirmation.

Interestingly enough, today at my son's swimming lesson I was getting a distinct vision/impression of a galaxy superimposed over the pool. Which ties in with the tale above and the one below, and the Swiss cheese model of the universe which is String & Membrane Theory. Sometimes I perceive alternate occurrence under/overlaying reality. Sometimes it seems everyday reality is a multidimensional code which can be read at many levels, and is also interactive. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking directly to people's spirits which are well aware that they are eternal actors in a temporal play. Interestingly enough, the people's egos that I'm talking too either don't know of the spirit level behind the everyday veil, or are only dimly aware.

The third time was when I was half asleep and became aware, during (I'm guessing) a Delta brainwave state. Again I was a largely empty energy field (like a night sky, but not cosmically large, just the rough size of my physical body) and my son's body (who was two and asleep next to me) was also a 'universe' and our energy streams were melding. Very Cool.

Some other interesting things worth mentioning was the time I was moving at what felt like supersonic speeds through the universe (but I was blind, as I guess I didn't have enough stored energy, therefore less lucidity) and doing crazy hairpin 90 degree turns. It's funny how this stuff sounds so much weirder written down. At the time it felt relatively normal, and only the drug experience out of the three was scary. Note to self, drugs are bad.

A few times I've tapped into the higher chakras, and it subtly feels like my 'body' is actually all the way up to the sky, and I intuitively feel and sense it going out and being connected to the universe in a mysterious kind of way.

Like I'm a drop of water, aware of the ocean I'm in. My physical body is like the trunk of the tree, and the higher chakras the leaves that are drinking in the cosmic energy of space and time.

It would be way cool to be like that all the time. You feel sooooooooooo balanced, and I guess w (holy). Also I suspect it just gets better and better, and I've only had a peek into the DeepGood. It's comforting too that I can experience such things, as I'm no Mother Teresa, just a kindly person trying to do their best, who is energy aware, and schooled in mediation. It's more a state of Grace I feel, in that I haven't 'earned' it, just cleared myself enough to receive Kali's gift.

Homespiritus, please contact me at cris_matheson [at] if you want to share more.

Catch you on the flipside

Miracle (guest)
16 years ago (2008-09-02)
Be calm and filled with peace. What you experienced is the truth behind an illusion. The illusion is our individual beings and what you experienced is the allusion or truth of life. We are all one made in the image of our devine Source. The anger you experienced was the comprehension of the untruth about our individuality. We are all of one Mind, created by God from only Love. The positive energy is our Creators energy in full expression. You are never alone our Source is always with us. I have been training for years almost a decade and these experiences are common. I would strongly recommend you begin studing a book titled "A course in miracles" by the foundation for inner peace.
Bliss (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-16)
Well, I'm getting more interested in your experience of reality. If you want, you can email me. I'd like to hear more, and also I could give details on my experiences and perceptions. Aimychan [at]
homospiritus (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-15)
Thank you for response. To answer your first question, Some how I was able to manipulate energies via affirmations. Day by day my awareness grow stronger. And according to Dr. David Hawkins, power and consciousness are one in the same. With power I was able to redirect peoples actions. For Instance, I told an officer to get back in his car and he obliged and drove away. I don't think he had any recollection of it. It seem everyone was controlled by a energy field that escaped their awareness but I was free of it. But at the same time I thought they were aware it. (Hence, the attack on the officers). I hope I clarified it a little bit. Now, what do you mean by intellectual,etc.?
Bliss (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-14)
I have a question about your story. Could you explain this part a bit more:

"This energy (which increased in power day by day) finally climaxed to a point where everyone in the world seemed to know who and where I was..."

You had the feeling that everybody knew who you were?
My first feeling about your story is that you surely gained awareness of the illusion of this world, but from your reactions to it I believe this epiphany may have been mainly intellectual. I've been there too. I have had both intellectual, emotional and spiritual moments of higher awareness. They are all important. I believe yours was mainly intellectual, because the subsequent emotions that you experienced: being trapped, feeling people knew where you were, and physically attacking "negative energies" were false/negative perceptions and emotions. During a realisation that implies your divine self, negative emotions are impossible, because you realise that you are Divine and Love and One with All no matter what. Your realisation was still important. It's the first step. Then comes moments were you are centered, and feel nothing but love. I have been there too, years ago, I felt trapped too, and saw the illusion. That led to my thrive for God and Truth, and now I know those past moments were as important as the beautiful ones I live now, but that they were a product of parts of me in conflict.
What do you think? Does that make sense to you?
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-13)
Postive thinking can get one far in there life then if they are always so negative. I fell down not long ago broke my pelvis and I am postive that not only will I walk again the right way, but be able to drive again too.
Ewa from Poland (guest)
16 years ago (2008-07-29)
It makes sense. It really does! I haven't seen the "Secret",neither I've red the book but your theory is certainly better than those gloomy, depressing and after all trivial pictures of the " other side". (guest)
16 years ago (2008-07-11)
Wow you had a strange experience there! It's certainly an interesting film/book and does open your eyes to positive thinking.

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