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The Love of God Through my Son


Back in the 1980's, while I was a single Mom, working and trying to care for my children and I, my children didn't get all they wanted. But they got what they needed. When other children had brand new clothes, I had to go to second hand stores and get theirs. They didn't seem to mind. They took things in stride. After all we had a place to call home, full of love, clothes to wear and food to eat.

My children were fairly happy children. They played outside, didn't like that I had to know where they were all the time. But put up with it as it was, "Just Mom".

We lived off the welfare system, as even with me working 40 hours a week, it just wasn't enough to go around for all we needed. When I would have some change left, I would often give my children the change, divide it between the two of them. They would put it away in their rooms.

One day my oldest son tells me... "I been praying to God, like you tell us to do and like we do in Church". I told him that was great that the Lord would help us in our daily life. He said to me "No I am praying for something else". I said "OH what is that?" He just smiled and said it was a surprise.

Time went on, perhaps a year or so. My son came home from school (he was in about 3rd grade) he was all smiles. I said to him "something good must of happen to you in school today". Yes he said. I said to him "Do you want to tell me?" Sure Mom he said to me. Then he said also "I been asking the Lord to help me find someone, who needed something more then I did, I been saving my change for this and it happen today in school".

He continue to tell me "that a little kid, in school had no lunch money so he bought him his lunch, with his change from me. And that another kid in school needed some mittens, as it was cold out and he chipped in with other kids to buy him a pair of mittens". My son was just glowing with pride, not only because he had been praying for God to help him find someone to help, but that it came to be he was able to help someone and felt good about it too.

My eldest son is now a young man, he still gives of himself to others. He helps wrap gifts for Christmas time in a Church, he has shoveled sidewalks for the elderly, he gives to the Salvation Army and many other gifts of Love from his heart.

I once asked him as he got older "why did you give your money you got, to someone else, instead of keeping for yourself to get yourself something?" His simple reply was "Mom I had everything, that money couldn't buy, I had you and my brother and God". What more could I say.

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secretangel (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-22)
You are so lucky to have gone through what you did and then to have such wonderful kind hearted, son who got it from no one else but you.
Tonith (guest)
16 years ago (2008-06-15)
What an inspiring story. During all the hard times you kept your faith raised your children well and was shown the rewards in this lifetime. My hat is off to you and your son. I know you give God all the credit as it should be. He knew just what kind of mother your children would need and you my dear fit the bill. We have a great and wonderful God and it never fails to warm my heart when all glory is given to Him. When we do this we get back blessings that are astounding.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-13)
[at] traumatic, thank you for another comment. Your here for a reason and I think soon you will know what that reason is. Good luck. Helping people makes me feel the best about me, then just doing stuff for myself.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-13)
[at] rhodes68, thank you for your comment to my story. The Lord shows us stuff to do every day, but most of us never see it. I have passed up good thoughts, that the Lord has given me and then wonder how could I do that. None of us are perfect we all make mistakes. Once again thanks.
rhodes68 (10 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-11)
What an amazingly generous heart! There's so much wisdom in your son's words, in his ability to distinquish between the important and trivial in life. And yet, I must say that you had a lot to do with the kind of man he has always been and always will be. He's a part of you, of your heart and mind so God bless him for the kindness he so freely gives and God bless you for the mother you have been to him.
Traumatic Passages (guest)
16 years ago (2008-04-10)
I am ever so grateful for your response and slightly embarrassed by the lack of impulse control I showed here?
Yet it is truly a grateful moment to know that you understand and all share in our own ways and for that alone I am indebted, Sometimes we stumble into true human beings who help us up dust us off and send us on our way.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-09)
Thank you everyone for your comments to my story. And for Traumatic Passages your still alive for a reason. It sometimes takes a long journey to know why, and I think many times we never know why, as we don't look for the reason. We rather complain then be thankful for what we got. Once again thanks for all your comments.

Sounds as if you had a CBI with falling that far down. I had that in a head on collision, which many wondered how I lived through it. It's because the Lord has something for us to do yet, or other wise we wouldn't be here.
miiish (1 stories) (13 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-09)
[at] Traumatic Passages: There is nothing that I say that can even begin to make a difference in your life. I know that you are not looking for sympathy but just someone to hear your story... We do, we all do! God Bless!

Cheers ~
Traumatic Passages (guest)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
I applaud you and your families honesty and courage very much and believe very much that all of us have a connection to the Divine!

Life has been a deep struggle for me and my girlfriend here in CAN for years due to my Traumatic Brain Injury, Hence the subject traumatic passages.

Back in 88 I plunged through a scaffolding to 60 ft below at 22 years of age due to defective structural framing and heavy brick overload that fell from a brittle dome onto the platform thus buckling the scaffold and snapping open.

60 ft down I went with tonnes of brick dust calcine and rebar steel boards and equipment with a rattling 80 pd airgun still in my arms straight down to the brick floor below!

I was young strong and had the world by the tail with a structural engineering degree and foreman on graveyard shift and was about to return to school and help run the family business, Engaged to a wonderful accountant and the ability to do anything my health was excellent and everything changed that evening forever for the worst?

I was told I was unconscious for well over 72 hours but I only recall awaking from the coma unconsciousness a few weeks later and only know what I was told by observers.

I know something out there did not want me to die and everyone told me the events of the accident made it virtually almost impossible for one not to die, Those who saw the accident are stunned I am not gone to this day when brought up in conversation yet I know GOD saved me for some reason other than suffering and insurance cynicism, personal attacks and retribution for being fortunate enough to walk talk and live a semi functional life...

I am 41 years old and was born on christmas day 66 and strangely feel that there is a connection to the D.O.B and accident?

I suffer from seizure disorders chronic pain so terrible I cannot leave my home for days migraines to severe to describe, Side effects that make life terribly uncomfortable due to meds but intolerable without!

I walk with a strange gait barely noticeable due to my entire rib cage pelvis and spine being warped terribly from the fall and my lungs are filled with calcine dusted memoirs that make my lungs wrack in pain daily, My hands have broken fingers that did not heal right and my feet the balls also either way arthritis set in and only contribute to the daily pain.

And besides many things I probably forgot I sustained a traumatic brain injury that required open head surgery and over a thousand stitches and plastic surgery and a large deep scar crevice scaling across the back top of my skull that is terribly disfiguring and for life, Funny thing after all of this the Ins only claims I suffer from a cosmetic injury scalp lacerations and faint organic injury?

Now I know God has guided me through all of this time for life has been hell with all of my health problems but if God could only make these heartless civil servants see beyond their misguided loyalties of terrifying the disabled truly disabled by rescinding benefits and antagonizing us into wondering if homelessness will be in the mail next month?

I lost so much on that evening 22 years ago a fiancee my sanity from the organic effects of brain injury at a time when even the Medical communitty knew little about it, And chronic debilitation that accompanies multiple injured patients over the years at 41 I feel 81 life has been unkind but tolerable until the ins attacks?

I know there is a spiritual element to this and that sadly but fortunately in some ways Iraq has brought Traumatic Brain Injury into the limelight from the many soldiers who suffer from our common curse of Pain,Confusion,Poor Impulse control, Poor decisions, Lack of or no control of emotions and inappropriate reactions, Physical and Emotional impairments and the endless problems sequencing etc?

In all of this though I feel that living through the dark ages of brain injury and practically growing with it to today and being given the vast knowledge of surviving with it for so long much like the details of animal kingdom and the growing pains of T.B.I I know that my daily prayers have given me so very much to be thankful for despite.

Despite the losses, Despite the shortened life span I have been medically warned of, Despite the tablescraps I get thrown that barely allow any quality of life, Despite every day of regret of what I could have been were it not for these damned chains of restraint, Despite the loss of dignity faced from rescinded benefits that are given right back years later overproven their wrong actions were only made for victimization purposes, Despite all this and more I am grateful for being alive and being here one more day despite all of these painful traumatic passages GOD knows I always kept my faith and caught me in his arms 60 ft and 22 years ago today!

I appreciate the simplicity I really do and I appreciate life despite not being able to feel unvictimized I really do I really really do GOD BLESS From Fell into GODS Arms
miiish (1 stories) (13 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
Flutter you are indeed blessed. With the love of God and wonderful children, you are right, what more can anyone ask for. Just yest. I met a friend whom I saw after a year. She was telling me how good life has been. She has a good job, got married and got custody of her baby from her previous marriage. I asked her what she has planned, maybe emigrate and secure her daughters' future and this is exactly what she said too -" I have a job, 3 square meals, a good husband and my daughter, I have all I need, what more can I ask for " Wowwwww! In this age of modernity, life is so fast and we rarely appreciate what we have and are always cribbing. Its nice to find others who appreciate the simplicity of life like I do. God Bless!

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