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Steping Up To The Plate And Experiencing Who I Am


I wanted to pass along an experience that has happened within the past couple of hours (30 June 2011), here again I pass along my experiences so that those just awakening will not be afraid to publish their experiences no matter how silly they think they are.

I am still in awe of the whole experience and find myself, even now with all I have learned, asking "did this just happen!?"

Several days ago I came across a photograph on my Facebook page from parents of a young baby who were praying to God, along with many, many other people (myself included) for this young boy to be helped through his suffering as he deals with a serious affliction to his young body, he may not survive, that is how serious his illness is.

I have been asking God daily how Artiie is doing and I have been informed of his good days and some not so good days. So every day I use my "distance healing" techniques which I have been learning and practicing for some time now, on Artie in the hope that I can help this wonderful Child of God.

Over the weekend Artie had a bad spell and I settled-in for my daily session when The Son of Man came right out and said:

"...James it is time for you to step up to the plate and be Who You Are..."

Now when Jesus tells you something, in a stern voice, you had better be listening!

I knew exactly what he was after me to do, I just didn't realize how far we were going to go. For many months now I have been undergoing "my Final Journey to Golgetha" in preparation for what is coming. I have also been learning how to "Astral Project" and have begun learning and preps for "another form of transportation."

So how does all this relate to each other, we'll here is how:

I began my normal meditation session and started to do my distance healing on young Artie. After I had completed what I thought was the session for the day, I asked Joshua if that was what he had in mind, boy was I wrong!

"...James it is time for you to step up and deliver, you have learned to journey far, now it is time to make a short journey to see Artie..."

I put my techniques learned with Astral Projecting together, so off we both went and sure enough ended up in Arties room. You have no idea how heart-breaking it is to see a little baby with tubes everywhere (well actually sorry several of you do, my apologies), to see his parents with absolute despair in their eyes and yet absolute, unyielding faith in their hearts.

"Hold his legs James, I will hold his hand"

With The Son of Man holding his hands, that in itself is an experience to behold, I took hold of his legs just above his ankles. You can feel the energy this little miracle of God has within him, for I have not felt an energy flow like that before coming from another living Soul. This young Soul was fighting hard for life guided by the blessings of the Heavenly Father.

"James it is time "

At that I went through my routine of blessing and giving thanks and passing along the healing energy of what I can only say is the Holy Spirit, to this miracle of the Father. While there are those on this planet, even today, who can cure instantly by a mere touch, I cannot for all l can do at this time is redirect the healing energy of the Holy Spirit into another Soul and it is up to the Soul to go from there. I have felt energy flows before, but not one that is so intense that it virtually brought me to tears with the intensity.

After the energy flow subsided, it was time for us to return and back we went to my living room again.

I hope I have been able to help Artie in his recovery, for it was a true privilege to be involved with such a young child. Artie is small in stature but has the heart and desire of a giant.

Upon reflection I now see why the various lessons have been undertaken in the last 5 months, I just hope I can use these skills again...

Now that I have some time and a bit of supper since this afternoon, I find myself asking if all this happened and every indication I have from my usual sources all say that it was a real experience. I published a short passage on the Facebook page concerning Artie and I am sure his parents will think this a very strange event, but that is okay. I know what happened, my faith and every fibre in my body is full of joy this evening for I have no doubt about what happened today.

Today I looked into the Soul of a very sick child, saw the love, the despair, the hope and the faith in the eyes of his mother. Artie is very sick and his physical body may not survive, yet I see the fighter that is a Son Of God and I know in my heart he will be in good hands whichever way the final outcome goes...

I pray, ask, and actively work for his healing every day, I just hope that I was able to do enough in our time together.

This experience has shown me first-hand (yet again!) that there are no limitations within our universe, we are capable of doing anything, we just have to believe it...

May the Love and Light from the Source of ALL life, Source of ALL Love, continue to bless you and yours forever more


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gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-05)
NaturalScience - I awoke this morning with this passage in my head and I felt right away as though it was from James. It was, "Gorify thy son as the son glorifies the father."
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-05)
Onawingandaprayer, thank you for telling me James has gone to Heaven now, some weeks ago (or is he still alive on Earth?). I know he will pray for us up there. Also for me. Having read my posts here and James' answers, you know he called me a "glorious one" and this certainly was not a term of politeness nor a trial to tell me what my pride wants to hear... I think he had some overview of my soul's long pilgrimage (thru several incarnations) and saw that I had done a good battle, no matter how confused I was, and still often am, whether I do good or bad... I look forward to the glory James saw in my soul. My present life is not glorious from a human view. God may know better!

I am glad to know James did not tend to literally adopt what books say, even holy Scriptures. My warning against too much faith in the Course of Miracles was more for the people reading my posts than for James himself.

Rest in Peace, James, and have a good time with the animals in Paradise which you saw in your visions. Greet my Grand-Aunt and St Francis of Assisi from me!
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-10)
James - I can't believe you. Even before death you show all your love for strangers. You have been a great teacher and friend! I said a prayer for you this weekend, but I didn't realize why. That is your power of love! I will miss you so badly. David - thank-you. Kathleen - your words are beautiful. Good-bye James. Peace my friend.
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-10)
Onawingandaprayer: James really passed over? I am the one he referred to as the rose in the garden. I became his friend. I loved his parables, and even though we were strangers, I loved him also. You know this is true? I can't bare this thought. You are in my prayers James for now and for always. If I bloomed, it was for you!
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-10)
Hello David,

Thank you so much for letting us know about James return home. I thought it appropriate to post this poem that I wrote for James. I never met him face to face, but his words of kindness and beautiful friendship meant the world to me.

The Friend

In life you'll meet that special friend
Who heard the call you sent for help
His hand will lead you gently to
A world you never thought you knew
Behold the world before your eyes
Unveiled now from it's disguise
I see it clearer with each day
My friend your love was heaven sent
You led me gently down the road
Hand stretched out - I'm not alone
Your kindness set my heart aglow
The spark now lit beyond control
The truths you taught have helped me to
Extend a love so pure, so true
I now look forward - never back
I am forevermore on the right track
To lose you it will hurt me so
A tear I shed, but I well know
That in my heart the spark will glow
I take with me along my path
The memory that was made to last
To pass it on and share my love
Extended through eternal bond
My heart will not forget your ways
To stay with me throughout my days
With open arms I wait for thee
When we reunite in eternity

By Kathleen Rosalind
Onawingandaprayer (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-09)
Hello Natural Science

My name is David and I have known James for the past two  years.  James, well he would call me a brother even though we only chatted in-person a few times.

James has in his own words "Gone Home." This is something that happened over the  weekend as a result of a tired and worn out body from years of internal stress and anger is all I can figure out.

I spoke to James very briefly last Wednesday and  he said his work was completed. I asked what that meant exactly,  but he said something about "...the rose in the garden has finally bloomed..."

I think it refers to someone he knew from his online experiences but I am not sure, if anyone can shed some light on this please do so.

Natural Science I think you are being a little critical of James with your comment regarding him reading the Miracles book. I only met him 2 years ago at a local healing place here in Dubai, but what I learned from him was that he was always reading one book or another and  he never let his life be run by the words in any of them, bible, Quran, Neale Walsche's trilogy, The Course in Miralcles and even his latest venture into Consciousness through Mada Dalian.

I have never met a more loving and universally aware individual, in our brief number and short visits together he showed me more of who I am than I ever thought possible. He taught me the concept of brotherly love and how Jesus really meant it to be, not what the priests at mass used to bellow while complaining I wasn't putting enough money in the collection plate.

I saw someone who grieved not just for the victims of bombings in this part of the world but for the bomber as well. 

I saw someone who spoke as though he walked this planet right beside the Master,  2000 years ago.

I don't think James was his real name, I think it was a jewish one,  Yakov I think, sounds russian doesn't it, even that is odd for a man from Bethlehem, nowadays the only palestinians I know have names like Mahmood, Talal, Mohammed, even stranger, he said his mothers name was Mariam, that one has always confused me, but he would just smile.

I only wish I had met his brothher, he sounded like an amazing man even though he died long before I was born. He certainly had an impact on who James was, for I only knew James as this spiritual man, not the troubled, angry man before that and he credits his brother with the changes within him, as I credit James for the changes within me.

So Natural Science I have read your recent posts and while I do not agree with it all, I see your point on one hand and yet I think you missed the mark about James and his readings, to him books were only words on a page, thoughts from the minds of  man, Tolle, Walsche, Dalian and a hundred others he could  rattle off his tongue, he  maintained their words were merely points along the "spiritual highway" in which to stop and pause for reflection before continuing ones journey.

I feel he is deep within me somewhere and for some strange reason always has been. I know he touched many on this site and angered many, for many thought he was "out there somewhere."

I love reading his stories and I feel like I too have lived them right alongside him, for they resonate within me as I guess he  wanted them to do. I am not sure who is the  "...rose in the garden..." but I do know he felt her pain and anguish as he did with so many. He told me of a young baby, then I read about his experience with Artie, when I asked how Artie was doing, he simply replied "he is in the loving arms of his father"

When I tried to inquire further he would only say the same, I think he hinted one time that he is doing well, still struggling but living.

Two of his quotes will remain with me forever:

" Let your faith guide your actions and your actions will  guide your faith" I think he got that from the Bible.

" read yet the words have no meaning, no soul. Rediscover the true glory of All then see the majesty in the written word once more..." This was aimed at me as  I read books and had no true FEELING for the writing.

I just wanted to pass this information along for those who read his stories and were touched by them.

NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)
is Artie still alive? And if yes, is he getting better?
This is all I wish to know.

Your being present as a spirit together with Jesus Himself at his bed surely was real for how else could you have seen all the details of Artie's situation? This needs no comment - it has happened for you to tell the world that not only God is a Reality but that also our Lord Jesus, the "Mahavatar" (Divine Incarnation) for the West as Hindus would call Him, really still walks about on Earth to help suffering people. I bow down in adoration, and believe.

As to what you see for the future,

A time when humans finally are free to know what they do and to decide for the good and act accordingly

Instead of being forced into wrong, foolish or evil ways either by their own weaknesses, or (which to my account happens more frequently than the former version) even against their own better wills by the fear-inducing and mind-confusing pressure of a World "Order" dominated by ignorant and bad persons more than ever in History...

I hope so much that it come true! I still cannot BELIEVE that, having not enough proof for it in present reality, but I am free to HOPE for it. My favourite piece of music these days is HOPE of RUSH.

I told about the Star of Bethlehem reappearing in a less spectacular form (as a meteorite) over Germany. Such first signs make me hope. One day in near future there will be enough good omens (if you are right with your positive vision) to make me even believe.

Then lots of ordinary people too will return to Faith and abandon the cynical modern delusion that God is only a dream made up by the human brain to mitigate its own misery! The Catholic Revelation of Fatima says that when Russia converts to God, peace must come. It is Russia where this cynicism was worst, and from there it has spread under the mask of "Science" into the intellectual class world-wide, like a virus. Once Russia turns round completely as to mentality, World Intelligenzija will follow.

In the future you see and for which I hope, those who live according to their Faith no matter which it is, will be no longer looked down upon by cynicists who presently think themselves to be oh so intelligent and modern whenever they insult God and Religion;

And the Believers will stop picking at each other and no longer seek negativity in each other for religious or personal jealousy; and this new mentality of freedom and love will give me back my own personal freedom as a human and a believer.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-31)

Thank you my wonderful Friend In God and Spiritual Brethren!

I have spent a lot of time these past 2 years coming to grips with WHO I AM and finally expanding my knowledge of the Ethereal world.

I am still to this day left absolutly speechless sometimes at what is right there in front of us and yet I had been so blind to it for virtually my entire life to this point.

This experience was indeed one of those "everything comes to a grinding halt" moments as the wonders of the Universe played-out right before my eyes.

Thank you for your words, they do indeed travel right to my Soul and I hope more people like yourself will find these words and the words of EVERYONE whom posts on this site both inspirational and at the very least thought provoking.

You have been shown a direction, where it leads is up to you as no two paths to the Glory of ALL are the same. Like you, I too was "guided" to this site and have loved every minute of the time spent here.

I have just submitted my final experience as I have been told it is time for others to show their LIGHT as I move ahead from this point to join those who have gone before and will wait for those whom are following.

Enjoy the wonders that is the marvelous thing we call LIFE, see the beauty in everyone and let the Divine Light that is you shine for all to see.

"...My Peace I leave with you..."

TreeToucher (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-30)
Thank you for your story. While reading it, I experienced one of those profound moments that make you stop - everything around you suspended. It can happen because you have read/heard/seen something that connects with/to something you KNOW and suddenly you see with clarity a purpose/possibility, that until that exact moment, you were completely unaware of. Very insightful, thank you again - apparently I was guided to your writing. I now know, that through your writing, I was given not only a realization, but also a direction.

Wishing you, friendship, love and Heath James.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-17)
Hello Libra1

Thank you for your wonderful post, some days it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude about life on this beautiful home we live in.

I choose to see the beauty that is life and even though it is difficult for us to understand why things happen to some and not others some days. I am comforted by the knowledge that ALL is as it should be...

Little Artie and thousands like him, young, old doesn't matter, are on a journey that we cannot as individuals truly understand and in humans terms cannot accept at times. We put people who assist in suicide, or attempt suicide, in jail and leave the feeble old lady to suffer through years of agonizing decay until relief finally comes, I wonder sometimes...

The journey of the soul is an amazing one, just when I think I have mine figured out along comes Joshua (Yeshua Ben Joseph or Jesus as we know him by) and throws a complete curve into my human ego of perception. Ours souls have figured it all out a long time ago, young Artie's soul is on a journey of discovery of one form or another and who are we to say or understand why.

I am a sucker for small children and seeing one with tubes everywhere was just heart-wrenching. Yet deep inside I know this is but a short journey for him, how it will end is up to Artie himself and he's fighter let me tell you!

Will he still be here this time next year, I cannot say, but regardless he will be in loving hands one way or another, either in the loving embrace of his father here on earth or his Father In Heaven, either way Artie is blessed beyond anything we can imagine.

Wow a whole planet full of people like me, oh dear no please don't say that. A planet full of belching, flatulating old men, Father please no!

Libra I know exactly what you are saying and we have this right now on our planet, however many do not realize they are capable of the compassion that is within them.

I look at life through what some people call "rose-tinted" glasses, but hey I see the good in those who can only look in the mirror and say "life sucks."

Am I a half- empty or half-full kind of guy, don't know never understood the concept. I like to think I am an open soul for I see the world as it is and not the illusion we have created it to be. The Divine has given us a wonderful, majestic home to live on and I wish everyone could truly open their eyes and see it for the beauty it truly is.

There are changes coming, some see visions of death and destruction, some eternal darkness. I see a world of peace and love, a place we can envision in our dreams, a place where the one with the nails and hammer at the cross can throw it down and say:

"...Father forgive me, for now I understand what I do..."

Sorry for the soapbox session, I get carried away sometimes. To feel the soul of another and feel his inner drive and energy is something that one day we will all share and not just reading about it on a web site...

" peace I leave you..."

Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-15)
Loved reading your story, brought tears to my eyes.
I can only imagine what Artie's parents are going through. Like you said, either way Artie will be alright.
God has a plan for every soul and we have this wonderful place to experience and learn, no matter how painful it may seem~our soul may have chosen to experience that very same painful event.
I love how compassionate and caring you are towards life!
If this world were filled with only ones like yourself, it would truely be paradise ❤ ❤ ❤
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-15)

Once again your story moves me and touches my heart. May you continue to be blessed with these wonderful experiences, and to become who you truly are with each passing day. I also have been praying for baby Artie, hoping for a speedy recovery. I can only imagine what his soul is going through, and the faith of his parents is outstanding. May God's glory be delivered through this wonderful baby and family.

And may everyone who reads this story listen to your wise words - BELIEVE and nothing is out of our reach.

Much love,

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