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Death Is Not Darkness It Is Journey To Holy Soul


It was a divine light that flicker in my mind. I was merging into it. It was less than a second. I was detach, no body, no dream and nothing else. It was a wonderful experience. First time in my life I realized that the love, affection, money, clothes, ornaments, hatred, envy, wishes, dream is not in existence. The only things remain is soul which has merged into a divine light.

Have you notice the small candle light that we offered to god in memory of the soul or everyday we lit a light while praying god and performing "pooja" every morning as a part of tradition in our house. I would call it as a symbol.

If you multiply these a million times and detach yourselves from all the things, you are merged into divine light. You are borne with the divine power. Your existence is no more. It is within you. You don't need to do any exercise or go to any places or perform any "pooja". It requires a total concentration of mind to reach beyond the level of silence. You enter into a different zone of universe. Nobody is with you nor are any feelings, memories with you. You are alone. It was a divine light, takes along with you. You are merged into it. It was a unique experience. I am trying to describe it to the best of my ability but still unable to pen down the exact experience in words.

First time in my life, I found the difference between materialistic and divine world.

I wish I should not have regained the consciousness and back to this world. This world is full of materialistic happiness. No peace of mind no peace of soul and the collection of debris in your life whose value is zero.

You think that you have achieved a wonderful thing of the life. Your success and the achievements are measured by the money, fame and the wealth. Believe me; ask yourselves, what have you gained and what have you lost it. You have gained a bank balances, wealth academic degrees at what cost? How have you achieved? Ask yourselves. You will get the answer. What have you lost it? Are you having a peaceful sleep or you take a medicine to have a sound sleep. Have you ever found the reason behind loss of sleep, happiness and the entire problem in your life that you are facing? The need is to do a little introspection. You will get the answer. We have a habit of switching over the blames to the others. Think; think for a fraction of second why you are doing it. What would be the consequences? This little exercise will be the first step in your life to correct yourselves.

After doing a introspection you will find the 95 % of the problem you are facing are of a self created by you. You are the only one who is responsible and for which you have a habit of blaming others.

If you do this, at least it will stop you to dump debris into your soul and start cleansing process towards the valuable achievement called a peace of soul. Stop doing this; be careful not to repeat your mistake. You are born as a simple, holy divine soul. By traveling the journey of life, how much you have made it dirty. And you even don't know how much time it will take to clean it. Whether it is possible to regain the simplicity, holiness and divine soul which were a gift from god to you the time of birth? Ask yourselves, answer is within you.

You have lost a beautiful smile in your life. You have lost emotions and a true love for yourselves and the others. You have lost your health, happiness and peace of mind. You are smiling just because you have to smile. You have lost how to cry. In facts if you recall your childhood, you will find that you have lost everything that you were having at the time of birth.

Dilip Shah

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Jerbear (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-22)
To help you understand your spirit, soul, and body this broadcast might help you...


The Three Part Makeup of Man

Man is a spirit, who possesses a soul, and lives in a physical body. Understanding the functionality of our make-up - spirit, soul, and body - will enable us to tap into the powerful resources located within our reborn spirits. In the eye-opening single message The Three Part Makeup of Man, Creflo Dollar reveals how the three components of man's nature can work together to obtain supernatural results. Order today!

I watched this and I found that it really explained alot. I also believe that God's whole existence is LOVE... Nothing else matters without love... Gods Word means nothing without His love.
God Bless

RiteFate (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-10)
So you became ONE with the light... That is how it sounds.
I have also been trying to pin down to separate the materialistic & spiritual world. Once you become aware it is wonderful, but trying to maintain that awareness while surrounded by people who are not is difficult. It means you have to make the sacrifice on continuing to live a solitary life as not many understand the truth that is within the "light."]
Only a few are ready or prepared for this direction into light, as Jesus reminded his disciples when they wanted to follow him. He said, No, you have to be prepared first to make that sacrifice.

When I was born I knew never to become attached to this world... Like medicine for example takes away any free-will a soul has. They do not know how limitating it is on our souls choices when it comes to our health.
Layla (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-28)
Love, you say, does not remain? I disagree. Love is the most potent currency of God on earth. In order to manifest love, we need the soul to move toward the Lord, who himself performed the most ultimate expression of love for all. If you deny love, you are lost, for God is light and God is love.
The-Red-Daisy (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-14)
This is so very true. As life continues, I feel as though we become too distant from our ultimate reality as souls. That's why people have these experiences: to remind them of that.

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