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I Had A Vision About The Second Coming Of Christ


I am male. I have been trying to get answers to over a million spiritual experiences I have had from childhood, it took another turn about 7 years ago AND as I grow my experiences become intense. I am almost still very confused about it all, however almost 20 pastors in all have confronted, prophesied and warned me about God wanting to use me.

I am not the type that likes to go to church always but in my heart from early age, I have always fear God so much that it is very difficult for me to do anything bad/evil in secret, I also have always told people to love one another and not destroy the good of another.

Almost everybody's pain seem to be mine- if anyone falls, I feel it in me. When I watch films on TV tears drop down my eyes without me able to control it during emotional scenes like agony, poverty, pain etc. I pity and help people when its not my business or concern. My being honest to a fault has in the past brought calamity and poverty to me but I am beginning to be rich even without working for money.

I am a Christian from a Christian home too. My grandfather is a pastor and my father is a pastor as well.

I was earlier in a forum where they were talking about astral travel, in the end I discovered that they were not directing anything to Jesus Christ so I stopped. This site seem to be better because I have seen stories about Christ which is virtually my total experience.

I would like someone to please explain some things to me, someone who must have experienced what I have.


I had a vision about the second coming of Christ where the world was destroyed by fire, sky turned red with fire and great smoke- I saw a warship in the sky that seem not to have an end. The earth was flat- no cars no houses such that not a stone was on top each other as I was later shown in the bible that Jesus said. It started with me getting up from a grave then I began to see many pastors and people (black/white) they have healed. Girls and men in club took off their shoes and ran for their lives. Fire killed everyone at my back and front, when it was clear that I would die, I knelt down and began to say "God forgive of my sins- have mercy upon me for I have sin against you". This was repeated several times with tears (cry) in my eyes. I kept begging seriously, the begging was so serious because I was going to die but instead I woke up. However, what actually prompted me to kneel down and beg seriously for forgiveness in the vision was when I looked up and saw men in white horses appearing from nowhere in the sky to form a round circle for someone who was to appear in the middle like a king but before he appeared, I found myself saying "so it is true - the second coming of Christ" then out of great fear I stopped looking and felt on my kneels to ask for forgiveness.

Three days after that dream, I saw myself bathing naked in front of a church, people were passing by on the street and wondering if I have gone mad. After that day I began to see things. A door appeared to me in a trance and stayed for about 5 minutes or so, it appears like olden days door made of mud. It was simply an entrance one can pass through but like very old mud house front entrance. I asked pastors what it means but no one could give me answer. One year later, after I attended a night crusade of redeem church I bought a calendar from one of the women selling Christian books. The calendar was about 100 names of God. I hanged it in my room when I got home, few days later I was sitting down when my eyes just sighted one of the 100 names of God listed in the calendar- the name was "The door". Then the memories of the door that appeared a year ago came back to me then my inner said that is the answer. I jumped up and ran out surprised, saying to myself "so the door I saw was Jesus" because he called himself 'the door'. I became disappointed that the pastors could not give answers.

From then on, I began to see spirits. Evil spirits, evil creatures- things that have human faces but body of beasts like dogs and lion, witches, big size human about three times wider/taller than we on earth, occult people having meeting, astral travel I have been experiencing from birth took another turn and become intense and almost daily. But I see myself fighting these spirits, they are always after human on earth while something reveals them to me to fight them.

BUT there was something else- The name "Jesus" was always being used to fight these spirits and creatures by me without knowing it. It is as if someone else suddenly came inside me and began to act as he wants while my physical body would just watch and respond. It appears as if I am two different persons. When am sleeping, a spirit or so inside me will suddenly wake up and drift me into trance then I will begin to see spirits, fighting them by saying "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus". It happens mostly when someone sleeps by my side or when I sleep in people's home. Something takes me to midst of evil gathering and spirits. I hear and see them but in most cases they can not see me but can feel my presence sometimes.

My astral travel is another thing entirely very different from what I have seen people experience. In my astral travel which I prefer to call spiritual travel, I am usually 100% conscious that my body is somewhere sleeping. I go up and down to people houses to heal them of their sicknesses by saying "God has sent me to heal you or heal someone here". I even tell them "do not be afraid- I am here in form of a spirit- God has sent me to heal you of your ailment".

Even today, September 29, 2010 my spirit got out of my body to pray for a friend of mine in London, UK. I even told him that God has sent me to pray for him but somehow his friend who was present distracted the prayer and my spirit returned back to my body.

People see me in their dreams praying for them and casting out spirits that come to sleep with them at night. If anyone sleeps in my home just because he or she could not go home that late, the person must surely have a dream about fighting someone who has been a barrier to their life or delivered from some kind of sickness or dream about me or dream about me building a church or becoming a great man of God and so on.

All these I really still do not understand. But I have started going to church and from nowhere something has began to direct my behaviors like jealousy, hatred, backstabbing etc to good behavior and love for all man kind to the extend that I have began to tell people to practice what I call "the tradition of Christ" without knowing it. Pastors see me and say there is something very great inside me that my heart is as pure as snow and God want to use me to raise the dead, heal the sick, open blind eyes and I will be known by all nations of the world.

My problem remains that I do not understand any of these things I experience. As a matter of fact, I am not interested in what pastors tell me- now they say God is saying He has become impatient and I am being stubborn. I have a very funny computer knowledge such that I am able to build web sites, invent and create ideas, do web mastering without any previous tutorials from anyone or any school. People end up calling me a witch, they wonder how I learn things without being taught. I did not attend university but I found myself gaining knowledge and becoming versatile without learning.

My experiences are endless, I also hear a voice that sounds like thunder in trance- men that appear to be prophet kneel and hear the voice. After the voice has given a message, the men would say "we are grateful for hearing this message in Jesus name" then my spirit will come back to my body. This usually happen when am just sitting on my bed not sleeping, something like a mighty breeze would come and drift me into spiritual realm. It is usually very frightening to me but I have learned to let it go by weakening my physical body until m spirits separate from it.

Sometimes when I am in my room, a sound like roaring breeze would come and weaken me until my spirit separates from my body then drift me into spiritual realm, at this time I will begin to hear voice of someone I know who is very distant from me. It is usually a pastor or a servant of God- while am listening something will begin to minister to me saying this servant of God is either fake or real.




Thank you for listening,

Emmanuel Martins.

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INeedToDoMath (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-23)
This is just my own beliefs and what I know, but I hope it helps.

Most people's spiritual senses are quite underdeveloped. But there are some in society that just extraordinary spiritual sense, even if they haven't done anything to improve it. And I'd say there are multiple factors which determines this. One is the kinds of ancestors you've had. Another is the type of people/group you spend time with, and the overall actions of your own self as well.

I think that we are currently living in an abnormal world, where things are unnatural. Just think about it. Almost every major religious scriptures says that God is a God of benevolence and love, and yet, there is suffering all over this world. So if God really exists and is one of love, then why is there so much suffering and pain? I'd say that it's because God truly and deeply loves us as his own children.

Have you ever thought of God as a parent before? I think it's the lack of recognition of God as a parent that stops people from answering this question. This may not sound like it makes sense, but it really does. Let's say there is a person that was very successful in life, due to his effort and devotion. Furthermore, he was also a very morally good person. Let's say that he the type of person we can call the "Ideal" person.

Then that person decides to have a child. What do you think he would want for the child? He'd likely want his child to inherit the good qualities of himself, and grow up to become like himself. This is basically the same with God. God is our parent, and he/she as a perfect being wanted us humans to inherit God's qualities. But imagine if God made it so that all humans always followed his orders no matter what. It would basically be like commanding a bunch of robots, or like handling artificial intelligence. This is why God gave us free will.

God wants us to be like himself with our own will. And so he/she created us in his/her own image, with free will. Also, have you ever wondered why God created female and male? That's because they were a part of God's properties. Just so you know, I do not hate gays or trans or lgbtq+. But if we look at how God created us as man and woman, due to his actions of creating us in his own image, I'd say being lgbtq+ is not something God wants.

In everything there is a figure of a male figure and a female figure. In animals, there is male and female. In plants there is stamen and pistil. In atoms and subatomic particles, there is positive charge and negative charge. And even things that reproduce asexually have some form of female and male figure. Furthermore, God made humanity the owners of the earth and the universe. So it's obvious that through the things we've made, we've affected the plants and animals in a way to cause abnormalities. For example, pollution, gmo, crossbreeding etc.

But overall, pretty much everything has a female type part and a male type part, including humans. Without 1 part, everything will break down and be ruined. This is an example of one of the qualities of God, duality. So the purpose of man a woman is for us to successfully come together to completely resemble God. Without 1, we cannot resemble God, which is why I believe we should not be lgbtq+. I'm just going to say again, I have no hate against anyone in lgbtq+. They are all still God's children, and deserve God's love and such.

Just because someone does something wrong doesn't mean God will hate them. God will simply dislike those such qualities, but not the people themselves.

Anyways moving on, why is it that God let's us suffer? Well, the first humans failed to accomplish their missions, which caused the fall. And according to most religious scriptures, it says they fell due to eating some fruits, which I believe is metaphoric. In the bible, it says that Adam and Eve covered their private parts right after they fell. Why would they cover their private parts, when their wrongdoings were done by their mouths and their hands?

Furthermore, it seriously doesn't make sense for humanity to go through so much suffering just because they ate some fruits which they weren't supposed to. One thing that can make such thing happen is if the holy lineage of God was broken.

In other words, the real fall was actually due to illicit sexual love/relationships. Eve was tempted by Lucifer and "ate the fruit", causing her lineage to be taken by Lucifer, the archangel/satan. Then Eve, with the lineage of Satan did it with Adam, causing Adam to also lose his lineage. Now all the humans were taken away in the domain of Satan. This is worth the thousands of years of suffering of humanity. The loss of God's full lineage.

And so, I believe human history was basically just a part of the process of restoring our original lineage and original selves. And God could not interfere. Why couldn't he interfere? If he had interfered, and if he just saves us all without reason, then we'd never become the owners of ourselves. We'd never be qualified to be the owners of the creation which God wanted us to become. In some parts of the bible, it said that God said 3 things. "be fruitful", "multiply", and "have dominion and care of the universe".

Being fruitful means to perfect ourselves and unite our mind and body centred on God. Multiply means to multiply human kind, and create a family. And expand the family to a tribe, to a nation and to a world. And the third quote is to literally just have great dominion and care over the world. Human kind was meant to be the owners of creation, like God. And we can't do that if he just interferes and does the work for us. The only possible way he can interfere is if we create the conditions for him to be able to help.

This is why prayer can allow God to give messages or help in some way. It's basically like a trade system. You are investing your time and effort, and in trade, you get God's help. And his help is equal to how great the condition made was. But it's much more complicating that this. As I mentioned before, there are many factors as to why some are very spiritually awakened why some aren't.

I think people are affected through ancestors (heredity), the group you are with (collective), and your own actions (individual). For example, Noah cursed his son, Ham and his descendants, due to Ham's mistake. I guess that's a case of both hereditary and collective effect. Anyways, everything has a reason. Why might you have these special spiritual abilities? I don't know. Maybe your ancestors were largely involved with this type of stuff and did a lot of spiritual practices. Or maybe it's because of the church you attend. Or maybe it's because of your efforts. Or maybe it's all of those reasons combined.

So what I'm trying to say here is that you weren't just randomly chosen by God to have all these spiritual experiences or this awakening or whatever. It just turns out that you were born with these factors, and created these factors as you lived. If you really were chosen by God to do a very special mission, then you'd know, and you'd probably have been given a clear message from God.

But even so, I'd definitely recommend you to do good and use these abilities to help others. Just try your best to live not self centred. Try to live for the sake of others. Also, considering you have these abilities, I'd recommend you to just sincerely pray to God, and try to know him better. Try to love him and comfort him. God is definitely in pain, seeing his children suffer for thousands of years. He is also in pain, seeing that some of his children even regard him as a fantasy, or as a non existent being. Furthermore, I recommend you to pray really really hard to ask for truth. The bible isn't all there is to the truth.

You're probably aware that you still have so many questions unanswered. Best way to get the proper answers is to just sincerely pray to God with the most effort. Do it with good intent and live a life of love and prayer. And you may find answers.

What I recommend not doing is doing bad deeds. What you do will come back at you. Do good and good will follow. Do bad and bad will follow.

As for Jesus Christ, he will not come from the clouds and save those who simply believe in him. He won't even come down from the clouds. Jesus will come in the flesh, like a "thief in the night". The bible says that the 2nd coming will come quietly. But at the same time, it says that everyone will know of the second coming. I'd say it means that Jesus will come again as another person. No one will know that he has come, until he does his work and bears great fruits.

In that sense, a majority of the world will know that the 2nd coming has come. Not in a literal sense, where Jesus will really come down from the clouds. Jesus in the bible said that there will be a lot of false prophets and false messiahs. He said that we will know them by their fruits. He also said that there will be the "lawless one". Or the "man of lawlessness". He said there will be the "antichrist". And in my opinion, he is not talking about specific people or 1 specific person. The antichrist is the people that go against Christ. There will also be many false prophets and false messiahs. As for the lawless one, I think it means a certain ideology.

The bible verses acts as if it's a person. It says "shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak astonishing things against the God of Gods". It says "above EVERY God". And I think we all know there is only 1 God. So I'd say God in this case doesn't literally mean God, but it means the tools of God, such as religion and things that will help restore human kind. And the "God of Gods" basically symbolises the real God.

Not only that, the bible says that the lawless one was also working with Satan even in the days of Jesus Christ (I don't remember these specific verses). And obviously, no man alive has ever lived that long. And there has never been any kind of mention of a certain entity or being that has the role of the "lawless one". The lawless one is also not Lucifer or the archangles, as it says that the lawless one is in work with Satan, in a way that the lawless one is seperate from Satan.

From this, the most fitting of the "man of lawlessness" would be a certain ideology that will nearly dominate the world, and go against God and the idea of a creator. For example, it could be like communism. The person who created communism (Karl Marx) made it with the intention of creating a utopian society. It's intention was good, but obviously communism would never have worked. It was uniting nations in a false manner of what was supposed to somehow create peace in the end. Something like that can be the "man of lawlessness".

Or who knows, maybe communism was the lawless one. Maybe the messiah has already arrived. What if the messiah already came and is doing his work already. Who knows. I guess we'll find out later. But whether or not he already came or not, I believe that as the bible said, he will come "like a thief in the night". But the fruits he will bear will eventually let the whole world know that he is the messiah, after a certain amount of time passes. I just don't think he will come on the clouds. Just as how John the baptist had the position of Elijah, I believe another man will come with the same position of Jesus.

I suggest you should try to ask God about this, and maybe you'll find an answer. I'm personally not very spiritually open of awoke. I did have some spiritual experiences, but not as nearly as much as you claim you have. But anyways, I hope this helped you.
Tina (guest)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)
You need to ask God. Also, you need to find The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They will help you. Good luck! Keep praying
Sister CT (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-01)
Brother it sounds like you are receiving personal revelation, a witness for your personal edification. There are many people in this world that claim that they can interpret dreams, but in reality very few can. I would advise you as the scriptures do in in the New Testament book, James chapter one verse five and six: 5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberaly, and upbradeth not; and it shall be given unto him." 6 "But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that waverith is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."

The Heavens are not closed to us as many people would have you believe. The Savior taught us many things and two of the most valuable lessons is the power of Faith and prayer. If the heavens are closed to us why would the Savior of mankind command us to pray often? The gospel of Jesus Christ is a living gospel and because of that knowledge we know that we can go to our Lord in humble prayer and seek knowledge and understanding for ourselves and our families. A 24 hour fast is a good suggestion, as long as you do not have health issues that fasting may worsen.

Always start out a fast with a prayer, thanking the Lord for your blessigns and then making the request for the guidance you seek. One thing that many people tend to do is hold a one sided conversation with the Lord when they pray. Remember, the good Lord gave us a brain and he did so that we will use it. Ponder the questions, do research and then make a tenative decision. Then take that decision to the Lord in prayer. If you listen the Lord will let you know if your decision is right or wrong. The answer may not come to you as a voice, but if you listen and feel you will receive a burning in your bossom or a stupor of thought. The burning is a conformation and the stupor of thought is not. Be sure to be patient and listen.

I pray that you find your answers.
Believer (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-02)
No one is going to descend from heaven as no one went into the skies. Jesus escaped cross, went to the east to tend to the lost sheep of Israel and died a natural death at the age of 120 in Kashmir where his grave is found in the Khanyar neighborhood of Sri Nagar. Mary's grave is located in the resort town of Murree. Obviously the town is named after Mary. Due to his sojourn there, scores of places in the area are named after Jesus (Issa/Masih/Messiah). Search "Jesus in India."

For centuries, from their holy books, both Christians and Muslims predicted his return in the mid 1800s. The latest possible dates deducted from the scripture could never be predicted beyond the year 2000. Thus scribed a pen in 1903:

"Remember, that no one will descend from heaven. All our opponents who are alive today will die and no one will see Jesus Son of Mary descending from heaven. Then their next generation will pass away and no one of them will see this spectacle. Then generation next after that will pass away without seeing the Son of Mary descending from heaven. Then God will make them anxious that though the time of the supremacy of the cross had passed away and the world had undergone great changes, yet the son of Mary has not descended from heaven. Then the wise people will suddenly discard this belief. The third century after today will not yet have come to a close when those who hold this belief, weather Muslims or Christians, will lose all hope and will give up this belief in disgust. There will then be one religion that will prevail in the world and only one leader. I have come only to sow the seed, which has been sown by my hand. Now it will sprout and grow and flourish, and no one can arrest its growth." Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908), Ruhani Khaza'in, Vol. 20, p. 65 (1903)

The above prophecy was written 105 years ago. We can see today how the world has changed, so much so that a colored son of a Muslim is the head of the greatest Christian population and the greatest Christian power on earth. And as prophesied, no one has descended and no one will descend from the heavens.
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-24)
When God enters a person, he doesn't act like posessed, like people in pentecostal churches... In greek and russian orthodox churches, there are many monks and priests who have supernatural gifts, and can tell what is and isn't from god. One time, an old monk, elder paisios (of greece, now a saint!), left his house for a trip to Jerusalem. Some people went to visit him, and he greeted them, gave them coffee and talked with them. The people told another monk the next day, that they saw father paisios in his house. But the monk said in shock: that's impossible! Fr. Paisios is in Jerusalem! That was a miracle of bi- location, or maybe it was his angel... Anyway, try the orthodox, greek or russian, church, it is 2000 years old., and has many holy men. You will be amazingly protected! Contact me: timfaraos [at] An amazing best selling book, translated in many languages, that will help you ALOT, is: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. At You'll love this book, about how God and the demons were fighting for the mind, body and soul of a young man... Who got posessed, and nearly lost his mind! God bless!
darkassassin92 (39 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-31)
No one exactly knows what happens when we die. Near death experiences I think are mostly lucid dreams or maybe a glimpse of life after death but I do not know for sure.
Believe (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-30)
If you are seeking help still Private1, email me at crxsallstar1 [at]
musa (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-20)
Brother the bible decler that a meaning of the proghecy is to be given by God only that why they couldn't give you the meaning. The proghets are the ones that can get a meaning from God. Bn5904664 [at] is my mail, I need help I am being attecked by a spirit of evil. Can you help me?
ErinL55 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Hi Jobuid,

God has called you to the spirit realm. You don't need to be a teacher because that gift is meant for others, but your path is very unique. It's a scary thing being on the front lines like that. My father is a pastor and when I tell him experiences such as leaving my body, seeing spirits, having vivid and prophetic dreams he can't relate because it's not his calling. The end is near and the world will begin to see more of these miracles from both sides (good and bad). I've dabbled into occult stuff before Christ saved me, and let me tell you... The spirit of God is no match for any of that witch stuff. When I came to Christ I received many gifts. It was a bit scary at first, but hold onto them because they are really something wonderful!
icliks (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-10)

Yes, you need to give up sex with women until you are married. The scriptures are clear on that.

God bless you,
gdlife25 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-10)
My brother in Christ. It is so easy to be deceived. My answers to you are short and sweet. You will fins ALL of your answers in God's Word. It is a guide in this life when you don't understand. What you see can deceive you as even the enemy can appear as an angel of light. The Word of the Lord stands forever. The Holy Spirit is your helper and protect yourself daily with THE BLOOD OF JESUS, HIS NAME, AND HIS WORD. (also, the armor of God found in Ephesians). I know that I have met you and read your story by no accident. God is going to make you a mighty warrior for Him, after all, Our Lord is a warrior. That is what you will do for Him in this life. I know that we will meet again, and I love you
Niva (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-22)
I came across this website by mistake. I read your post... What struck me is your confusion and desire to know what's going on with you.

In a nutshell, there are many who experience what you experience. Many are not religious when they discover their psychic sensitivites, spiritual gifts, etc. Some develop them after they undergo a spiritual journey.

The key is not to get lost as you seek answers... And believe me, there are many who do get lost. Others also get "used" by other people. So, you are doing the right thing by praying to Jesus. I don't know if you believe in Mother Mary. If so, pray to her... She is a great source of help. Before you use your gifts... It is very important that you know God first, and the best way to know him is to listen to Him directly rather than seeking your knowledge of Him from others.

Without expounding so much on the phenomenon you are experiencing... I am writing you to give you a special prayer. It's prayer of sealing. This will protect you to make sure that you will only be open and that your gifts can be used by God.

If you have holy oil or holy water, use this to make the sign of the cross:

Here's the prayer:

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity, One God, my God. In your mercy, fill me with your presence, cast out anything and everything that is not of your presence nor of your creation.

Seal all the senses of my soul (make a sign of the cross on your forehead),

Seal all levels of my consiousness (make a sign of the cross on the top of your head),

Seal my heart (make a sign of the cross on the middle of your chest),

Seal my soul (sign of the cross at the base of your spine).

Seal my life.

And be the only one who can open the door. Mark me with you sign of ownership so that all of creation will know that I am Yours.

Here is a website I suggest you visit, and write to this person. His name is Fr. Fernando Suarez, a healing priest. He discovered his healing gift when he was very young (scared him!). He went on to become an engineer. And then finally decided to become a priest. Perhaps, he will write to you and he can really help you understand your gifts and direct you well. Here's his website:

God bless you and protect you.
Just_me (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-07)
And as a thought, I really truely feel the evil you saw was not YOURS... It was other peoples you were helping protect... So no worries...:D

Being a pastor doesn't mean you will be PREACHING OR SHARING AND PUBLICIZING YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL VISIONS WITH THEM... YOU would be more of a TEACHER... You help by story or example... You can keep what you want privite...:D
Just_me (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-07)

GOD LOVES, never punishes! FREE CHOICE AND FREE WILL! If you choose to not take this path that is ok too... Only you can make the final decision...but!

I was reading your post and thought of something that may give perspective on your situation...

You said:

I am learning this lesson right now as well in a differnt way... And I have a great fear of public and love my PRIVACY... I tend to be blunt and awkard, lol... But sorry if I seem blunt lol...

But a thought had come to me on my situation and perhaps it suits yours as well...

Do you think Jesus was scared when he knew if he shared his soul to those around him - that it would lead to his crucifixion?

Taking that LEAP is SCARY... And its ok to be scared... And take time to think about it...yet...

With great gifts comes great responsibility - what will happen to those around you if you DONT put yourself out there when you have the means, connections and ability to help the weak, encourage the low spirited or help another of GOD'S CHILDREN HELP THEMSELVES?

Thinking of it in this light may help - when you are putting yourself out there, you are only helping others help themselves... It does not have to be a PREACHER thing...

When we send some one love / healing / protection they MUST accpet it into there heart for it to work... Therefore we are only jumpercables, and its them allowing GOD to get to them, though us... When I work on someone, its not ME healing them, its Me allowing GOD to work though me and THE RECIPEANT ALLOWING GOD INTO THEM! JUMPERCABLES:D

There is this path... GLOWING for you - and showing you, you could find happyness in it... And others around you will find happyness with your help too... I feel a greatness that is humble, kind, and wants to help and reach out to others. And has the means to do it... All you need is to stay true to yourself, walk slowly... And be true to others... And if you are ment to be the jumper cables - then so be it~

IF you try, and it doesn't feel right, you can always decide to stop it at anytime...

The greatest things in life, are those that are the most difficult...

Hope this helps...

Just me~

It is not about preaching, its about DIRECTION. Some are born with innate talent to help direct others to the places they really want to be...

On a side note:

You are also having astral warrior experiences... The evil you see are from the astral plane... The creatures you see maybe intense, but do not fear, you walk in the light of the lord.
helen_kit_chi (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-05)

I have experienced some of what you have experienced, and have since come to some realization that may be of help to you.

1. Evil is generated by the lack of God. Without the closeness of God and seeing that we are made in the image of God and are spirit, it is easy that we let our flesh take over. Flesh is needed to cloth our spirit so that we can live on earth. But flesh is also a result of so many years of animalistic evolution. The flesh needs to eat. It needs to pee. It needs to procreate. It has the tendency to fight over a mate, and so on. Without seeing our true nature that we are spirit clothed in flesh, it is easy to descend into nothing but our animalistic tendencies of the flesh, hence evil. God is not a hateful God that punishes us when we do immoral things or break the Ten Commands, but rather that God is like our parents when they tell us that if we indulge too much in candies, we'll have stomach ache, God is telling us that if we do immoral or impure things, we will be lost from our true spiritual nature.

2. All prophets have the potential to become false prophets. WE MUST GUARD OURSELVES from becoming a false prophet! For those who have realized God's image in ourselves, either by nature or by strive, are still human, and are still subject to the temptations of the flesh. Since prophets relate God's words, prophets would need to be extra careful than others in guarding from the temptations of the flesh, so that he\ she knows that the words coming out of his\ her mouth are indeed the words of God and not the human flesh. It is possible that a prophet can speak God's words one day, and speak with words muddled with the flesh's desire the next. In order to guard from being a false prophet, we should stay away from temptations or any chance of misusing our power. I find the following rules useful: (a) Do not profit from anything relating to God's work, such as speaking, healing, teaching, etc. (b) Always try to be the humblest person in the room. Realizing God's image in the self always comes with tremendous increase in intelligence, knowledge and talents. But these talents are dormant in all beings. We are no better than any other beings on earth. We are all God's children. (c) Do not be tempted to attract the opposite sex by the fact that you are a prophet. Keep the business of the flesh and the business of God separate. That's why some prophet finds it helpful to refrain from sex entirely. (d) If there is any doubt that the prophecy you are about to be made is not entirely from God, that it is not clear, or may be muddled with your self-interest or your own interpretions
- don't prophesize it. Today's world is already split in so many painful pieces by some well-meaning prophets in the past having muddled visions.

3. Know that you are dearly loved by God and God's servants who have realized God's image in themselves like you do. You are not alone. Ask God for guidance and help, and they will come.

jobuid (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-29)

Due to my spiritual experiences, I have realized that I can not keep running from what I am destined to do for God. Obviously its my destiny because every man or woman that sleeps beside me, an evil spiritual force comes out of them and try to kill or harm me but a spirit in me usually fight back saying 'i rebuke you in the name of Jesus' several times then the spirit leaves the person but some don't leave. So I have been casting out demons in people without knowing it. I have decided that either by thunder or by fire, I will begin to listen to God because many people have been afflicted. In my effort, I have removed all the porn dvd films in my house, I have stopped buying cigar, beer and alcoholic drink for anyone since I myself stopped both a year ago in order to please God, I have deleted all the short porn films in my phone, I am embarking on a 7 days fasting without food after which I will stop having sex with any woman until am married (by God's grace).

Finally, I have began to write short messages like scriptures from my spiritual experiences at night in my astral projection and my new way of living in Christ Jesus. What I don't do, I don't write, period. By so doing, God will surely see my physical body as pure for him to come in and use it as a vessel so that all the activities my spirit engages in while am asleep or in trance would manifest in the physical. These activities are: preaching, healing sick people, sometimes raising the dead, going to heavenly and evil worlds as kind of revelation, casting out evil spirits attached to people [all these happen only when I am asleep]. Men of God have said my body is sinful, and thus I have to align it with God spirit in me so God can use me as a vessel. The problem is that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN DOING ALL THESE because I want to live like a normal human and not entertain people's criticism, questions and disturbances from doing the work of God.

As for me, the churches are polluted so I am not hoping or willing to go and open one. I am now listening to God, I believe with the gift inside me, I can go around to pray for people, help them financially and spiritually not until I go and build a church where thoughts of exploiting people in the name of God has been order of the day. What I want to do is teach people about morals, the way Christ wants us to live. To imitate him so we can prosper in all we do and make heaven, I hardly work for money but I get money all the time whenever I lay hand on any business- I also help poor people around me. People I hate, I pray for them. Those who don't want to talk to me, I say 'bless you' in my heart when they pass by me. If I stand with friends and they are gossiping about someone we all know, I makesure I don't contribute because the bible clearly said 'do not slay your neighbor at his back, and many more daily living behavior I have changed. So all these combined is what I now draft messages about and send to all the people in my yahoo contacts.

I do not copy and paste from anywhere, I just think and feel my behavior towards people and write from it so I believe it is the Holy Spirit directing me- I build websites and do many things on the internet- I combine what students study in oracle and IT together but alas I have never attended a computer school nor receive any physical tutorials from anyone, I did not even attend university. However, I usually attend classes in my dreams which I find very funny. Since I have began to live these morals, things have really changed for me financially, mentally and spiritually. People marvel at my success- while they struggle under the rain and sun to make money, I seat inside my air-condition apartment and money comes to meet me then like a man in a mission, I go out to give needy and hungry people money, most especially helpless pregnant women. I have exotic cars as well which I tell people belong to God because he bought them for me after I knelt down to ask.

The theme of My every-2-days messages to people is "The tradition of Christ[His Morals].

Below are some of what I have written so far- a million of it seem to flow in my head:

To all and Sundry-30/sept/10: The miracles we all go to seek from pastors and prophets are inside us. To discover them, begin to practice and live the behavioral pattern exhibited by Jesus Christ while he was alive, this I call 'The Tradition of Christ' by not gossiping, backbiting, jealousy, taking hot drink that gets you intoxicated, smoking, dishonesty, hatred, returning evil with evil, looking forward for another man's downfall, never think of doing evil to a fellow human etc. And you will begin to experience blessings, protection and guidance from God who is invisible to all and who gives angels to guide you while asleep. Don't ponder about who is writing this but think of what you can benefit spiritually from what is written. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

To all and Sundry-14/oct/10: Do not imitate what others do because you have the abilities inside you: Ability to create, to invent, to direct yourself, to choose for yourself, to differentiate between right and wrong that can propel you to where you belong- no man was born to be poor but ignorance and lack of knowledge has inflicted poverty upon many. When you wake up in the morning nobody tells you when to brush or bathe or drink or eat or call or think, that is the ability in you. If you get closer to God, he will be very pleased to make you discover what He has put in you that no other human on earth has. No man on earth has your finger print, likewise there is ONE ability in you that no other man has. Get to know Jesus and he will reveal it to you. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

To all and Sundry-26/oct/10: According to Jesus, watch out and be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

To all and Sundry-24/oct/10: The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom: You have heard this before but what is the true meaning?. Billgate, a PHD Holder or a genius do not have the wisdom spoken here and can't describe it to you either. The 'Fear' of God will make you imbibe true love for all mankind, it will make you seek God and His commandments so you can know His dos and donts and will make you not to sin. By so doing, you will begin to get divine direction from the Holy Spirit such that you will be able to face and react positively to all behaviors posed by man, you will be able to give good judgement despite differences in religion/background, you will be able to endure all sufferings/conditions attached to life, you will be able to do and understand little things that can contribute to humanity, these little things will make you prosper but are FOOLISH to majority of people because they don't understand, etc. All these are intrisic value of the wisdom spoken. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

To all and Sundry-16/oct/10: You are cash broke almost every time, can't get a job, it's difficult to make good cash that can change your present situation, for no reason your business hardly brings money, all of a sudden nothing seems to be working and you have tried several times to revive but no way then you begin to find solution and end up inviting dark powers into your life. There is something you can do to change all these, THE BIBLE. Don't be surprised I said the bible: Not only pastors should read bible, form a habit of reading it daily. Read a chapter in Old/New testaments daily. It is the word of God prepared as food for salvation of your soul, it makes you think about God daily that way God will bring you closer to himself. You will gradually know and fear God then He will begin to speak to you while you are asleep and would change every badluck in your life to progress. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

To all and Sundry-01/oct/10: "Jesus Christ" is not just a name but a weapon to drive away the evil-beings that rampage at night while we are asleep. They appear to people at night and render them powerless by freezing their body but if you have Christ in you, your spirit will naturally summon the name 'Jesus' to rebuke the evil and you will be set free. Read a line in the bible everyday which is the word of God and see how God will begin to bring changes in your life and help you fight those who want to ruin you. Believe in the name 'Jesus' and no spiritual harm no matter how powerful, would come to you. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

To all and Sundry-18/oct/10: Things of the spirit is FOOLISH to a normal human or unbeliever, don't be one of them and be left in the dark. You must understand that God and devil live among us, you either chose God or devil to dwell in you. I will advise you to chose God because the devil will cause havoc in your life. He will bring poverty/sickness/confusion/conflict/misunderstanding/death/greed. If you say 'devil come into my life' he will surely reveal himself to you: Many have unknowingly invited devil so he disturbs/appears to them at night. Likewise if you ask Jesus to come into your life He will and would begin to help redirect your steps to have a focus in life. Jesus will bring protection/salvation/fortune/happiness/fulfillment/love to your life. Emmanuel-JoeMartins.

...And many more. If you want to receive my messages every 2 days, you can add me to your yahoo contact. My ID is 'martinsdarling'. For your information, I am not a pastor or even a minister of God- from a heavy club goer am turning to this- it is not easy leaving all the enjoyment of life but I have no choice, I have gotten more wealth peace and comfort now as I now listen to God. I am only acting as the spirit of God in me directs- our so called 'pastors' have polluted the church and are only talking about prosperity, I do not even want to be called 'pastor'. My name will remain my name.

Thanks for listening.

Layla (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-28)
Jesus is the cure, meditate on the love of Christ, really feel what he did for us, think of it, feel it in your heart, the humiliation, the torture, all those people ganging up on a sinless lamb, who did not retaliate and obeyed to death to show the truth. Once you have that, feel grateful for this gift, I feel healed in the eucharist every Sunday. I hope you can accept that this is the cure for deliverance from the depths of spiritual harassment you have experienced.
beroud (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-25)
I do not think you need to become a pastor, god will not punish you

It all depends on how you feel about it.

If you are happy with the way you help people as it is; there is no need to force things.

A friend of mine was saying you need the lords clearance in all action you are going to undertake so if the angels or no signs of god have ordered you to undertake a certain course of action such as ordination: you don't have to be ordained. If you wish to be ordained you should address it to the lord> I would recommend the same directive for any direction in life. What is much more importqnt is to live in the love of God.
rosacanina (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-16)

Because of your unique journey in this life, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to pray, asking THE Mother of OUR Lord, to pray for YOU especially before you go to sleep. She will be your COMFORT and will help you in answering your questions, ALL of them! Below is a prayer:

Hail, Mary, hope of those who are in despair,
Help of the destitute!
Hail, thou whom thy Son so greatly honors,
That whatever thou askest,
Thou dost at once obtain;
Whatever thou willest is at once done.
To thee are the treasures of the kingdom of Heaven entrusted.
Grant, O Lady, that amid the storms of this life
I may always remember thee.
To thy charitable mercy I commend my soul and body.
O my sweet protectress,
Direct and protect me in every hour,
In every moment of my life.

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-14)

Think about what has gone on in your life, the Garden is a place of serenity in sharp contrast to the streets you called home. It is a place for your soul to be "at home" and reflect.

The Gardener is your Spirit Guide. This spiritual being is always with you and ready to assist you at all times. The Gardener image is representative of the nourturing you're soul is receiving, that is why you are the only one there because it is all about your soul and no one else.

This is a beautiful image compared to the previous ones. I am guessing here but I think you go to the garden after a troubling day, for this would be your escape and rejuvunation time. I used to go to the Himilayas and visit the Snow Leopards and felt very rejuvinated when I woke up.

When I am in Communion with God and it has been a troubling day, I am always taken back to the summit of Mt Everest, where I can look over the snow capped mountains and awe at their shear majesty. It then puts things back into perspective for me, I believe your Garden is exactly the same thing.

May the Love and Light from the Heavenly Father fall upon you my Friend

James 😁 😁
jobuid (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-14)
Yes, James I read your lengthy mail in my inbox. Thanks for the deep insight.


There is a place my spirit usually go to when am asleep, astral travel as you call it here. My spirit would go up the sky as if speeding, so fast like the speed of light.
Then I come to a place where there are flowers. It is like a garden, flowers of different colors- the field is so big that I can't see the end.

The ground is cloudy instead of sandy. The place is very serene, no noise and it is just me and an old man who seem to be guiding or taking care of the flowers. He greets me as if am his master or the owner of the garden.

When am there, my spirit becomes so calm and cool but I wonder why no one else is there. I am always the only one there in the vast garden. When I get a bit tired of staying there, my spirit would return to my body. Till now, I still do not understand what that place is.

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-14)

I had a chance to reflect on your e-mail and asked if there is anything else I could have thought of, the next song on my radio was by an American group called Styx, the song was "Show Me The Way"

Now Styx are a rock band, but I listened carefully to the words and they are appropriate for you. I have heard that song many times in my life but never gave it much thought until now.

God does answer our questions, in ways people do not realize or will acknowledge. Was it a coincidence that song and the one before it "Walk On" from Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Charlotte Church rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" afterwards (I use a random setting on my IPod, so I cannot program the 1400 songs in any order), came on immediately after me asking, perhaps, perhaps not you decide, I know I have...

Love and Light to you my friend

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-13)

Reply is on it's way, sorry for taking so long to read your letter

James 😊 😊
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-13)
Sorry Jobuid

Youe e-mail went into the SPAM folder, will read and reply

jobuid (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-13)
James, please check your mail. I did send a direct message to you for the past 3 days.

As I plan to embark on a 40 days/night prayers without food but juice alone, I called an elderly friend who usually fast 7 to 20 days. I want God to appear and reveal to me what I should do because I am tired of asking questions and all the prophecies bother me so much. When I called and asked my elderly friend how it feels to fast that long without food, he said I will either die or injure myself that I should not jump to 40days if I have never fasted before.

He then suggested 3 to 7 days. While we were talking on the phone he suddenly shouted "Jesus", I asked if he was alright. He began to say "write it down this day- the time is 10pm, October 10, 2010 (10 10 10 10). This date will never be forgotten by you and me, this call is for a purpose I will testify in your church (FYI: I don't have a church Am not even a pastor) and bear witness that God has chosen to use you. God wants to use you mightily like Pastor Adeboye (FYI: this pastor Adeboye has churches in 80 countries of the world called Redeem Christian Church), please go to Redeem church and worship with them one day, the pastor will fish you out of the multitude of people and announce you to the world. Very soon something will happen to you that will shake everybody".

I slept one afternoon (not night) then my spirit got out of my body to meet this pastor Adeboye. He was in a hall preaching/counseling some people. I waited for him to finish, when he was alone I decided to walk up to him but there was a small problem- I stopped and said to myself "i am here in form of a spirit, I don't know if he can see me but let me try". I moved forward towards him and said "good afternoon sir", then he said "good-day young man". I started jumping and shouting saying "so you can see me, am surprised you can see me". He then said "of course I can see you what do you take me for". Then I knelt down before him and started crying saying "please tell me what God wants me to do, I see myself fighting and casting out demons, healing people in my dream and spiritual travel, people sleep in my house and dream dreams, people even see me in their dreams praying/healing them". He looked at me and smiled saying "i was once like you".

Immediately, a kind of force took me away from his presence and found myself in a street. I began to cry that the pastor should not go, that I need answers- I began to enter people homes but they can't hear me or see me. I became angry why they can't see me then I went back to the street crying, I kept walking until my spirit returned to my body.

abed (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-12)
Jobuid, I would like to comment a little based on my little knowledge about the Bible. I unfortunately do not know exact verses

I think that you have a special purpose in God's plan - there is a quote in Jeremiah that says I knew you before you were formed in the womb.

Secondly, it is important that we understand that we are called to be holy as God is holy - See 1 or 2nd Peter. Holiness is a difficult path. I would understand the issues you have regarding sexual relations but my opinion on it may not help but Christ can.

Thirdly - Paul describes in Romans how Christ was crucified for us and we are now crucified to Him - i.e our lives are no longer ours but belong to Him. Christ also mentioned it when He said "he who seeks to keep his life shall loose it and he who looses his life shall find it". When you accept Jesus into your life, He takes over and we are to become subject to His will as He became subject to death for our sakes. That is the reason I say He expects you to serve Him according to what He wills and not necessarily according to what we desire.

I have one concern though with your vision. It appears that you recognise the second coming of Christ and had not repented before that second coming? What do you think it is signifying to you?

I really hope that you find the answers you are looking for.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-10)

Look on my PROFILE and send me an e-mail, this will get a little too personal to be discussed in an open forum.

My first question to you is: Have you asked the Heavenly Father directly about all this?

A priest is a tremendous help with many issues, but sometimes you have to ask the BOSS directly. The answers are there, I thought this was all a bunch of crap at first, but the answers were there for me and have been ever since and yes they have been right every time.

Seek the Divine, he is waiting for you, listen for the answer. It may come in a dream, a song on the radio, a comment by a passer-by, regardless open your mind and ears and seek the answer.

As for healing, yes it is possible and does work from Astral to physical, remember heal the soul and the physical body will be healed as well. I have done that on a friend back home and she now has a 100% bill of clean health from a chronic blood disorder. I have never said a word to her about it and I never will. I learned about distance healing from a lady here in Dubai and I always ask the Divine if I am doing any good, the answer has always been yes.

Remeber that an individuals faith is what heals them, you are merely the conduit of the Holy Spirit. Many of the miracles performed by Jesus were simply him truly understanding the faith of the individual and using that persons faith in God to heal them, a miracle, yes absolutly, even now when people understand this we are not able to do what he accomplished.

Send me an e-mail and I will discuss more with you.

I have asked the questions and you are a truly blessed soul, do not rush things and do not dispair all will be revealed in time. As for fasting and sex...let's use another media for this discussion, many will want to flail me with chains for my opinions on these matters.

My brother bathe in the light of God, embrace all that is in front of you. People will be coming to see you and it will be a blessing and a burden tha you will be fully prepared for. Your local priest cannot help you here, comfort you perhaps but not help, for you are already beyond them. Awaken to the father within, open your eyes to his Son like you have never seen him before, be not afraid for they are truly at your side.

May the light of All that Is shine brightly on you now and forever more

jobuid (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-09)
James that helped me a lot. Where you said I do not really have to extol God but I am a Christian and our pastors' practices sort of demand that I preach. Funny enough I have never attempted to heal anyone its is only when I sleep my spirit is taken out to do so. My mum has also helped me to some extend by confessing to me that before she ever had any child, someone told her in form of prophecy that she will bear a son that will be popular and known by all nations from the work he will do but was not told the kind of work.

Please James, tell me if you always astral project. If you do, please can you tell me what effect all those healing I do in the astral or dream have in the physical. Although, my experiences always consist of matters concerning Bible, Jesus and God. Most time while am in the astral I always want to find out secrets but something or someone.

What amazes me now is when people tell me I appeared to them in their dream and said "God has sent me to heal you" or some appear to me in my dream saying "please pray for me" or "please help me". Some people even appear to me as spirits, my inner self rebukes some and does not rebuke some as if my spirit is able to detect who is bad or good.

But I am not always in control of that rebuking, and the rebuking is always nothing else than "I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS", the spirit in me usually say this about 3 to 5 times before any force comes to fight whoever I was rebuking. Some walk away in sadness while some just disappear.

Another is that, if I take a woman home, something like an evil force always come out of them and try to hurt me but my spirit immediately wakes up to fight them. Some are so powerful that they kind of use an invisible force to hold my spirit while it moan and move slowly as the spirit continues to rebuke. If an evil force does not come out of them to try and hurt me a man would appear, a kind of spirit husband.

In your view Mr. James, do you think I need to fast. I am presently having problem with pastors telling me not to have sex with any woman again that God does not want it. I am not yet married.

Please do not say am bothering, it is good that you are all speaking here without involving that I must go and spread the good news and heal everyone- that is the language I hear here. A pastor came to meet me to pray for him but I was amazed, why will a pastor come and meet someone who is struggling to be born again or whatever.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-09)

You say you are scared, what are you scared about. There is nothing in God's universe to be afraid of, absolutely nothing.

You say you wish to remain "...private..." then do so. You can be a messenger for God in many ways, you can heal people from afar and they will never know you were even there, spiritualy or physically.

The Heavenly father is the source of all life, source of all love, you are his son as we all are. You were created by God, for God is within you, around you, about you and part of you. Why fear that which loves you without condition, border or pretense. There is nothing you can or cannot do in the eyes of God.

Some will vilify me on this site because of my personal feelings towards God and the Son of Man, for I love them with every fibre of my physical body, every electron of my spiritual body and no one will ever tell me differently.

So you are afraid of being a prophet, BE THE PROPHET. You don't have to stand on a pulpit to extoll God and his Son and you certainly have nothing to fear. The Priests will all say their version of events and why things are happening to you, but have you actually asked the One why?!

Be not afraid to talk to God, you may not hear an answer, but it doesn't mean the answer is not being given to you, look around you perhaps the car that just drove by is a reflection of the answer.

My point here is do not be afraid, you are not alone. When you see someone who is lame or in a wheelchair, ask the Divine if that person needs help. Remember every soul is on a journey of experience and perhaps that soul does not wish to be healed, at that time, so walk away, do not break the Divine Law of Will. Jesus understood this, otherwise every soul on earth would have been cured with the snap of his fingers. The Sannheddrin would never have condemned him to death because they would have been "cleansed."

If you hear from the Divine that the soul would like to be healed, then go ahead and do the work of God. Then quietly move on and no one else is the wiser. For like you I too crave my privacy, though you wouldn't know it by the time I spend on this site! What I have written above is exactly what I do every day. I will ask, if the answer is "yes" I can feel the energy rush through my body and exit in the direction of the individual, if the answer is no I will walk away. I had an experience not long ago, where-by the Son of Man said to me "...the hardest desicion you will make in your life is to save one dying child, while another you cannot when it is within your ability to do so..."

My brother, be the light, be the hope, embrace what God has given you and do not fear God, for the Divine is your right-hand, your mentor, your passion, your love.

May the Light of the Heavenly Father continue to shine on you and may you feel nothing but the love of God for you and your fellow man.

abed (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-08)

The answer is direct but very difficult to accept - yes, He does punish for refusing to do what He wants.

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