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Visions That Came True


August 3, 2016 Morning 8:30 AM) I was taking a shower and I saw a plane and an engine and the pilot and the passengers. I saw the engine of plane was not working. I was uttering these words, "The Engine is not working, o god, at least the pilot, or the passengers or the team who supports with the signals should get the notification of the same. Please ensure that the passengers are safe." Its 4:41 PM - August 3, 2016, in the flash new I saw the info of a plane - Trivandrum to Dubai - Emirates Airlines got fire while landing in Dubai international Airport. The engine got fire. All the passengers are safe.

2013 - way to office.

I used to travel in a bike to office. One day when I reached half the way to office, I saw a public transport bus (red in color) which was moving in front. Suddenly I have a vision (a combination of some visuals and audio). I was uttering something. This is what my inner voice said, "Do not overtake the bus, as there is a vehicle coming with 3 people on it, they will stop your ride and abuse you, and you will have a fight. I saw the location as well - It happened to the right side of the road, exactly at the center of the bus (while overtaking).

As I had the past experience with the Bus, I remained calm and decided not to overtake the bus. After a few minutes the bus stopped at a point and I waited for the bus to move further. Since, the bus did not move further even after waiting for some time, I decided to first look ahead and move forward. I came near the back end of the bus and gazed if I could see any vehicle against my way. Now, as there was no one, I happily started overtaking the bus. I moment I reached almost the center of the bus, a bike came from the opposite direction (might be from the left side of the bus (as there is a narrow passage towards left), with three men on it. I started thinking about the vision. I had to stop my bike as there was no way for me to move on, they started abusing me. I kept calm and gave a good smile and silently went away. For the whole day I was thinking of the vision.

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TheChristologist8 (3 posts)
1 year ago (2019-01-12)
from what I can tell from you experiences you have a gift of seeing visions of the future, and its a gift that is highly admired in the Christian religion, I wish I could see visions too

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