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Visions That Came True


August 3, 2016 Morning 8:30 AM) I was taking a shower and I saw a plane and an engine and the pilot and the passengers. I saw the engine of plane was not working. I was uttering these words, "The Engine is not working, o god, at least the pilot, or the passengers or the team who supports with the signals should get the notification of the same. Please ensure that the passengers are safe." Its 4:41 PM - August 3, 2016, in the flash new I saw the info of a plane - Trivandrum to Dubai - Emirates Airlines got fire while landing in Dubai international Airport. The engine got fire. All the passengers are safe.

2013 - way to office.

I used to travel in a bike to office. One day when I reached half the way to office, I saw a public transport bus (red in color) which was moving in front. Suddenly I have a vision (a combination of some visuals and audio). I was uttering something. This is what my inner voice said, "Do not overtake the bus, as there is a vehicle coming with 3 people on it, they will stop your ride and abuse you, and you will have a fight. I saw the location as well - It happened to the right side of the road, exactly at the center of the bus (while overtaking).

As I had the past experience with the Bus, I remained calm and decided not to overtake the bus. After a few minutes the bus stopped at a point and I waited for the bus to move further. Since, the bus did not move further even after waiting for some time, I decided to first look ahead and move forward. I came near the back end of the bus and gazed if I could see any vehicle against my way. Now, as there was no one, I happily started overtaking the bus. I moment I reached almost the center of the bus, a bike came from the opposite direction (might be from the left side of the bus (as there is a narrow passage towards left), with three men on it. I started thinking about the vision. I had to stop my bike as there was no way for me to move on, they started abusing me. I kept calm and gave a good smile and silently went away. For the whole day I was thinking of the vision.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)

You need to stop wishing you could. It's not as fun as it sounds and you run the risk of Cassandra's Complex among other things.

Stop wishing for things that other people might feel cursed by sometimes.

And if you're still serious about it, remember that every siddhi or ability has its physical counterpart.

If you are really good at painting, you might also be really clairvoyant.

People good at physics might become telekinetic.

It's not a hard and fast rule but it's a useful guideline.

Expand your mind by practicing variety. Study widely and in depth, always considering the possibility of being in error

And leave it up to the divine to decide the rest
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
And to be fair it wasn't really a choice either

You see because the alternative was caused by that which was going to cause the original problem

And what I chose was harm minimization and healing every step of the way

To stop that from happening not even knowing what I was doing

Creator protects us in strange ways

Has some people think they are Gods

And gives the real gifts to the innocent... For reasons we simply cannot pretend to know

What next?

For once in my life, I don't know
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
Precog /clairvoyance is legit

Be careful of false visions

Best way is to trust your inner knowing. Like really trust it. If you're strong in that already let it guide you.

Visions need not come true. You can create "alternative timelines"

Sometimes these lead to other visions coming true.

I have been gifted with many visions since childhood.

Thank you Creator I did not know this is what it was.

Sometimes little pieces show up one after another. And you don't see what picture it is until its put together.

Thank you creator I have survived.

You didn't trust your vision so you went around the bus anyway... If you had not, your vision would not have come true. Had you done so you know it's a vision

Ironic isn't it?

Special artform knowing which visions to avoid and which to allow. Always hindsight is the teacher.

Takes a bit of experience knowing how to...

So trust in it early but never be tempted into thinking its inevitable

That is the danger

It could be a warning, see.

So with the plane Creator willing you were connected to that plane and Creator willing you sent intent to protect all them passengers

Thank you Creator because your little butterfly wings helped saved lives... Maybe it would have been saved already but you helped xxx

I feel enormous gratitude for every vision that saved lives. One saved billions, because I found a way to avoid it coming true, to prevent it, in hindsight. But it meant I suffered enormously (as the vision said) and unfortunately not everyone survived. It was a choice no one should have to make and again I would take this suffering for myself over the horror that I had seen, although let's be clear, I'm hindsight I could have avoided both outcomes.

It's a steep learning curve.

Creator willing I will be healed soon.

And many fine Angel's like yourself will continue to save lives

Blessings of Creator to you xxx
TheChristologist8 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-12)
from what I can tell from you experiences you have a gift of seeing visions of the future, and its a gift that is highly admired in the Christian religion, I wish I could see visions too

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