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I Am An Eternal Consciousness


My Name is Akram. I was a regular kid living in a home, going to school, living a normal life. Second half of 2013 was the year that changed my life, my dad went out home, I was 13. We lived an entire year like refugees with the supplies of my mom's family, we couldn't eat well, I was sent to a public school when I studied with poor students, drug addicts, all I used to see is desperate students taking drugs, drunk teachers depressed of this school, fights all the day, and students attempting suicide. This is all real, I was studying with adults retrying school year after year, going to drugs to forget the miserable life they are living. And the most depressing thing, I was from a completely different social class, my dad was a dentist and most parents in that school we're factory workers with low salary, I used to lie about my father's job and sometimes and used to say my dad was dead. In my class, I met with Ahmed, a desperate 19 years guy, he used to protect me from bullies.

The end of the year came, I felt like a heavy weight was lifted out of me. The summer wasn't that great. I Finally got out of the middle school to high school, Meeting new friends, and I wasn't obligated to lie anymore, but my life was still miserable, a day came when a had a fight with my closest friend. Then I didn't trust nobody anymore.

2015 came, it was a good year at my high school, I was very social and I started to return to the previous me again. The end of 2015 made me so popular, I used to sing rap songs, express myself, everyone was asking me to Rap to them, it was like fame but limited to school. 2016 came, it was the final shock that will trigger my enlightenment.

27 January 2016, is the day that left an impact in my life. My grandmother was dying, but her heart was still working. On that day, I experienced the weirdest thing in my life. I had a phone call from my father, he was asking if I was OK, and asked me about mom and my brother. I was so happy, then I closed the line... MY GRANDMOTHER DIED! At the same moment with a small smile in her face. It was very dramatic. Next day in the funeral, I fell in massive hysteria and everyone saw it. Then I looked for ways to be as calm a possible, I discovered meditation. Day after day, My relationships with people started to vanish, some people started to disappear from my life and my popularity went too low because I don't match society anymore. I began to be invisible, people don't even notice me, I shut down my Facebook account and I was isolated from society, in the past I could be noticed like any other human but now I can't be. I began seeing weird things, identical numbers, messages in everything, something was happening to my mind and body, to my soul.

I began to search for knowledge instead of living every day like the previous one. And my life started improving, my mother don't fall in hysteria anymore because she is taking medicine and health diet. It was an opportunity to eat diet food too, I started eating salad and salt free meals, fruits instead of the unhealthy food I used to eat before, I am less angry, and less depressed, more grateful than before, more happy even with less money and I don't care about money anymore. My father pay us a monthly Alimony to ensure our living, we could buy some new clothes, I bought a smartphone! And next entrance is senior year in my high school.

I don't know what are the next challenges in this life but all I know is that every event occurring in our life is a test, and that life is just a trial, made by the creator of this universe, to evolve our consciousness, and if life wasn't a trial, a test by god, I couldn't have an end, our bodies die, but our consciousness not, that 's why I will always seek knowledge to evolve myself.

Much Love


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KikiGirl (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-22)
JustAdmire! From one person with a deep love of writing to another, I loved the article you wrote!

Michael Scott, a Historian of ancient history and mythology wrote "The day we stop learning is the day we die."

The best thing that a person can do is PAY ATTENTION to the world around them;
"What does this person like?"
"What is the challenge I am facing?"
"What do I have a passion to do?"
"Am I the best version of myself?"
"Do I take care of myself?... Do I consider things that I do beforehand?...Could I handle this better?... Am I happy with the outcome?"

We are so fortunate in this day and age that there is so much information available to us through books, the internet, television, magazines and newspapers. There is a ton of knowledge that we can get just by sitting in front of a computer. Although, you can also get so much knowledge from experiencing things yourself. A person who has been through so much, and bettered him/herself is so much better equipped to deal with harder situations. Just, like you explained about how hard your middle school life was. You went through a lot, and you pushed through and you have to keep doing that in every situation.

When somebody comes across your path, don't think of them as 'just-a-face' or 'somebody else to nag me and cramp my style,' think of it as an opportunity to share your experiences. You are already doing it on this site. And... KUDO'S! Keep up the healthy eating and exercise.
RCSJR (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-31)
Growing up can be difficult for many. I also went through my trials as a youngster with similiar end results, though not the same incidents, so I can somewhat relate to you in various ways. Something to focus on learning, especially at your age is understanding how the Human Conscious Experience is programmed. When you learn about your beliefs, fears, and psychological workings and where they were learned, taught, and how you began believing them is one very facinating subject. It will also help you realize that up until you hit approximately 21, you have a much easier ability to recondition that Mind you use. After that age you can still change your beliefs, its just harder as you are building a library of validations. You can learn more about this in some of the videos I have done as well as thousands of books out there on this subject.

Yes, you are an eternal consciousness, you are NOT separate from "God" or anyone or anything else. Mind (through the 5 senses) both imprisons you by making this illusion we call "reality" be very persistent, as well as liberates you because you are now in a state which uses and believes in duality. As an eternal conscious being, you are one with all there is. By coming into this physical experience we call life, we are afforded the opportunity to use our "separateness" to work on and improve ourselves by seeking the knowledge within.

Here is something I wrote to describe or encapsulate this "conscious experience" into an understandable string of words.

Imagine an Infinite Conscious Being playing infinite versions of a mental massively multiplayer role playing game in which IT utilizes infinite perspectives of ITSELF as characters IT cycles through infinite possible scenarios of ITSELF as individualized freewill of consciousness expressions under the delusion of duality and independent operation within an illusionary physical experience. Welcome to the Game of Life!

I hope that helps - all the best to you in your pursuits. Here is my YouTube Channel as well if you are interested, there may be some topics here that could help bring you along in understanding the dogmatic and theological teachings of organized religion as well as spiritual knowledge.


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