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The Lord Put A Picture In My Mind


As usual we, that is my wife Irmgard and myself, were out on the Walking Street of our local town called Gummersbach close to Cologne Germany. I say as usual but we have just been experiencing really extreme and very unusual weather at minus 18 Celsius or about 12F. By 12 midday it was up to about minus 6 or 7 which felt quite pleasant in the sunshine coming from a crystal blue sky.

Every day we go out and promote Jesus Christ by distributing a simple Gospel track called HOPE by Mother Angelica of EWTN the Eternal Word Television Network, a satellite channel broadcasting from Alabama all over the world. We also distribute some pictures of tiny babies which is our Pro Life Propaganda and pictures of Jesus and Mary and some of the well known Saints. These we give away for a donation and the proceeds go towards our very minimal expenses.

We live in a Trailer Park. It is very cozy and with 2 Bottle Gas Heaters we keep quite warm. Our two smallest children, Jemima aged 9 and Michelle (Shelly) aged 7 go to the local school. It is quite tough for them as they are English speakers but being young they are learning German quite quickly. Our other 5 children who also live in a Trailer at the opposite end of Trailer Town about 200 yards away are waiting for the go ahead to travel to LA to promote their second Pop Album in the USA. You can find out more about them from you tube King Family Perfect Day and Carry me Home and on the EMI web site

The people know us pretty well as we have been coming here for the past year nearly every day. In a way we look pretty stupid with our folders of pictures and newspaper clippings trying to stop people to talk to them about our simple faith in Jesus Christ. Most of the people pass us by without stopping and or making excuses that they are too busy. We smile and remain as polite as possible commenting, "Jesus Loves You!"

Amazingly after about 2 to 3 hours work we have about enough cash to support us and to buy our daily necessities. We have been doing this kind of work for the past 20 to 30 years in Brazil 3 years then India for 7 years then most European Countries including Hungary and the Ukraine for 9 years, Poland for 4 years Slovakia 3 years and now back to Germany 1 year.

Anyway the point of this blog is to let you know what happened today. Just as I was getting rather discouraged the Lord put a picture in my mind and suddenly all the people flowing up and down the street like a river of fish dropped dead. They didn't actually drop and lie on the ground like casualties in a war but were still upright but in their spiritual bodies. Now they were realizing how important our job was. It was as if their eyes were opened and they really appreciated us and our work of trying to point them in Christ's direction. It gave me fresh strength to keep going and from then on I had fresh energy and I had a great time meeting many spiritually hungry people.

Look forward to reading your comments. Have you ever experienced something like this?

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