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Meditation And Mind


Our mind can be our worse enemy or our greatest friend. It can lift us to great heights, or pull us down into destruction and despair. It's how we use it in the betterment of oneself that matters most, if, we are to spiritually grow and evolve. Let us think of this "Mind" just for the moment in how it never wants to be free of things. Constantly thinking. Always chattering, always wanting. Desires, Lusts, Dreams, Money, Worries, Fears, it even talks to us at times. Did you know that many people believe spirit talks to them when really, at times, it's their own mind that's talking. This is where we must decipher between that of "Mind," and that of "Spirit." This mind can and does cause a lot of confusion. It's so easy to allow the mind to runaway with itself. It's when we start to realize this that we then put into practice (safeguards) and the best safeguard of all is "Meditation."

Meditation not only stills the mind but it raises us to greater heights in vibration. It also strengthens it to a degree where concentration is greatly enhanced. Concentration is NOT meditation as some think, as concentration is below the human senses, whereas, meditation is (above) our senses. But to start meditation one has to go through concentration first.

And that's where we need to be, above and away from the mind which causes all the trouble. When we first start out in learning how to meditate, one will "always" come up against the agitations of the (Mind.) "HOW THEN DO WE CONTROL THE MIND." (with constant practice and patience.) I have posted on another forum sometime ago concerning the agitations of the mind, and how best to control it. So again I will try to give some beneficial help as simple as possible for those who may be in need of this.

When you are ready for meditation find a quiet secure room where you can not be disturbed. Lock the door even, this will give you the assurance that no one can abruptly enter and disturb you. You want to be alone with God. The purpose of meditation is to bring you in communion with the Lord. If you decide to meditate at night, then close the curtain so light from a passing car will not distract you. Turn lights down, or you may prefer to sit in the dark. If you have any incense sticks light one or two, this can enhance and may even put you in a more positive relaxed mood. You may even want to play some soft music, do so if you feel it will help.

All this is very necessary in the beginning, but as you persevere and adhere to patience you will discover, in time, and to your own delight, that you (your personality - your character - your inner self and outer self has changed dramatically, for the the better).

Your mind is much more at peace and you can control better the things that ALWAYS troubled you in the past. So, let's say you have readied yourself for meditation.

Sit comfortable in a chair with back straight. It is important that you sit (up) and that you are (not) lying down. Reason for this is: you want to remain awake and not fall asleep, also, by sitting erect you are keeping your chakra's properly aligned and in the proper horizontal position. You may even sit on the floor if so desired, or on your bed. It doesn't matter where you sit as long as you sit with back straight.

So now you are ready for meditation, before you start take in a few deep breaths to further relax you. Now offer a prayer and ask for help and guidance. What now, how do we proceed, what should we first do. Start by closing your eyes and give "FULL" rein to your mind, in other words, let your mind do as it pleases. Don't even try attempting to focus it, not yet anyway. Just let it take you to where it wants without you fighting against it.

Remember, you are not an adept at this, you are a beginner, but with practice you will get better and better and in time you will discover to your satisfaction and with great joy the remarkable benefits in which meditation can bring us. So, one must first start off at the basics. One may have been meditating for years and have never gained any results, its because they have not been meditating. Their mind has been the cause of this. "KILL" the "MIND" and all treasures will be revealed to you! Remember, when you sit for meditation, let your mind do as it wants for now. It may want to take you to some remote island in the Pacific, let it, don't fight it. Or it may even want to take you far off into the universe where one often thinks of life on other planets. Then again, it may want to dive into the depths of the ocean to explore the dark bottomless regions miles below, or it may just want to think about last nights dinner, and how you suffered terribly with heart-burn from the Chinese food you ate.

You see, the mind can take us to any location it wants at the speed of thought, from where we are at present, to millions of miles away in a twinkling of an eye. I am mentioning all this only because many do not understand the "Full" workings of the "Mind," and just what can be achieved if used (right.)

What is man's purpose in life; it is to control one's mind and break through the bonds of our earthly existence to discover OUR True-Self. Sounds like Star-Trek, doesn't it. (To Boldly Go Where Man (Is) "Destined" To Go.) Yes, we can achieve this if we are capable in controlling our mind. If we are able to break through in controlling the mind, then we will discover a world so vast within ourselves that it will literally astound you. For in everyone one of us (human) there is an entire universe that truly exists, I have seen this within myself, and I know it exists in everyone. (Yes,) I have seen it within my very self. I mention this not for myself, but to show (You) the reader, what we can witness, experience and achieve if only we have a will to try.

I once heard a saying years ago, (Man Was A Universe Unto Himself) how true that is. I don't know where that saying came from or who quoted it, but I never forgotten it only because it is "truth." if one meditates on those exact words, you will eventually come to the proper understanding of it.

OK, so we are sitting with back straight, eyes closed, hands gently resting in our laps, and witnessing the agitations of our mind. Now as we observe these agitations don't be phased by it, just observe and let it run hither and thither. After some minutes we start to see a change in our thought patterns, we then realize that our mind is starting to slow down, its getting tired on its own accord. Just keep watching it until you feel its time you can gently take hold of it. Don't grab at it and try to still it all at once, (that won't work) instead, be gentle, pat it, treat it as your pet. Use your "imagination" here, as you pat it see it as a small furry rabbit, or better still see it as a small yellow canary. Imagine seeing it in the palm of your hand, focus on it. As you concentrate in focusing on this little yellow canary resting in the palm of your hand, you begin to softly stroke its little head with your index finger. Very gently you keep stroking it, keep your vision, your imaginative vision on this beautiful little bird.

Notice that the canary is beginning to fully put its trust in you, you notice this because its eye's are slowly starting to close. If you do this correctly, you will noticed that you have (Stopped) your mind from roaming all over the place. You have kept it in one place focused on a very small object. This is just the beginning, (remember) you must learn how to concentrate first. The more you practice with your concentration, the further ahead you will go towards meditation.

There are many exercises that can help one to learn how to subdue the Mind. But as I said earlier, "Concentration" comes first. Here is two examples.

Sit in meditation position. Close your eye's and see before you a large school black-board. In the tray of the black-board where chalk is kept is also the duster. Now with imagination see yourself get up and approach the black-board. Stand before it and take a stick of chalk from the tray. Now raise your hand and write the letter (A) on the board. Now again with your imagination see yourself place the chalk back in the tray and pick up the duster, wipe away the letter (A), put the duster back where you got it from, which was near the chalk on the tray and pick up the chalk and write (B).

Again with the duster wipe (B) away and proceed right through the alphabet in the same manner as when you started. If you can go right through without dropping the chalk or the duster, then your concentration is very much improving. The other exercise is: our mind is much like a horse. No matter what the weather the horse constantly moves and flickers. Again in your imagination see (your) horse on a hill rearing, pig-rooting, naying and snorting. It's behaviour is much like the agitations of our mind it just can't keep still. Approach your horse, see yourself putting a rope around its neck, now lead it to where you can either tie it to a tree or fence. Now imagine yourself holding a large horse brush where you begin to slowly brush down the horse. As you brush you notice the horse becoming more gentler, more quieter and timid.

The purpose of these exercises is to occupy the mind by focusing it on deliberate things. When we are able to carry out these exercises without faltering in anyway, then we are starting to control our wayward mind. Then we can try sitting for meditation. Just focus on one of the exercises, or you may prefer to focus on your chosen deity such as; Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Rama, Krishna, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Let your mind settle softly on your chosen object, keep focusing and when you feel its time (let your mind dissolve into nothing.) let it fade away. Try to hold that nothingness for as long as you can and always remember, even the "Great" ones had to start at the beginning, so never get upset with yourself, as there will be others around you in spirit knowing your attempts and offering help as much as they are allowed.

In time you will be given beautiful visions of the Lord, through your meditation as well as in your dreams.

I wish you success...

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
MEDITATION comes from pride: 'i want to experience the supernatural!' That's why it's an open door to demons! On the contrary, PRAYER comes from humility: 'I, a sinful human being, stand here before YOU, the Almighty God in prayer...' That's why it opens the door to God! (But if someone sais a prayer with pride: 'God, listen to my prayer because I am special, holy, I am a chosen one!', he will get a slap from father God, and he might see a demon disguised as an angel, or worse, he might get posessed...). God despises the proud, but has mercy and protects the humble person. This is a law of the universe! Think about it... We can't communicate with the Divine any way we want, or feel like! It's like storming into the prime minister's office and shouting: 'Mr. Prime minister! I want to tell you...!' You'll only get kicked out! Or locked up! Do you understand my point? There are consequences... Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
MEDITATION comes from pride: 'i want to experience the supernatural!' That's why it's an open door to demons! On the contrary, PRAYER comes from humility: 'I, a sinful human being, stand here before YOU, the Almighty God in prayer...' That's why it opens the door to God! (But if someone sais a prayer with pride: 'God, listen to my prayer because I am special, holy, I am a chosen one!', he will get a slap from father God, and he might see a demon disguised as an angel, or worse, he might get posessed...). God despises the proud, but has mercy and protects the humble person. This is a law of the universe! Think about it... We can't communicate with the Divine any way we want, or feel like! There are consequences... Timfaraos [at]
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-11)
I tried this for a week two weeks ago, thoroughly enjoyed this, then gave up for now. My problem is I just don't seem to have the patience, and hope for instant results. I never read about, or heard from anyone about the blackboard chalk writing; but have done so in my head on and off since I was younger. It's very relaxing. Your last line about beautiful visions of the Lord, while meditating, or in dreams just gave me inspiration and motivation tonight. I am ready to try once more.
Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Hello Wayne,

Thank you for this. I have sometimes felt that my mind is not tamable. And I just let it wander and let it do as it pleases, but it never seems to find a good place "to give it a rest" and it just keeps going and going and going... Kind of like the energizer bunny, just less wattage. I also talk to myself quite often out loud. And I address different "parts" of my mind even though I know it is all one thing.

There are two distinct patterns of thought. One is a very serious part of my mind. It is very deliberate, well thought, and uses strictly logic. While the other part is more like a child. Not serious what so ever, loves to laugh and play, and loves to make jokes. I don't have multiple personality disorder or anything like that, but there is two distinct patterns of thought that I have, and many more if I really pay attention. I think on some level it is the right brain and the left brain. The left one being the serious one and the right one being the fun loving child.

Anyhow, I feel like your post has given me a renewed resolve to start to meditate again and try to fuse together these two separate patterns of thought. As I know that having this, could lead to other consequences later in life if I don't get "control" of it, like actually having multiple personality disorder. Unfortunately it is entertaining and it keeps me from being bored all the time. So I don't see it as a bad thing, but I don't see it as a good thing either.

Thanks for your post

P.S. BTW "or it may just want to think about last nights dinner, and how you suffered terribly with heart-burn from the Chinese food you ate." = Best part:) TTLY
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-21)
Hi Libra1,

Thanks for answering. It seems to me like it is another dimension, somewhere that my soul knows of... Sometimes when I sit outside and quiet my mind the whole world dissapears before my eyes. There are no more trees, houses- ANYTHING! Just empty space that goes on and on. It makes me think of James telling me to look beyond my fears and the illusion. Easier said than done in my case... But still working on it! Thanks again!
Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-21)
I get the very same thing you just described. Not all the time is it as you describe, sometimes if I wake in the middle of the night and I am half asleep I will see visions. I don't understand them yet. I think if you ask what are they suppose to mean, in time you will find out.
I believe one of the reasons why it is so hard to calm the mind is there are all kinds of waves and frequecies penetrating us everywhere we go, even in our own home!
Think about it... If you have a router, those waves are everywhere in your home, they can even go through cement! Cell phone towers also give out dangerous waves along with a low frequency hum that causes all kinds of problems.
I also believe that Faith plays a major possitive role in our life. It could be Faith in any religion or possitive path.
I don't think anyone can tell you what your seeing, you have to figure it out for yourself.
Our Guides cannot interfere with our lives, they can give us messages. Part of the fun of living in this tough physical plane is figuring out what the meaning is ourselves. I hope this answered some of your question. 😊
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-21)
Hi Wayne,

I have been using your techniques and was wondering if you can help me to understand where or what I have been seeing. This also happens when I am not having a goods nights sleep and am constantly woken up by these visions. I very often find myself going through a tunnel that turns from blue to pink to white and then it ends up being a form of Kaleidoscope that is a yellow and black space composed of shapes like diamonds. There is absolutely nothing in this space and no feeling either... I am not out of my body, just seeing this vision in my mind. I did, however see a man at the end of this vision that was holding a very large snake and fighting it off. Then the colours returned to orange and pink. Any clue where I am? Is this another dimension that I see? Thanks for your help! Kathleen
wayne (5 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-30)
Thanks Kathleen, I hope it does help you. The world and all that's occurring pulls our mind in every direction today and gives us NO peace. If (we) are serious in wanting to escape the miseries of the world and achieve peace of mind, then meditation is the right step forward in acheiving this. Everyone I speak with tells me their mind is constantly agitated. Even when they try to sleep their mind roams back through the years, then races back to the present. This is not only affecting some but the majority of the world. The world is in turmoil today and the negative vibrations are affecting all to some degree. This is where meditation helps. Thanks again.
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-29)
Hi Wayne,

I find this a very helpful post for us amateurs! I have been desperately trying to meditate with no success. I just can't seem to clear my mind of thoughts. Every time I try to quiet my mind, all I get are visions of my past lives, most of which I cannot "decode". So now, instead of trying to fight these visions, I will go with the flow, and then hopefully my mind will settle down and I can make sense of everything! Thanks,

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