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A Farmer's Field


When a farmer ploughs his field and plants the seeds for growing precious crops, he will notice in time that when they begin to break through the soil, not all seeds will sprout at the same time. Some seeds will break through while others will take a little longer in seeing the light of day. The same for humans. Because we are all on different levels of understanding and spiritual development at this time in our life, some will see and experience things of a Divine nature while others will not, "as yet." If those ones who do have a clearer understanding of the Divine and what the purpose of life is all about, if they openly declare their findings and experiences to all and sundry, then they will be opening themselves for both ridicule and praise. This is why discrimination is definitely needed when one tells of certain things.

And yet at times I have dared to tell of certain experiences given me only for the sole purpose as to inspire and uplift the minds of others. I have in a way helped (I believe) by showing how one can clean the window of ones mind (through contemplation and meditation on God). Through this spiritual practice it allows us (in time depending on ones efforts) a clearer vision of what's possible by the experiences we receive through meditation and daily life. No one can ever comprehend the glory of God, but we can realize our true-self that which is a part of god if we have a (will) to try. The choice is always ours. Though it is through God's grace that He grants us realization (fully knowing our true identity)... if we show effort in our lives by correcting and improving on ourselves and by remembering God throughout our waking state. If we do this, then He approaches us by coming nearer and nearer.

It is said that if man takes just one step towards God, God will take a hundred steps towards man. When God created the physical universe He brought into existence gods under Him to rule over certain things. Here we have many deities who we know to be god of the wind, god of the rain, god of fire, etc. Etc. And it goes on and on all throughout creation. But above them all there is the "ONE" God and He is omnipresent everywhere. Not a blade of grass moves or a leaf falls without Him knowing of it, for He is in that blade of grass and that falling leaf. Nothing happens unless He wills it. At certain intervals this ONE God comes down and takes on human form and enters the earthly domain at certain times when righteousness decays. He brings back the goodness and love which was lost through this Kali Yuga by man's evil ways at His own pace and in His own way. God has come down all through earth's history, I won't mention all the Avatars but you will know them as Rama, Krishna, Shiva and Vishnu who were incarnations of the ONE God. To know of such things one must strive hard to investigate for themselves, otherwise we become like the majority who listen to ideas and theories only. By investigating we learn and discover things never before thought of, this is what is called (Self-Knowledge.)

Never in my entire life would I have ever believed that God comes to earth in human form unless it was proven to me, and this did occur back in 1988. So I say to you, (the Reader) Pray to your chosen deity whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Zoroaster, Rama or Krishna. (as the One God does resides in ALL) and come closer to HIM so He can come closer to you by giving the proof that you seek; for this is definitely the time to do it as we begin rising in vibration. On a last note, be very sincere when praying and asking for what you need to know... Only through your sincerity will God respond to the call of your heart.

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Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-13)
I enjoyed reading every word ❤
It is very true! God is in everything, everything is in God.

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