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Spiritual Awakening And Career


My name is Amelia, 19 years young. I started having my spiritual awakening about a year ago when I met my fiancée. I started to expand my consciousness but it's a turbulent process. My mind really started to open after I started to read more into spiritual awakenings and finding my inner voice. I have developed my own beliefs but it's not a religion, it's a knowing.

I started meditating after I started to become a student of spiritual knowledge. Since then, a whole world of inner guidance has opened up. Once when I was meditating I saw a pale blue orb then it suddenly expanded around my vision so that all I could see was pale blue.

Since then, meditating has been helping me develop clairaudience. I get ringing in my ears often and out of nowhere I'll hear a muffled voice saying something. I'm still not able to decipher these messages so I'm hoping time and patience when reveal itself. I'm also hypersensitive with my emotions, I can usually tell what someone is about. I've been feeling vibrations all over my body, especially when I'm feeling emotion or happiness. My sacral chakra buzzes/vibrates as well.

Ever since my awakening I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what I want to do for a career. Materialistic things don't appeal to me anymore and I'm not looking to make a bunch of money. I have a notion for Holistic medicine or Oriental medicine. Something that helps the mind, body and spirit.

As you know, this is a process and it comes with practice. Any advice?

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Erin1011 (3 posts)
9 years ago (2011-07-01)

#1. I love your name. I have a 7 month old daughter named Emelia Rae.
#2. Your blog caught my eye, because I have been thinking about my career as well. I am only 2 weeks into my spiritual awakening and I already opened my eyes to the fact that I did "Not" want to be the nurse for Alz Heimers patients (at home hospice care) that I always wanted to be. Instead I would like to works with kids in therapy. For some reason I have been having strong thoughts about children who are diagnosed with ADHD, and other behavioral problems. I have been feeling like maybe these kids are wrongfully diagnosed. What if they are just super sensitive children with lots of energy in them that sometimes comes out negativly, because they don't have the right tools or the right person to tell them that they are "not" crazy or "not" bad. I don't know any medical facts about this subject yet, but I know that I have this overwelming feeling.
Maybe you just need to go with what you are truely feeling.:)
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
9 years ago (2011-06-05)
Amelia and Ordinaryboy

Kind of strange feeling when you think you are going off your rocker, your logical mind is saying "No Way Jose!"

Yet deep inside you just know it is all true, for both of you, embrace the journey, it is quite a ride from here-on-out

From one who thought he was an absolute basket-case, to now knowing he is at ONE with ALL, my peace I leave you...

ordinaryboy (2 posts)
9 years ago (2011-05-31)

Your experience is nothing but identical to mine to ill not bore you with the details of my background but let's just say my name suggests it all! Normal UK boy, well, man! And like you I have the constant ear ringing, the muffled sounds and also had the ups and downs of trying to operate on a higher vibration, how do you undo 27 years of using a concious and logical approach to everything and replace it with what your guides and your spirit itself is showing you? I often have experiences where my spiritual side shows me that what I experience is indeed spiritual and true then my logical brain will throw its pennys worth in and trys to create a logical explanation for my experiences, but after a lot of relaxing I have found I'm having my first real awakening which lead to a perfect personal reading for a friend and more contact with spirit its awesome to know that someone else can relate,

Hope it all works out for you, get the feeling your new gift may take you to a past event which you can now explain!

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
9 years ago (2011-05-31)

Hello my wonderful friend, your experience is almost word for word the same as mine. I saw a photo of my aura the other day and even the guy taking the image was very surprised, pale green of compassion and love, and very large.

Relax my young friend, you will be guided to your calling.

May the Light that shines from the Heavenly Father continue to surround you, embrace you and fulfill you the rest of your days.

"...My peace I leave with you..."


PS Welcome to "awakened life"

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