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I Had Been Shown Something In My Mind's Eye


Almost eight years ago, we moved into a neighborhood in Grandy, NC named Walnut Island. My wife became ill and we went to see the good Doctor Owens, the local family practitioner. He recommended that my wife, Peggy, drink 2 gallons of water a day for two weeks, to flush the kidneys and urinary system. During the course of the "water therapy", she began to feel worse and worse. It was as if the water itself was making her sick. It was... I was beginning to feel lethargic myself, and after living there for two years, I noticed my memory didn't seem quite as keen lately. We had two dogs at the time, one would drink our water, the other would simply not drink the water from the well. Later the (much younger) dog that drank well water subsequently died. I still have the older BIG dog, he drinks bottled water like mad! Four years later, my research revealed that the local Vet had so many calls out of the Walnut Island area... "My dog is sick... My dog is sick", that the Vet has a pat answer. It works every time... "STOP GIVING THAT DOG WELL WATER"!

I began to ask our neighbors if they had any health problems, and how was YOUR water? I began to get answers that indicated something was very wrong. Everybody was either sick, their children were sick, or somebody had just died of a strange cancer, or the house was now hooked up to county water and the home was subsequently taken over by new, healthy occupants, or the houses were vacant, occupants untraceable. I tried to account for EVERY HOUSE in the neighborhood. I asked so many neighbors, and all the time getting the same responses, we began to suspect there was something desperately wrong with the water. I began a quest to find out what was going on!

(I am an ex-pharmaceutical representative for Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, and have extensive medical knowledge. It was my job to detail Physicians on Claforan, a complicated, but very effective hospital IV Antibiotic, Lasix, a diuretic, and a host of other pharmaceuticals. Admittedly, I am NOT a doctor, none the less, I would like to thank Hoechst-Roussel for their wonderful training and intensive courses of study that they require!)...

I began to document our neighbor's medical conditions. Cancers of the blood and bone marrow, some in the very young, some struck the very old. Sure is lot of internal organ Cancer around here, I thought. I began to wonder if there had been an old gas station around here some place. I thought... If the water here is really making us sick... Most of us were using wells, if there IS contamination of some sort here and it's water related, that I should be able to just walk uphill and possibly find something. The next Sunday, the Elizabeth City Daily Advance, our local paper here, featured me on the front page standing by the old LEADED gasoline pump I found in the woods that day. The "Danger Contains Lead" stickers were still visible on the (at that time) still present gas pumps. I did not know it at the time, but on March 25th 2004, I had rediscovered the remains of the old BU Evans Gas Station, abandoned, now completely overgrown, and closed for years! The discovery and subsequent investigation led me on a seven year long research project, recently completed, with dramatic results!

The next morning, (It was a beautiful day), for some strange reason, I was compelled to pick up a notebook, and pen, and walk in the direction of the old gas station. When I arrived at the site, a peaceful calm came over me. I was staring down at the Earth where the old gas tanks had been, and I began to pray. I asked God to show me what was really here in the ground. Were the old tanks still present? Suddenly, without warning, my vision seemed to change. I will never forget this! It was as if I was looking down a long tunnel, then I became part of the "picture", as if I was actually standing there. I began to see images in the back of my mind. I don't know what happened to my "real" vision, but I began to see a series of images like a filmstrip... Flash, Flash, Flash, like I was in a classroom or something. The pictures were very clear, and in full blown living color, like little short film clips of remote places in the world. Places I have never seen, or been to! Places where I appeared to be standing at that point in time. I saw London, (rather, I was IN LONDON), the brown cobblestone structure of Big Ben was unmistakable. There were people in chaos, running and yelling. I could not tell what they were saying, but I could tell they were very afraid. Then, the "picture" shifted and I was looking DOWN THROUGH THE GROUND at a lake of gasoline underneath the city of London. It had the color and sheen of gas, floating on the top of water, but it was UNDERGROUND. The picture changed, and I saw an Oriental like city. I was standing on a street corner of that city and saw a small blue car with four occupants come smoking around the corner. It was emitting a large plume of thick black smoke. The people inside were oriental in appearance and they were upset. Talking loudly, the female in the rear seat leaned forward and began yelling at the driver. I could see people everywhere. I saw signs. You know, like store fronts have signs over them. I could not read the writing, it looked like Chinese or something. The signs had a lot of red characters on a yellow background. Then, as I glanced down, I could see through the street, and I was looking right down through the pavement, I could see a lake of gasoline. It had the same colors and sheen as I had seen in "London". Then the scene shifted, I saw Paris. I know the Eiffel tower when I see it. I saw a river. It was night time now, lots of lights and the city was spread out before me. People were in chaos. Yelling and running. A lady's hat blew off and she chased it out of sight. Then, I looked down at the sidewalk, and I could see right through the concrete. I was looking at another lake of gasoline. Then the picture changed again. I was in New York. I could recognize some of the buildings. It looked like Manhattan, by Staten Island. People had the same chaotic appearance of running around in a panic, yelling. I could not tell what they were saying. As I looked down... You guessed it, I saw right through the ground into another lake of gasoline. Then, it all stopped, and I was standing there staring at the spot on the ground where the old gas tanks used to be, with the notebook in my hand. I about fainted. I remember saying out loud... "I am so sorry, THANK YOU FATHER... I never knew"!

Until this moment in my life, I have never had or seen any kind of "visions". I had never "heard the voice of God", I had never been "contacted" in this way before. I realized that I had been SHOWN something. I thought perhaps it was the future, and did not understand. It was two days later that it came to me, in a shocking revelation, I HAD SEEN A VISION OF THE PAST. It was done in such a manner that I was unable to tell if this was my own imagination, or I had actually seen these places "in my mind's eye". The conclusion of what I saw that day was obvious. We were living above great lakes, oceans and rivers of gasoline. Beneath our feet exist great pools of gasoline, underneath every major city in the world... And it meant something. I just didn't know what.


I was so shocked that I went to a neighbors house and told them what happened. I was totally wrecked, mentally. I was crying, I mean snot and slobber, totally upset, and shaking uncontrollably, and I am sure I appeared to be totally incoherent. I was a tee total mess! Our neighbors probably didn't make much sense of my babbling and crying, but I could not help it. I FELT SUCH GREAT SORROW FOR THE WORLD. I cried and cried. They knew something had happened to me. We prayed.

Looking back on this, I cannot say if I really saw all this or if it was a figment of my own mind, but I know it was a very un-nerving event in my life. I have not since, had any other "visions", but I have determined that the vision was CORRECT. Technically correct in every detail. Since that time, I have determined that we ARE in fact living on top of oceans, lakes, and rivers of gasoline, it is causing diabetes, type 1 and 2, autism, alzheimer's, parkinson's specific internal organ cancers, and a specific brain cancer in children.

Front page news

Updated version of the paper causing so much attention (text file, 51kb)

These are scientifically provable facts that I know must be shocking to the reader, and you must have doubts. After completing seven years of studying the populations living around gasoline spills... I know all too well the effects of drinking gasoline tainted water, over time. I also know that trace quantities of gasoline may now be found in ALL drinking water... All around the world. In recent years, I have written several scientific papers on the subject, and called on physicians and doctors all over North Carolina and Virginia with this research. I HAVE SEEN THESE DOCTORS, ONCOLOGISTS, INTERNAL MEDICINE FELLOWS, ETC. TURN WHITE AS A SHEET FROM READING THIS RESEARCH. I know you won't believe this but I swear it is actual, and true. Please reference the (now famous) research paper I wrote in a response to the "visions". I was STRONGLY COMPELLED to write about my experience. Since that time, I have been in the FRONT PAGE HEADLINES of the local newspaper SIX TIMES with this research. Now, I am presenting it to you. I have never admitted this to anyone except my neighbors where I cried so hard that day. I am so sorry, I just HAD to tell someone. I do not really expect you to believe it, but I would like for you to see the research that came from all this. Please go to:

Scroll down to read the paper. If you would be so kind as to send me a real eMail address, I will send you a printable, updated version in notepad. I would also be willing to send the "slide show" of photographs I have developed. As stated, I have watched doctors all over two states have obvious physical reactions from reading this research when they realize... That I am right! Read it and you will know the truth when you do! I feel so depressed and cry a lot now. I am getting less and less functional with each passing day. Nobody believes me, or cares. My research has been suppressed by the government, my house broken into, my records stolen, my computers torn up. Maps ripped off the walls, My web site hacked, It seems nobody will listen to me! Except the doctors. They all know I am right! Where do I go now? I feel totally helpless, powerless to effect any kind of change. The world needs to know about the gasoline and what diseases it is causing in our population... But I cannot for the life of me figure how to get the message out. PEOPLE MUST KNOW!

Yours and His, George Michael Richardson

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Dave M (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-24)
As government would necessarily be an entity to get past to disseminate this information, it's highly unlikely your findings will become public knowledge. Almost all who work in gov't are there for power and prestige, the very people who simply shouldn't be there. This discovery would uncover a fatal mistake made by the major oil and gas companies. Your research must be disseminated person-to-person or through channels on the internet.
mikescomputer (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-13)
Mike, You are right. I am a petrochemical worker... You know, someone that makes gasoline. I am going to reveal a "trade secret" to you. A few years ago the additive to gasoline... Tetra Ethyl Lead... Was outlawed. Formulations are considered "trade secrets"! So are the reasons for certain additives to gasoline. Tetra Ethyl Lead was touted to be an anti-knock compound... But it had a dual purpose. It also doubled as a "metal brighter"... A detergent additive... Well it brightened metal alright... All too well! Tetra Ethyl Lead changed the molecular structure of the thin walls of the underground metal gas storage tanks in all the gas stations and truck stops! It tended to literally MELT THEM along the bottom. All the underground gasoline storage tanks leaked horribly. That is why the government went around digging them all up! Now gas stations are required to have fiberglass tanks and flexsteel piping. Your "vision" was absolutely correct. There does exist lakes of gasoline underneath all the big cities of the world and many rural areas as well. This has become common knowledge among the big oil companies. Many lawsuits have been won in regard to this problem. You figured it out (from the date on this story) before it really became common knowledge. This may be part of God's plan to show us we cannot continue to abuse the earth. Your instructions are found in the Book of Psalms... "Fret not thyself over evil dooers but rest in the Lord. Patiently wait upon Him"... And he will come!

Jessie Watson
Memphis TN
KikiGirl (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-27)
mikescomputer, I must commend you on a very well written, honest account which was thought out, documented and clearly explained and understandable to your readers.

I am sure that there will be people who seek to put your "proofs" and notes to test or destroy them, altogether! These people will do this for many reasons; some will be involved in companies who will lose millions/billions if you research proves accurate, others will be sure to combat public uproar and disorder and others are simple-minded and do not recognize how inherently, dangerous this is to society and the world.

However, there is always a flip-side to the coin. There are hundreds of organizations who focus particularly on the poisoning of natural and protected land and water, and defensive and preventative measures, thereof. The United Nations has a responsibility to every citizen in many countries for their habitat area and home to be safe from dangerous substances including; bio-hazards, natural gas hazards, lead contamination, poisons and so on. Which generally, includes all health hazards and the effects, thereof. There are laws which prevent utilizing land or water which is harmful for human beings. This is taken very seriously and can have lasting effects for future planting, agriculture and commodities.

As you are a specialist or expert in the subject, I suggest that you find an organization which is ordained to monitor, protect and prevent water contamination, particularly in suburbs where people reside, live and drink the water and even, when there is farming and agricultural projects running. Your research will provide them with a basis to work from. Additional support in the form of in-put/s, quotes and Doctors opinions will greatly better your chances of being taken seriously.

Note: The problem of lead contamination in water has been evident since the 1900's. Such is it, that there will be plenty of cases which describe the processes, and what is needed in order to gain a legal inquiry into a place's water system.

Remember, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" - Samuel Johnson.
Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
Wow! I just finished reading the article. You are a Savior! ~ I am so thankful for checking out this site today!
I have a 4 year old little girl who I cherrish with all my heart, to think I could be poisining her with water! Makes me so sad. Although her exposure is limited as far as drinking. Is filtered water ok?
I also made a donantion. Keep up the great work ❤
Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. These kinds of experiences occur more & more these days. It's not for us to question these experiences, we should listen and pay close attention when they occur. I am not surprised by the way some people will try and shut you up. You have to be very creative how you let the news out. Good luck in all you do!
Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-26)
Well George,

Here is what I think. I think that you are correct, that we are slowly poisoning or world. But I also want you to know that even if humans fail to conquer there greed then we are going to fail as a culture and we may get a second chance in the coming years, but even if we didn't live finds a way:).

All this oil if hurting us because it is so easy to make money off of it. And people just keep pumping and pumping, and then look at what we have. It is not quite looking so good if we cannot figure out how to use more efficient ways of using energy... Like solar power. Using angles and a refractor (like a diamond with a 3000+ melting point. And then use Graphite black tubes with a melting point even higher than a diamond. Think of how hot you could get it in there... The Electrolysis of water can happen as a thermal reaction at somewhere around 4500. If even half that could be reached a great efficiency of the electrolysis process would happen. Basically a better source of more hydrogen hydrogen and oxygen. And the great thing is that if it gets hit by a tsunami it would wash away. And then we would just have some hot steam... Woooo. Lol. I am planning on trying to build a very small scale model. But it will not be easy to get the right mirrors, the auto industry seems to have pretty good reflectors in there lights... I wonder how much those cost. Then I need a focusing lens to focus it to the tip of the refractor. And bounce it off the nice mirrors, you also see them in fire alarms to make it really bright. And then if you do it to a scale then you could measure effective heat Efficiency per square meter. And see what it is.

That would be cool,
Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-26)
Brother, Nature will solve the issue of petrol on aglobal level, quite soon... Everyone knows oil is going out and gasoline will be a matter of the past once this has happened. They tell uns there still is enough for twenty years or so but this probably is propaganda.
Why then did you see big lakes of gasoline, not raw oil, under the cities? I think it is not only because gas traces in water and food, and also lead traces, may be responsible for many chronic diseases today. I am a Homeopathic physician so we are some sort of colleagues... At least as to academic title. WEll, it is also because I suppose big cities today may have secret big stores with gas and other emergency goods below them. Huge tanks... What if such a tank be attacked by a terrorist with a bomb? This would explain your deep sorrow, and people running.

At least one thing is clear: Oil age was an unhealthy age as to everything except huge progress of scientific knowledge and inter-ethnic communication. It had to end, and let us HOPE there is no more oil left than for some three, four years... And then a well-preserved rest designed exclusively for the chemical industry.
For petrol was never made to be only burnt, it is too precious for making such a waste, it should have been preserved by Authorities for such indispensable, special industry production processes for which we have no ersatz raw material in adequate quality, for example in synthesis of frusemide with which you had to do professionally or other medical and pesticide compounds, or in making certain sorts of plastic.
Nature strikes back, and what She punishes hardest is ignorance - as in the atomic issue, now in Japan, and squandering - as in the oil issue.
But what about those old tanks and leaden water conductions where you live? Have any authorities gone there to make measurings and hopefully to close the bad water well? This is what should happen at once. Moreover if it be possible in your region it would be reasonable for those in your hood who can afford it to have cisterns for rain water - of such a quality, with filter and all, that the water could be used for drinking without boiling. There is adequate technicalities for this on the market. Perhaps one can't rely well on authorities in your region if environmental poison issues be involved... And perhaps now when Japan makes the ego crusts break and reason and conscience come up even in some of the blockheads in your neighborhood who sabotaged you, at least some neighbors will listen to you with the idea "build rain water cisterns."

For the actual news I must add: Of course do build them only after the now possible Japanese radioactive fall-out in U.S. Is over.

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