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My Death Vision


I had a vision, of my death. What is still unknown to me, is whether this is a death from my past life, or a vision of my future death.

It was a normal day, well, quite depressing day, as I was going through depression. One of my friends think I have seasonal effectiveness disorder, which is when at certain seasons, most commonly winter, you get more depressed, probably because lack of sun. But anyways, I can't recall too much of when I had this vision, because it was a year or so ago, but it went a little like this:

I was in a car, not modern, but more, 1995-2005 model car, I can't really say, I'm not too good with cars. And it was filled with water. I'm assuming it was lake water, considering the awfully cold temperature, and very very slight greenish tint to the water, and slight murkiness. Just like lake water. I was struggling to breath, trying to open doors, kicking here and there, and finally took a nice gasp for air, but instead got a big blow of water in my lungs. I remember feeling the coldness of the water, entering my lungs, and just pain, pain of water in me, and suffocation.

Then I stopped struggling, knowing I was going to die, the thought of death didn't really bother me that much. What can I say, I was depressed. All I felt was pain at that point, as I waited to die. Then nothing, just a nice, comfortably numb feeling, I was unable to move at that point, no life left in my limbs, just a peaceful kind of feeling. I started to take notice of my surroundings. The light from the sun was shining in through the windows that were facing closest to the surface of the lake. I suppose the lake wasn't too deep, considering the amount of light in the car.

I felt so happy. The most happy, peaceful feeling surrounded me. I was just floating in the water, it felt so nice, like jumping into a pool after running a marathon, and floating looking up at the sky. It was that kind of happy relaxing feeling. So I just floated there in the car, and thought about my family, my friends, and how wonderful that experience was.

And THAT, was my vision. This vision, actually made me really happy. This was what made me wake up in the morning everyday. It was something to look forward to. I know it sounds bad, but its true. Every time I felt sad, I would think about my vision, and that peaceful part, over and over. You know when you think about something so much you forget its origins? I've thought about my vision so many times, I can barely recall when I had it. Now I'm starting to think it was a dream. But I really can't remember anymore.

If anyone has had a similar experience feel free to comment. Hope you liked my story: ]

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Bj (guest)
6 years ago (2018-01-30)
I'm seriously half scared to death... I saw myself blow up in a basement. They just put a new furnace in my place I went down today to do laundry and I sat down in a chair and had a flash of the furnace exploding everything burnt including me in that chair. I got up and came upstairs and have been a bit freaked since... I have such a bad feeling: (
Maddam_M (guest)
13 years ago (2011-02-09)
I think this was positive like you pretty much stated. I mean if you're getting depressed during the winter and you feel trapped inside your place and you know you're not going to really go out and you have to deal with it. Then I would say the mind is a powerful tool because you just created a "vision" that has helped you cope with your depression. Maybe you like water maybe swimming or the sound of water, the feeling of it makes you calm or happy in real life. Your struggle and car wreck into this water could just simply be some messed up wayof your mind visualizing your struggle for staying calm and happy in the winter. Death visions arent always something about what might happened I have had to each one I have been murdered my someone unknown while trying to defend others does that mean I'm going to be murdered... No it could just simply be my minds way of saying I have trust issues. The other thing is the mind is amazing and can come up with almost anything so there really arent and shouldnt be a meaning to every dream.
deedeeco1738 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-04)
I have not had visions of my death, but I had premonitions of 2 people I worked with, and their deaths. Each one, happened within months of the other, and they were both young. I saw what looked like gray/brown around them. I told them not to go any place, in a car. Each time, I went back to work on Monday and each time they had both died in car accidents. Years before this happened I lost two sons in separate car accidents. I knew it was going to happen to them, years before it actually happened. Years after, I moved to town, from living in the country. My husband had died and was gone for nine years, when I moved. I went to bed, as usual, when I heard footsteps coming into my room, I heard my back door open and heard it walk into my room and lay beside me on the bed. I finally reached over and nothing was there. I turned on the light and there were prints in the pillow and indentations in the bedding where someone had laid down. This happened two nights in a row. I had the feeling it was my husband, but not sure who it was. My grandson was asleep on the couch, and if anyone would have come in, he would have heard them. I did not feel threatened, the entity seemed at peace, or that was my vibes I was getting. Anyone have any answers, or experiences like these? When I was very young I was beaten by my mother, this went on for years, she didn't hurt my sister. There was just me and my younger sister. I remember everything she ever said and did to me, from around the age of three. When I was 5, I had this impression that we, live in different dimentions, but wasn't aware of what it meant, at that age. Like there are worlds within our realm, who live side by side with us. I also cannot get rid of the fear and hate I had for my mother. I did not want to attend her funeral, but I did. Why can I not forget about it or at least forgive her? Would appreciate any thoughts on this post. Thank you.
Dilipshah (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-26)
Pl refer my article death is not a darkness it is a holy journey of soul.
Best of luck for more detachment.
Have a wonderful experience
Friend (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-22)
Hello friend,

The vision could well be a message to prepare yourself and be cautious should a situation like that you viewed should ever come about. From the vision, you now know the appearance of the car, the season, and perhaps the appearance of the pool and surroundings. Once could then easily avoid the accident if they keep the vision and its warning in mind!

That's probably the best lesson to take away from visions of the future- if not to our liking, to take the actions to change it. Our destiny is never fixed, and we shape our destiny with every thought and action, both as an individual and as groups, every moment of every second of every day.

There are some instructions for safely escaping should a car splash into water, here from the New York State Driver's Manual, and it of course really helps to know how to swim:

"GOING INTO WATER - A vehicle will usually float for a while, and you should have time to get out before it starts sinking. Unfasten your seat belt and escape through a window. Opening a door would cause water to rush in, and the car could overturn on top of you.

If the vehicle sinks before you can get out, climb into the rear seat. An air pocket may form there as the weight of the engine pulls the vehicle down nose first. When the vehicle settles, take a breath and escape through a window. As you rise, air pressure will build in your lungs. Let it out in small breaths through your nose or lips as you surface. Do not hold your breath tightly or try to blow air out; just allow the air to escape naturally."

So that's it. I hope you take the vision to prevent such an occurrence, and certainly not your death from it, as it gives you a chance, and it probably was meant to be a precaution.

Ready to help,
helen_kit_chi (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-20)

Does it really matter whether this vision is of your past life, or something to happen in the future?

From that vision, deep inside you, you already know that you are spirit and that you are free. Free from your body that can be affected by depression or whatever hindrances that come with your physical body. You don't have to wait for actual death to come to your body. You can claim your heaven on earth today.

Just hold onto your vision of light and peace and happiness. That is our true nature anyways. This physical body of ours is just clothing we put on when we come to this earth. It tends to accumulate dirt such as depression and disappointment and anger and such. But we can learn not to be affected by it, and our true self which is light and love and happiness will shine through.

Your vision is a powerful one. In some sense you have already gone through a little death through your vision. With your realization that you are spirit, you can change things, including your death. Now I believe your future is in your own hands, or at least it can be in your own hands, if you work to claim it.

May you continue to see the light that is in you and everywhere.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-16)
It is indeed a wonderful dream, do you find it is something which gets you through the rough days?

I am wondering if it is a vision which has been shown to you to help you through your bouts of depression. I would love to hear what someone whom is knowledgable about this type of vision would have to say.

I have visions of my death but I know it was from a previous incarnation. To this day, in this life I am not comfortable with looking over the edge of buildings having been pushed off one in a previous life.

"... My peace I leave you..."


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