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I Thought I Was Dead


This was not a dream. I still wondering what was happening with me years ago when I was 17 years old. I just started nursing school and was renting a room in a house with a fellow nurse student.

It was about two o'clock in the day. I was very tired and decided to go for a nap. The room was filled with light from outside it was a hot summer day.

I felt asleep. All of a sudden I was floating in the air. I could touch the ceiling but I didn't I was confused and shocked. The only thing that went through my brain was when I stared to my sleeping body on the bed, was I now dead or what. I remember looking at the window curtains moving by the sudden blowing of wind from outside. I realized that the weather had changed and it's going to rain. I thought I was dead.

My body shacked all of a sudden it felt so weird as if I felt back into my body very fast. I was out of that bed immediately. The weather did change the curtains moved in the wind that was coming from the window. I closed the windows and wondered what happened. This was not a dream. My spirit left my body. Can anyone help me to understand what happened to me that day? It never happened again.

I send this story because maybe somebody out there can put some light on it for me. After this I was actually very scared to sleep.

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Trix (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-04)
Hi Karenprosen, thanks for your reply. I'm very scared of this out of body experience. The thing is people doing astral projection say it is very dangerous because they say your spirit is floating with a silver cord and if it snapped you're gone. Thanks for the information I will go and read it.
Jobuid, you are talking very interesting stuff. I take my hat off for you because you are very brave to go all these places. I feel save in my body. I'm to scare to try these things. What happened to me scared me a too much. Thanks for sharing your experience.
jobuid (guest)
14 years ago (2010-09-29)
Am new here, what your experienced is what I experience almost every night. God the creator gave you an opportunity experience something in the spirit realm, it will happen to you again because the gift is in you. If you wish to experience it again, try not to sleep for over 24hrs- you will become very weak and body dead beat. Then when you try to sleep, your body will feel like you are floating and your spirit will get out. The real view of your room will change somewhat but will remain inside same room until it returns to your body. Mine travels to many worlds where I see people in white garment who worship God day and night. I have also been to a world where human heads are served in tray to eat, also been to a world that consists of master only- they kind of meditate day and night. Our earth seem to be the first world. I have go to a garden up the sky in a speed faster than light, I see beautiful flowers there and the ground is cloud instead of soil. The garden is endless, an old man who takes care of the garden usually greet me as if am a master. Moreso, I find myself using the name "Jesus" to fight people that are evil during my travel or healing people in hospital.
karenprosen (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-24)
hi trix, what you experienced is actually very normal and common. You might want to check out forums like and where you will find others with very similar experiences. I have had this happen many times:)
Trix (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-17)
Goldengate thank you very much for this website you gave me it is very interesting. I still wonder about this faraway places viewing. I wonder sometimes if we view places in spirit out of our body without realizing because so many times I have been in places I recognize without being there then I just wonder about it. It just makes me wonder.
GoldenGate (22 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-15)
I think that is out of body experience or OBE or an experience of being outside of one's body. I thin it is normal. We have our astral body that could move out of our body and go travel to places. That's why some of us could see far away places or remote viewing (RV).

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