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A Powerful Testimony


I've often heard people say the Lord told me this and the Lord told me that, as if their every thought is from God. On the other extreme I've heard people say that God never speaks to them at all and never will. To be honest I've only directly heard from the Lord on a few occasions. As for the rest I live by my spirit in which resides my conscience and it is here that I discern what God approves or disapproves of.

However the spiritual experiences that I have had are extraordinary and the time has come for me to share them for a very specific reason - a Warning!

Firstly there is nothing I can do to make these experiences happen - they just do, and often it has resulted in my life been spared. An example is the time I was on a hunting trip in the dry hot South African winter bush veld. The grass was dull yellow and very high and the typical African thorn bushes popped up sporadically against the afternoon sky. The beauty of this type of terrain is its shear wild ruggedness and open skies. Suddenly I heard and I knew beyond any doubt that it was the Holy Spirit shout at me.


It was so urgent that the muscles on my thigh hurt as they already were pulling my leg forward, yet my thigh bones refused to move from the the ground as if they had become a solid piece of concrete with the ground under my feet.

"Be highly aware!"

How do I know it was the Holy Spirit? I just did. It is as if the voice itself announced its own identity. It came from over my right shoulder. From that frozen position I combed the terrain from left to right and right to left from a far distance to my immediate surrounding.

"What is it Lord? I don't understand."

Then a feeling came over me to direct my attention to one foot in front of me. In the high dry grass was a huge cobra of sorts already thigh high and ready to strike. It was almost the exact same color of the yellow grass and it took me quite some time to recognize that it was there even when I was staring right at it. Had my leg muscles been able to pull my left thigh bone forward I would have been dead! I stepped back once slowly and then a few more steps very fast and watched as the snake went back down and disappeared in the thick grass. Then I was out of there!

Another time I was on a tv shoot on a big boat in the beautiful Indian Ocean off the shores of Kenya. Emerald green and azure salt waters expanded for miles in front of the deeper blue waters on the horizon... On board the refreshments were inviting under the blistering Africa sun. Some people on the one side of the boat were getting fairly tipsy and started jumping into the ocean. I had distanced myself without making a big deal because I felt like been alone.

"Lord, I feel like swimming. I will jump from this side of the boat."

The air was warm and moist as I lunged from the deck. But as I hit the cool water a current immediately started pulling me back. It was exceptionally strong and I felt a distinct presence of evil. Like a blackness in the brilliant colors of the waters. I swam and swam with all my strength. My back was burning from the pain as I fought the powerful current. The waves started getting way to high and I found myself swimming above and under water in turns, straining to get oxygen. Every now and then as I popped out of the water I managed to get a glimpse of the boat that seemed to be further and further away. Sometimes I couldn't see it at all. Then just like that - I gave up.

It was a strange feeling. Like a calculation that I would never make it back, calling for help would be futile and a waist of energy, and that my energy was sapped, so accepting the obvious would be the next step. I was not scared. I did all I could do, but it was not enough. I just gave up.

"Strange way to die Lord. But if it is to be like this it is Your will. I'm ready" I prayed out loud.

And then I heard Jesus Himself clearly and distinctly as if on the horizon behind me,

"Turn around."

During the ups and downs in the water I heard Him say it three times. Each time louder. The last time it was almost a command and I knew immediately that it was now or never. As I turned with great strain in the forceful current I got a glimpse of a passing local fishermen canoe. It would seem that they too were pulled back with the unexpected current. I took a deep breathe just before going under the water again and this time thrust myself out of the water with all my strength and grabbed the very edge of the passing canoe. The two local fishermen on board were initially terrified when this human fish like thing came out of no where and clung to their boat. But they obviously came to their senses and helped me up with bewildered eyes. It took them quite some time to bring me back to the boat that was anchored close to shore. I thanked them and climbed up the side ropes. To this day no one on that boat even knows what happened to me! What ever - as long as they had fun.

The experience that I am about to tell of however is exceptional and in the class of when Jesus appeared to Paul. It was not a vision, it was not an apparition, it was not a dream - it was realtime reality. Jesus appeared to me to save my life and tell me certain things that would eventually happen. But it is not quite as easy as just letting it all out with a single shout. That's why I wrote this book.

As far as I remember I've always been a loner and quite content to be so, even though I do enjoy company. And I've also always been able to sense danger or a presence of evil. I don't know why. But on this particular night it would make no difference because there was no where to run to.

I was driving home on my own at about ten o'clock at night when suddenly I started feeling that sickening feeling of something been desperately wrong. The feeling started getting very intense and then it was as if an evil presence was in the car and terrible thoughts started occuring to me. They were definitely not my thoughts and death clung to them with suggestions of how I must die and that they must take me away. It was horrid and confusing and surprisingly - it was very strong. Like patches of blackness that swooped along, each somehow unique and yet all the same, these thoughts just swirled around my head as if trying to find a way in. Prior to this incedent I cannot say that anything was so drastically wrong with my life that I was suicidal. In fact I was quite happy and content with my lot.

What was this about? Was it about that glassy glass incedent five years before? When I was a teenager friends dared me to play glassy glass and when I did the game would constantly spell out my name and put death at the end. Was this now about to happen? All sorts of accusations started pumping into my head and there was a strong insistance on my death and that I had to go with them. Them who? I knew who.

One year before this incident whilst at a military training camp I was awoken by a very dark force that simply pulled me down and down and down. As I was falling I saw the world and an cross upside down. I could not wake up and snap out of it but just kept falling. Only when I prayed did it start letting up and only after some time. That morning two other guys out of four of us in the same tent looked very shaken and went on to tell me what they experieneced - exactly the same thing! So I knew who - They were demons and they meant business.

I started fighting. I screamed out aloud. I was scared but somehow my resolve was firm. Don't quite know how to explain the fighting - half mental half verbal. It was a resisting form of a fight, and eventually the fight became a bit more sensible as to what it was actually about - their mercy. They threatened me and accused me so as to break me down and then they offered me their mercy. I refused point blank. As freaked out as I was they could not get me to beg for their mercy. I gave it my all but it seemed impossible. They invaded my right to exist in God's creation and demanded me to ask them for mercy - yet that was the only one thing that gave me any sense of strength against these overpowering entities. No. I refused and that was that!

The thoughts got more intense with a deep hatred to the point of overwhelming me. Eventually I knew there was no use - they would win. I would be found the next day dead in my car and everyone would have thought that the car somehow went off the road or something. And this image is what they threatened me with if I didn't go with them. To where? I didn't know and I still don't want to know. So I said clearly;

"It may be that you win and you kill me, but I will not deny Jesus my Lord - I will not not ask for mercy and I will not come with you."

Then it was as if I was lead to pray and I said,

"Lord it is written somewhere in the bible that if I knock you will open, and I'm knocking as hard as I can right now."

And that is when it happened!

Suddenly I saw Jesus from the top right of my car bursting from the sky in a great jealousy. He was dressed as it were in an orange and gold flame of light and suddenly He was in the car in the passenger seat.

The demons and all those horrible thoughts and accusations had left proportionally to His descent. It was as if His light melted away the darkness of their being. He didn't even address them, He addressed me:

"I love you do not be afraid."

Imagine for a moment a little child been pushed around and threatened to death by a group of thugs and suddenly the father of that child bursts onto the scene... Now times that by millions That is the kind of energy levels I'm trying to explain here. What is more, this was not a father, this was not a powerful angel, this was the uncreated Christ!

His communication went straight to my heart and I felt exactly who I was and what I meant to Jesus and that I was so loved that actually that is why He commanded my very being not to be afraid. His love is so intense and so ultimate that it becomes that only thing that one can essentially fear because you don't grasp why it could be so. No matter who we are or how good or bad we are, how could such love be deserved. I have believed in Jesus from as far back as I can remember - but now - my belief was my actual experience in actual reality.

I knew exactly that Jesus knew me because He knew me before the creation. I was in His design, how could He not know me? And this knowingness was His communication that He loved me in an unexplanable way. Everything was tingling in orange and gold as we spoke for at least ten minutes. But the words where wordless and the conversation was Spirit to spirit. Intense, straight, direct and I understood in knowingness.

The deep affectionate love that Jesus has for me I felt intensly and this made me know who I am from the very core of my existence. I know I've just repeated that but somehow with what follows as you'll see, this is all that really matters to me.

"Ask me for anything." Jesus said to me.

I wanted to know about these mysterious things and why they attacked me and about the end of the world. I'm sure I was stuttering when speaking but it didn't matter because Jesus was listening directly to my heart and answered me before I concluded with my imperfect language as a communication means. When He answered me every time it was not an expected answer. This was amazing. His answers poured out a life source of their own. Always new, fresh and full of life and directly fulfilling the expectation of my questioning. He was not speaking to my mind He was speaking directly to my spirit and as you will see later there is a world of difference.

But then it seemed that Jesus became preoccupied by something to our left. Suddenly He said,

"Let me drive the car."

I panicked.

"Why?" I thought of my family and how they would find me dead in my car the next day. Yet, didn't I knock and ask Jesus to let me in? Isn't that what I wanted? Isn't that what was just about to happen?

"Lord, I'd rather drive."

At that in sharp contrast to the demons that insisted against my wishes Jesus said,

"I understand, remember, I will always be with you - even to the end of the ages."

And He left in the same way that He came down. For the rest of the journey home I was estatically freaked out!

In hind sight this was incredibly selfish of me as I was prepared to be found dead killed by demons but when saved by Jesus I clung onto my life when He asked me to let Him drive the car. I know that Jesus knew what I would do and that the entire experience would serve a purpose eventually, but He would not have made the offer if there wasn't a possibility of me saying yes. Would He have taken me to heaven? Was He just testing me? Or, was He aware of what was summonsed up against me for the years that followed? A huge spiritual onslaught!

I have had such a powerful spiritual experience with Jesus that 24 years later I'm still living it. The only way I could do any form of justice was to write an entire anonymous site on it:

I'm asking for comments from whom ever feels like commenting as I want to know what people think about this site before I go ahead with it.

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musa (7 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-24)
I wish I could have what you have musacyril [at] But I have come to believe that it like the scriptures put it. No one can come to the father accept when pulled by him. And he bless whom he like. I have tried to have him, it time to get over it. How ever I can't get over the event the happened to me when I was very young, can't remember how old 2-6. I was going to fatch water with my elder brother. This was not a dream it actual happened. All of a sudden it looked like the were going to be a big storm and the weather became the windest I ever seen. On our way back I carred nothing were in a hurry in a wired ruler road on the right hand of my was a line of little trees with these sharp things I don't what to call in english (in zulu ameva) (eg: lemon tree has it). Every time the wind blowed strong it would push me toward these trees, I tried to balance but it pushed until the was no space between me and the tree. These happened like 5 or 7 time, that the only day it happened though. But not one time did it managed to get me hurt by the trees. I used to look at this fact and think that may be one day I will find Jesus again I will be born again be field with his spirit again, but it seem I am only fooling my self. Guess during the time I was fully a christian I once went to a prophet o God and told her that sometimes when I pray they would just be a sudden wind. I will never forget the day I was not in a prayer or anything I was just at home and I seng a gospel song a strong wind rose and I was field with Holly spirit very suddenly. She told me the meaning of it but I am not going to share it here
amedeo (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-01)
I would love to read your story.
Often these types of testamonies are not welcome in the churches and we often may feel left out in the cold - but the Spirit of truth within us insists that we must persevere.
davidbelieves (2 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-27)
Great testimony! I had a similiar experience about a year ago, my life will never be the same. I will post my testimony soon. God is good! And Jesus is very much alive!
amedeo (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-06)
Thank you for your comments.
Please remember that God sees us as His church and we don't have to be in a physical church. I find that walks in the early mornings - or when ever - and speaking to God about everything really helps us put our lives into perspective, as He knows us better than we know ourselves.
quixoticqt (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-06)
Wow. I believe your story. There was one time in my life where I felt the love of Jesus. And that was when I was a kid at church.
Thank you for sharing your experience. It was amazing!
*laugh* When I was younger I thought God talked intricate;"thus... Thy humble servant... Blessed be ye..." kind of like the king james version of the bible.
I do hear God just like you said, directly to the point, exactly what you need to hear at that point in time.

❤ Qt

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