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The Nde And The Kundalini Awakening


Twas in July, 1966, I was going to work from my college classes when, seemingly from nowhere, a car appeared aAnd in the instant before we collided I had one thought. It was as if my father was telling me; "Mike, I told you how to live and now here you are dying and you've hardly begun to live." Thus began a profound transformation that has forever changed my life that scientists and researchers refuse to consider.

After the collision I found myself somewhere outside of my body watching the accident scene where I saw myself still sitting in my car bleeding from a head wound that caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI). During my three week stay in the hospital I began to have visions and memories of a long ago accident, at age 3, in which I also had a TBI. Though I've no recollection of the accident I've never forgotten watching from somewhere outside of my body as my father picked me up from the street and put me into his car.

After pondering this confusing situation for about two years, and lacking 9 sem hours to graduate, I dropped out of college and a promising business career in order to determine which of these divergent roads I should follow. Through the years I sought help solving my dilemma from family, friends and countless professionals but they've All abandoned me. Though I'm still seeking help from the many professionals to be found on the internet they all seem to be deathly afraid of my work.

So, my dilemma is that I'm now in the winter of my life and I have a lot of documentation that no one seems to want or value but this work has saved my sanity and my life and I know 'tis valuable to someone. Many people urged me to write a book but I abandoned that idea when I became so enchanted with my research I had no time to write a book. So, if I can't someone who will treat my work with the respect it deserves I'll soon destroy it because I'll not leave it in this upside-down world for these upside-down thinking professionals to pick apart. I know that I have enough documentation that will create a very important dialogue where people can openly express their thoughts and I can write my unwritten book through your discussion group. Michael Kelley

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Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-26)
Wonderful experience! I love reading stories like this. Love James comment, it really makes sense. I have had many unexplainable experiences, I see them as faithful hints that we are never really alone. I live my life as best as I comfortably can. Having these experiences makes me feel blessed. I do believe we are heading for a spiritual awakening. ❤
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-26)

The difficult part of dealing with "pofessionals" is that they have a biased view to begin with, a researcher is focused on one element until he/she proves it wrong beyond a shoadow of a doubt then moves on to another route to find an answer. Meanwhile the simple and obvious passes-them-by with scarcely an aknowledgemnt.

When I re-read your post again I find myself looking back at my first reply and then yours as of yesterday and the only thing that comes to my mind right now is that you have acheived the goal you have set out to do without realizing it.

The path we all walk is a very simple and easy path and yet we never see it for the most part. Many spend decades lookng for the answers in books or seeking out Guru's of one form or another and yet the answers are there in front of them. You have sought a simple explanantion for all that has happened to you and wish to pass along this information to those who will "honour" the work and not scorn it.

Without realizing it my wonderful friend you have done exactly that, for by merely having another read your story you have sown the seed of discovery in anothers mind, mine for one and I am sure there are others.

Jesus came a long time ago and passed along a simple message, man has truly complicated it over the milenia. Yet all it took was one person to think about his ideas and the rest went from there.

You have in a way passed along your experience and there-by a little piece of knowledge, in doing so there are those of us who will sit back and think "...hmm there has to be more to this..." As a result, your ideas (in a very round-about and indirect way), will move forward in the mind of others, yet the initial vision comes from a man named Michael who shared a wonderful story. So while your actual information you have gathered may not be with others, the seeds of growth are and that is just as important.

Please publish your thoughts and ideas regarding all you have found on a blog if need be, for like this site where-by people are "lead to it" so will those find your work.

May the Light of The One Source of All continue to shine brightly upon you my friend

guerro (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-25)
It has been a while since I posted my story on this website because I remain baffled by the well known researchers who ignore my research though we are researching the very same subject. After much thought methinks 'tis because I'm working toward knowing the very essence of these spiritual encounters; that thing that is essential to the very existence of these close encounters with infinity which reduces them to their simplest form of understanding while the researchers remain on a ever more complicated and therefore confusing path. Please help me solve this very baffling problem. Michael Kelley
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-11)

You are not alone my Freind, as RiteFate has so perfectly put it, we are all on our own paths to the eventually destiny of the Divine.

My path is very different from yours and yet there are those on this site to whom I am a joke because of my beliefs. You have been troubled by this in one form or another for a very long time. You have a life time of experiences that need to be shared with others of awaend souls. For those not yet awakened, they will be experiences that will make them think about their own spirituality and where they are going from here.

To lose all that experiential data would be a real shame, please my friend publish your work, on a seperate site if need be, or perhaps the moderators of this site can help you.

Jesus was foresaken by his own brothers and sisters until after his resurrection, even Mary did not truly understand her beloved Son fully.

It is indeed a lonely path, but one which the souls of all must eventually find and experience the magic of the Divine upon truly awakening.

Please do not despair, show the world your work, there are many of us whom understand, much more than you realize.

Be guided by the Sacred love of the Divine, let the Light which shines brightly from the Source of All continue to touch you and bless you.

RiteFate (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-10)
Also--Spiritual path is usually a solitary path. You can find others with similar experiences as that will help, but we each have our own separate destiny to fulfill. It is difficult living a life where the spirit feels "alone" but we have to remember we do have other spiritual beings watching & guiding us all the time.

Dont you think Jesus was also LONELY? He told his disciples that they could not follow where he goes because each spirit had to be "pre-pared" to make that sacrifice. Each one of us has their own clock-watch to when we decide to WAKE UP, we can't expect the world to follow in our footsteps when we suddenly become aware.

We can EXPRESS ourselves, we cannot FORCE ourselves to our views and experiences.

Hope this helps. 😉
RiteFate (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-10)
Michael Kelly,
You didn't really explain your awakening in detail, just the NDE. Maybe you shouldn't rely on doctors as most are not as open-minded with the spirit, atleast in western civilization. Other parts are however more accepting with the tradition of the spirit.
I've had OBE and Kundalini awaking, both were separate. What exactly is your work about?

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