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NDE From Stopping Breathing At Night


My experience happened when I was asleep. I "dreamed" I was laying on grass. Sunshine, quiet. I looked into the sky. I have started to hear an eagle. And I am not normally sure what kind of noises they make but I knew it was an eagle. I was so relaxed. After a while of peacefullness I had that feeling I wasn't lying their anymore and I was the eagle. I was flying circles. I felt so in peace. Flying in circles and hearing these sounds. I thought to myself: "wow, that must be the feeling when you are meditate and it actually works". I meditated before but I never went into that relaxed state. With realizing that I was in the body of an eagle, or with him I knew it wasn't a dream. I started to see and be in this warm bright light. I have heard angelsmusic, kind of loud wich I realized later. I didn't think, I just enjoyed that bright light and I felt just happy, in peace. Everything was perfect.

After a while I started to think. I felt my eyes started to blink and thought wow this light is so bright. I felt my eyes started to blink (my eyes were closed but I moved my eyelids because of the light). Then I realized, my eyes are closed! How can I even see this light? I felt my eyes are reacting to this bright light, how is that possible if I am on a bed, in the middle of the night, with my eyes closed. I knew I am dying right now. I knew it. I started to panik. My sister was lying next to me and I wanted to wake her up but I couldn't move. I started to feel this extremly pain in my throut, and it felt like my soul tries to get out of this body. Or somebody is pulling at it. It was painful it was burning. My body even moved, my chest went up and down, like it was fighting against it. My sister was sleeping next to me I wanted to ask for help but I realized I am not breathing anymore. I have heard myself trying to speak but I have heard myself gasping for air. I managed to say help but I more whispered it. It went on for few seconds. Not exactly sure for how long but slowly I was able to breath and the burning in my throat stopped. The light was away and I was able to open my eyes and to breath. I was lying in bed. I wanted to wake up my sister and tell her, but I was to exhausted to even speak or wake her up. I must have stopped breathing for quite a while. I was lying there exhausted, and I couldn't really realized what happened from being so weak. I felt asleep, woke up and realized what happened.

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