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Awakened At 10


My journey started at 10 years old. I ran out of a blind alley and was hit by a car. The last thing I remember was seeing the other side, then the car. I flew 20 feet into the air and landed on the pavement.

Once in the hospital the prognosis was not good, brain swelling, compound fracture left arm, ruptured kidney, and fractured pelvis. The Doctors gave me five days to improve or die. After two weeks in the hospital the Doctors had me flown to another hospital because by kidney was failing. I stayed at that hospital three weeks, the kidney started healing.

I was out for two days and during this time I remember my spirit rising looking down at my body and the people working on me.

Once I became conscious I quickly developed the will move my minds eye above me watching from above. When the pain became so great I would close my eyes and move my spirit above looking down and the pain subsided.

The other gift I awakened to was the ability to read the people around me by seeing what is now called micro expressions on their face. They verbally told me everything was going to be fine but their facial expressions told a different story.

At 10 I knew the journey to peace was not outside but an inward path.

During recovery, mental and physical my searching continued inward without any formal guidance. Then a friend of the family came into my life and taught me how to sit, meditate and practice yoga for my healing. My family to this day does not know this friends practice and what he did to speed my recovery.

I spent three months in the hospital.

This life has been blessed and I am grateful for the accident.


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