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Were Angels Singing To Me Last Night?


I had gone to bed around 7:30 pm as I was very sleepy. My husband stayed in the den watching TV. I awoke around 10 pm to the sound of a religious song being sung by a choir.

I thought to myself it odd that such a song would be sung on a TV show that my husband was watching. I remember looking towards our bedroom door which was open and wondering if I should call out to my husband, and may have called his name.

I continued to lay in bed hearing the song and it got louder and as it ended I went back to sleep. I remember a few of the words of the song "thy will be done, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, to the glory, and the power, forever..." It was beautiful and I didn't want it to end. I could have listened to it for a long time. There were male and female voices singing. The lead singer's voice was male and I remember thinking he had an incredible voice.

In the morning, I asked my husband what TV show was he watching with a religious song. He said none of the shows he watched had religious songs. He said maybe the neighbor's had their outside speakers on. I asked my neighbor the next day if she had been listening to religious music, and she said no.

I can only imagine I dreamed it, or it was a spiritual experience. It sounded like a song from an Episcopal or Methodist church or gothic. I have wondered if what I experienced was Angels singing to me. I have been under a great deal of stress with life events lately. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? What does it mean?

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Amanda (guest)
4 weeks ago (2019-07-23)
My mom suddenly passed away four months ago when coming back from holiday. The night of her passing I couldn't sleep as I was heavily upset and emotional after receiving the news. At one stage in the early hours I start hearing a choir of angel voices singing Pie Jesu in my head. It was beautiful and calming. My mom used to love choral music and was always playing it on Sunday mornings in our house when I was a kid. We work together and about a week before her passing we were listening to music in the office and it was one of the last songs we listened to. The logic me knows that it was just in my head or I was dreaming it. But it felt very real and I choose to believe it was maybe my mother sending angels to sing to me and calm me. Now if I missed her. I would put it on and listen to it. But it doesn't sound the same as that night.
Gabriella (guest)
2 months ago (2019-06-13)
Yes I've had a similar experience after being water baptized. I woke from a good night sleep to the sound of angels rejoicing. Beautiful singing that slowly faded away. I felt like the burden that I've carried for years lifted off me and I felted re-born
Willy (guest)
8 months ago (2018-12-08)
One late night last summer in the parking lot of the donut shop on El Segundo Blvd and Van Ness in Hawthorne California I heard music in a language I have never heard before. The beautiful harmonic sound made tear drops in my eyes. Since the sound came from above, I searched for speakers but there were none from the supposed source. I could hardly believe my ears, so I crossed Van Ness to the Mexican drive through restaurant, but the music wasn't emanating from there. It was playing Mexican songs. When I returned to the donut shop, the music stopped. I wish that there were others in the parking lot to confirm that what I was hearing was not a hallucination or something of this earth, but I was alone. This event has fortified a new fledgling faith. I believe that the angels blessed me with a special song.
Kim Hoffman (guest)
9 months ago (2018-11-28)
Yes when I was a child what a great spiritual experience I was in my room sitting on the end of my bed. My brother was there he was trying to tell me something and I could not hear him over the loud singing JESUS,JESUS,JESUS THERES JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THAT NAME... So so beautiful mutable voices it started with just a few then ended with hundreds. I have thought about it my whole life God rewards our faith. I've always prayed and been faithful.
Jason - Second Response (guest)
1 year ago (2018-08-13)
Jason (guest)
This happened to me last night. I swear I'm not crazy and I know what I heard. It lasted from 12:30-12:50 then happened again after 1:30. They weren't speaking English but it sounded so beautiful. I opened the door to my bedroom to see if maybe it was hotel music by it wasn't. It's like it was in my head. I turned the TV down and it was clearly angels. Is that a sign of something? It's unlike anything I've ever heard before.

This was my original post back in December 2017. I just put 2 and 2 together, but after hearing angelic voices that night in my hotel room, I drove home the next night for the weekend. My wife and I conceived our first child, a little daughter the next night! She's due Sept 14th. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or a blessing, I'm not entirely sure. But its the only time I have ever heard those beautiful voices, my little girl (Grace Carroll) was conceived within 24 hours.
Hamish (guest)
1 year ago (2018-08-11)
I believe that last night I saw some kind of angel, dressed in white, kneeling or sitting in lotus at the back of my local Cathedral, you know the place near the font, where they have never had a service for decades. He looked just like Dmitri Xvorostovsky, he was surrounded by altar servers and deacons etc. He was being sung to in Latin or another language that we could all understand word for word. There were no organs, just voices. He was looking at the door, which was closed. There was incense. He responded looking at the door'Amen' first on a monotone of 'C', then a small decoration, going down to 'G' 'men'. While singing he looked over to me and the two men I was with and the warm breath of God started to hit me like a wind when you step off an aeroplane, around 30 mph, it was fragrant like balsam and warm. My feet were starting to leave the ground, I was rising, really enjoying this note. I was 3-4 feet off the ground, when he stopped the 'men'and I softly came down. He smiled slightly then straight faced looked back at the door and I awoke. The man next to me had talents like me as did the one after him, we were three. I thought was that Jesus, then I thought was it demonic? I conclude and record for others that I sincerely believe it was an angel reminding me that God is really there and I am going to Him, so I better be prepared. Just before this I dreamt I was knee high in sludge and a JCB had nearly run me over. Amen everyone.
selena (guest)
1 year ago (2018-08-02)
me and my family has heard angels singing at the same times many times through out the years, some times we hear it sounds like a radio with a bunch of people talking real fast, but hard to under them. And we do have ghost living with us. And the ghost tease us, and we at times can see them moving around, and sitting on my bed lol all true facts, IN THE NAME OF JUESUS CHRIST, AMEN.
RoBin (guest)
1 year ago (2018-05-23)
OMG 😇 I was telling my self I would love to see my gurdian angel. But when I went to sleep I was n a place like a airport or something big window I can see the sky real good so I was like"I want to see a angel " I was just waiting I had looked there they where... I was so happy then I heard singing so beautiful and harmonies oh my it was two men singing then I started to sing myself because I love singing to God then I saw this baby angle didn't Kno what that mean. It was so amazing 😍😍
Jason (guest)
1 year ago (2018-05-18)
This happened to me last night. I swear I'm not crazy and I know what I heard. It lasted from 12:30-12:50 then happened again after 1:30. They weren't speaking English but it sounded so beautiful. I opened the door to my bedroom to see if maybe it was hotel music by it wasn't. It's like it was in my head. I turned the TV down and it was clearly angels. Is that a sign of something? It's unlike anything I've ever heard before.
Allissa (guest)
1 year ago (2018-05-17)
I had a similar experience, it was late one night and my husband and I had layed down for bed. After a few minutes I heard my husband snoring and groaned because he's very loud and I thought I would have a hard time going to sleep. After a while I began hearing gorgeous music, I have heard choir music from many different Churches. This was more beautiful than anything I have ever heard before or since. It was faint at first. I got up to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. I walked all over my house into each and every room opening closets trying to find this music. I realized it got stronger when I went back to my bed and laid down to try and go to sleep. I began crying because it was so beautiful. I think the angels were singing me to sleep. I would love to experience that again as it was that one time. I could listen to that music forever and I know that one day I will. God bless you!
1111 (guest)
1 year ago (2018-03-21)
I was a kid. Recess at school. I was a bit of a loner... I was outside for recess and saw a animal in the sky a dog... Brown white... Not lassie but my mom and i's family dog.
I ran to the office and told the secretary my dogs hurt. She said have a seat... I remember saying I will because my mom will call you.
She looked at me funny.
Her phone rang. She looked at me.
Is your name $& [at] ^#&$. I said yes
She said your mother is on her way to come get you.

I get home with my mom and our dog is at the base of 4 steps outside. She was 18... Old. Hips bad...
We took her to the vet and she never came home again. Her brother our other dog passed soon after... Animals♡
Are we connected? I never told anyone but my mom the story growing up... I hid this. Thinking I was different...
I asked my mom last year about that day... She said I was IN GRADE TWO!.

Lets fastforward 25 years to 2018.
Ive been in choir. I have been to symphony orchestras... I grew up listening to a tape casette of the vienna waltz... I can still remember the notes of mozart bach and just love love love flutes and classical. Problem is... I'm nearly 30 and I'm listening to backseat freestyle by kendick lamar most of the time all other music but classical right?

I lost 3 loved ones to the overdosing crisis in canada... In 2016 dad sister and sisters boyfriwnd of 6 years.

Beaten until I was almost killed.
I can't even tell you the plan god had for me the day I awoke broken and lost
. And I heard this STERN voice... Open a bible and pack your things because you arent staying here long. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT WHERE WAS THAT FROM.

I opened a bible to psalms 35 a prayer for rescue from my enemies...

I survived.

I am cooking... And hear music not in my head but behind my head ears above head and at the base of my feet like the vibration of like buzzzz... LIKE ELECTRICITY. Tge most beautiful huuuugggeeee stadium or hall or heaven with boys and girls and man and woman and elders upon elders singing...

Latin... I'm unable to make out the words... It fades and I hear esesiasdeo...
I google and google.
Excelsis deo...

Now I'm no jesus preacher... But I have to be... I am no devout church goer... But I am at home... In my heart... I can't deny god or beings or spirit if. My. Life. Depended. On. It.

Glory. I hope you hear when your struggling and feel alone. You are just by yourself.
Roberta (guest)
1 year ago (2018-03-19)
I tonight am hearing the same thing, but before that I was hearing footsteps on my roof. I know some will say I'm crazy but since I moved in this apartment I've experienced some parinorma like activity. So I've been praying a lot about it. One night I was scared and I cried for the Lord to remove them (I say them because it's more than 1) and before I moved I was experiencing the same thing it's been going on for about a year. I think my family thinks I'm going crazy. When I was listening to the sound of the choir singing coming from the sky, I had this feeling of fear come over me. I wish someone could tell me what I am experiencing? My daughter said she heard it as well.
Fei (guest)
1 year ago (2018-03-06)
I had the same experience a few years ago, I heard those angelic voices, somewhat chanting, I can't understand the language they were using. It happened on four consecutive nights, I'm sure it wan't a dream, because I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, nor hallucination, imagination, or delusion, because my sister whom I share my room with heard it too but only for one night.
Missy (guest)
2 years ago (2017-12-07)
When I was young, up until about 14 years old. I would hear music when I fell asleep and while coming out of sleep. It was the most beautiful music. The best way I can remember is that it was music like classical but it had horns blowing. I can remember that the songs never stopped. They would just flow into the next song and the amazing part was, I can remember that their was more than one song I could hear! Their were like three songs going at once but they all harmonized together! I thought as a child everyone heard it until I was talking to my dad about it when I was about 12. When I realized he was looking at me weird, I became very quiet about it. I stopped hearing the music when I began to be more interested in the world around me and the goings on... I pray and ask the lord to let me hear the music again but I have never heard it again as an adult. If I knew that it was special back then, I would have cherished it more but as a kid, I didn't think anything special about it. Thank you for allowing me to share!
Margaret (guest)
2 years ago (2017-12-07)
shortly after my mother passed, I was awaked by the most beautful music of heavenly voices singing How Great thou art. And then my mother was there and placed a goden lheart locket in my hand and my grandmother put a beautiful broach in my hand. It was music with singing and them
N it stopped with me holding my hand in a fisst so as not to loose the trasures they put into my hand. I;ll nevever forget the angelic choir that brought such a deep sense of peace.
jhenz (1 posts)
3 years ago (2016-10-14)
Reminds me of my dreams...

Before I sleep, God is always in my mind. In my dreams I am singing praise to the God almighty, I am singing Great is our God... How Great is our God... Sing to me How great is our God... Then I heard beautiful voices singing together with me. They are worshiping God... GOD is Great,mighty,,,,,,,,,Haleluiahhh! I woke up and cant't believe that I still heard them... What a beautiful voicE to be offer to the LORD almighty... God is so wonderful... I love him...

Still God still want us to seek him, only him and only him... For he will not share his glory with the angels... He is a jealous God... ❤
mrdj1983 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2015-12-01)

I had a dream that I was in a field and I was feeling emotional, I bent down on my knees and said "I surrender myself to you god". Then I woke up half awake half asleep in my room and heard a choir singing to me for about 2 minutes... It was an amazing feeling which filled me with pure joy. They were singing Hallelujah (following the melody). The 16 bars kept repeating and then I would hear more voices come in and out. It was sung softly and calmly, not too loud but sang with peace.

I remembered the melody perfectly and had to re create it on my computer using software, its literally the melody I heard (apart from the Hallelujah bits which I can't sing lol).

Im not a religious person, I believe in God and the afterlife but I practice no religion, just kindness.

I thought i'd share with people that are interested.


Dreams are MUCH more than we think.

Have a nice day!

Ditendra (1 posts)
4 years ago (2015-11-19)
Similar things where happening to me when I was a kid, but little different. Sometimes I was waking up at night when everyone was sleeping & I was hearing weird chorus. They weren't saying words, just singing without words with one letter or so, I don't know how to describe well. I can't say it was positive or negative, but it was scary. Kinda sounded like a funeral tones. As time passed & I grew up, they disappeared.
GA (1 posts)
4 years ago (2015-09-01)
Friends, I can relate to this story because awakening to songs has been an amazing recurring event in my life. I usually awake to the most beautiful out of this world melodies. Sometimes sung by a group and sometimes a solo voice. The common fact is the peace that accompanies them. I can't write the full story here though but I love to hear them and I usually wake up joyful when I do. I also record them in my phone once I wake up.
shawna77 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-10)
just wanted to add some scriptures that will help in clarifying that yes the lord does indeed sing over us. And angelic music
Zephaniah 3:17 says the lord your God is with you, the mighty warrior who saves he will take great delight in you in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with SINGING.

Other scriptures luke 2:13-14, rev 15:3 job 38, 7 rev 5, 11 through 12 and there are many more.
Its also amazing to find that some of these people in the comment forms were dealing with stress and negative situations, this scripture clearly shows that the lord cares and he delights in you, so much so that he SINGS over you.
Praise him, for he is worthy. JESUS.
shawna77 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-10)
my husband and I have been having similar experiences, just like you we thought maybe a radio or the tv had been left on, but it wasn't I can tell you that the spirit of God is being poured out in these times, I have had many beautiful encounters with the heavenly realm, even though we live in fleshly bodies and don't always comprehend these supernatural things of God, doesn't mean its not happening, the scriptures even speak of this, the lord will cause his angels to sing over you and he himself. I would like to comment on a previous comment, we do not have past lives, we are only given one life, and to the other comment, this isn't demonic, and your not crazey, it truly is the lord, we serve a wonderful father in heaven, who truly loves his kids, and many things are beginning to transpire from heaven to earth, the bible speaks of these things, so yes you are hearing heaven, Gods heart, his music of comfort and love. Praise God to him be all the glory, IT IS HIM. And you will beging to experience more of him, he is moving mightily amongst his church, prepare your hearts children of God, for the spirit of the lord is moving, drawing and soon to return for his beloved bride.
God bless you.
henrymena (1 posts)
8 years ago (2011-05-09)
I have A similar experience happen to me. It started after some type of evil force or presence pushed my bed down and woke me, and pushed my bed down again there was nothing there but I saw my bed being pushed down as if somthing was siting down... I was to scared to sleep in my room after, and so I slept in the living room and as I layed to go to sleep I started to hear a choir singing, and I remember thinking where is that music coming from... I checked the T.V. It was off, radio Off my t.v. In My room it was off... And so I layed down listening to choir singing until I eventually fell asleep it was peacefull, it happened the next night too it happened each night for like a week I remember hearing the words too but I don't remember them now it happened like 11 years ago... Reading your story reminds me so much of my experience
SnowAngel (2 posts)
9 years ago (2010-07-28)
By any chance do you hear other things except angel's singing? Like for example of music or even people talking from no where? I'm not saying you have a mental issue just out of curiosity, if that was all you heard or if they were other experience that does with sound in your past?
Chrissie (5 posts)
9 years ago (2010-05-05)
I have a neat follow-up story. I was watching Huckabee on Fox TV the other night and he had a guest who was an Irishman that sang the Lord's Prayer. It was the song that I heard that night. Then towards the end of his song, the way he sang it was exactly like the male voice that I heard that night. How interesting. My great grandfather was supposedly from Ireland.
I too had a dream (guest)
9 years ago (2010-05-03)
In 2004 I had a dream of an evening concert band in heaven made of people who resembled rays of white light. They were playing on instruments, singing and dancing- to an amazing song. I remember it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard in my life. The concert goers stood densely around the band on all sides sing and dancing -having an amazing time. Everyone was singing ethereally in unison in perfect harmony and in sync with the band's instruments. The dream seemed so real. I was at the concert as an onlooker or member of the crowd but way in the back up high looking on and enjoying the festive exhilerating energy energy. I could understand the words being sung and somehow recognized that only those allowed to attend would instantly be able to speak and sing in that language. I remember the singing was continuous unending and experience was absolutely kismet... Everyone was of like minds and nature yet uniquely different... As mankind would be.

I remember the stage was set with moving stage strobing lights that luminanted in radiate shades of colors... It was the hottest, most exciting scene. Concert would have but with a uniquely glorious brillant effect.

When I woke up I felt so good inside. Exhilerated and priviledged all at once. I kept saying to myself what a beautiful song and what a ball I had at that party, man. It felt absolutely real. I tried to remember the words... It was like I sort had traces of the song or moment in my ears but for some reason everytime I opened my mouth to sing the lyrics I didn't know how to form the words or even what to sing. They were words not meant to be understood in this life,

If I recall correctly the song was sung in a langauge that wouldn't now or ever be recognizable to anyone outside of that place.
Lizard (guest)
9 years ago (2010-05-01)
I have been sung to 3 times, all choirs singing hymns I recognize. I hear them so load and can hear the words as I awake. I love music, but do not listen to religious music, and I do not particuarly like hymns. It was so reassuring and unbelievable I wish I could understand why that happened. Other types of music I listen to daily are not in my dreams nor give me such wonderment!
Chrissie (5 posts)
9 years ago (2010-04-15)
Dear khhugo - thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yes, it was very similar to what you describe. The next morning when I suspected the song to be a rather sacred event, I felt a sense of peace all day, that night, and for a few days afterwards. I even found myself humming the song for several days, mostly trying to remember it so I wouldn't forget it. A few weeks later, I had a dream and heard the song faintly in the dream, but it wasn't at all like the orginal experience. Thank you again for sharing.
khhugo (guest)
9 years ago (2010-04-12)
I too experienced the same kind of choir. One night while listening to my favorite tape of healing scriptures, I awoke to hear the most beautiful music I ever hear in my life. It was about 3 am. I have been going through very stressful events in my life. I was trying to heal from a devastating neck injury. My finances are ruined and my life is a mess. I have been working as a professional and practicing prayer truly for the first time in my life. This night, during many prayers for deliverance of my debt and healing of my physical body, I awoke to this music overwhelming my "healing tape". I thought at first that perhaps a neighbor was blaring music. How could that be in this neighborhood. No one listens to that type of music much less at 3 am. I turned down the tape to listen, and the choir stopped. It wasn't the neighbors. I turned my tape back on and again the choir sang. A perfect combination of intrumental sounds and voices that echoed only perfection. No words, just a song of praise in tongues that sounded to be awes and ohs. Yet they were the most beautiful words I ever heard. I turned the tape down, and the sound stopped, I listened, I turned the tape on again and the music returned. I finally realized that "angels" were ministering to me. I was not sure if I was dying, in heaven, or just observing... It did not matter. I decided to listen and enjoy. It lasted for about 5 minutes and then subsided. To this day, I am not sure what was being communicated, but I know it was real.
Minlillyia (guest)
9 years ago (2010-03-24)
They sing to people, I myself never heard it but my friend has.
IAmTheUnison (4 posts)
9 years ago (2010-03-17)
It is very possible that there were angels singing over you, but it is also possible that you were experiencing memories from a past life, or hearing a song that was being sung miles away from where you lay.

You see when you sleep or even when you are borderline sleep; you're mind and spirit are open to various channels that flow throughout the cosmic spectrum. So it's kind of hard to say what exactly you were hearing that night, but the point I believe is that you were brought comfort during a time of stress.

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