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Are Angels Telling Me To Become A Nun?


Last night I had a dream where I saw and heard an angel singing religious music. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but the sound of its voice was shockingly beautiful and in tune. Then the dream had changed, and I was sitting with a nun inside a Gothic style church. We were both wearing the 'habit' and I was telling her how happy I was to have reached my destination... This was not the only time I've heard and seen angels in my dreams. When my family moved to Indiana I was baptized as a Catholic on the same day as my older brother. My sister is also Catholic, and they both went to church before I was born. When we moved again my parents decided not to go to church anymore, but we still believe in God in some way or another. If Angels are telling me to become a nun they sure picked a challenge. I'm turning 30 next May and have several tattoos. I am nervous about going to church for the first time, and nervous about the people judging me because of my tattoos. (None of them are satanic or evil, by the way- just creative.) I have heard that church goers look down at this kind of thing, but maybe I'm wrong... When I look back on my life I see signs everywhere. Maybe God wanted me to have this type of lifestyle so that I am strong enough to become a nun. I am not married nor did I have a boyfriend, and I do not have any children (and I'm proud to be a virgin.) Have any of you had an experience like this? Did any of you receive a message from the angels to become a nun or a priest? I'd love to know about your experiences and if you decided to take that journey.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)
Not a catholic one but I was kind of on a spiritual journey as an atheist anyway

And as a result I got really annoyed at men I wasn't like that before... Some spiritual people are arseholes... So I'm sorta spiritually single

So if you want to join heavenly choir and become a nun it's a personal choice it's not a bad one it's yours

It's cool you heard choirs of angels

BEATS them other fellas hands down

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