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My wife and I got involved in spiritualism about 1985, and were involved in a development circle. It soon became apparent that we work as a team, where I would see but be drawing on the strength of my wife.

I never ever got things that related to people, such as names or I have your grandfather or a brother sort of thing. For example, I would get things like seeing a small boy in a Victorian nightgown playing at a table with toys, or seeing the leader of the circle and his friend appear as Egyptian Mummies only to find out afterward that they were both planning a trip to Egypt that nobody else new about.

The strangest vision I ever got (I say vision as that's the only way I can think of to describe it, a bit like projecting a hologram that only I could see), was a white horse standing in the middle of the floor but directly in front of another sitter. Immediately after the sitting when we began to share what we received I said nothing of the horse, until somebody else mentioned it. Well it will not surprise you to know I almost fell off my chair. It seems that the lady in question is something really special in healing, and only certain people are allowed anywhere near her to give her healing. The horse spirit makes sure of that.

Now to the present day, for a number of years I have been a very heavy smoker resulting in my developing a nasty smoker cough. While in my bed a couple of nights ago, I was thinking of how to get to know my guides better when I went into an awful bout of coughing, and at the same time thinking to myself "how am I ever going to open up to my guides while I'm in this state", I have to stop smoking". Believe it or not, these words came into my head "We'll help you".

I thought nothing more of it as I went to sleep, but next day I purchased my usual brand of hand rolling tobacco that comes in a pouch which is packed in a flip type packet like a cigarette carton and sealed. On breaking open the seal, unwrapping the cellophane and opening the packet it was empty and that has never in over 40 years of smoking ever happened.

So my guides are fired up (if you can excuse the expression) and ready to do some amazing work through me, and I am looking forward to it.

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