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Four White Horses In The Night


My experience began last october, 2009. When one night, I can't remember the exact date, but I do remember it was close to 12 o clock at night, I had the strangest feeling come over me, a calling from within I would describe it, to leave my house and go to the park across the road from where I live, which is about 100 yards away, before I left I looked in the mirror and noticed my pupils where enlarged like I had never seen them before, I felt connected somehow to something. So I got my dog (springer spaniel) and left my house, I thought bring a companion along as I'm unsure what I'm about to embark on, as I felt a little frightened as well

So as I got to the entrance I saw the purest white cat standing there about 50 feet away from me, And I know I have never seen one around here before, so I continued on this quest it seemed and thought maybe someone just got a new cat and that's that, but as I got into the park I was amazed to notice the soccer fields where full of what seemed like spirits, Black shadowy figures I would describe them, My dog was going nuts sniffing at the ground, he could sense them to, I have never seen him act like this before, It was like I had night vision, there must have been over a hundred of them, not all doing the same things, some where walking around alone, some in groups, I stared at them for a while amazed, they acted just like humans, But inside I felt my work wasn't done here yet, as cool as all this already seemed, I had a thought in my head to keep traveling to the back of the park, that there was something waiting for me, so as I got to my destination, turned the corner, there was four pure white horses standing there, shining with brightness, It felt like I was in a trance at this stage, so I walked up to them and I gazed at them for a few seconds and then Bang,

It was like I blinked and it was 12 hours later and I had awoken up in my bed with my clothes off, with a great sense of enlightenment and some confusion, I had no recollection of how I got home, complete black out, this has never happened to me before, so I got up, noticed there was nobody in the house, rang my mother asked her how I got home, she told me I came home at about 12:30 am or so opened the front door with my keys, she heard me come in from her bedroom, She said I left the back door wide open after I put the dog in his box, so I hung up the phone and got something to eat. Not telling her yet what had happened.

For most of the day I dwelled on all that happened, still feeling like I was in a trance, but as night came around, I was lying on my bed watching the tv, not really paying attention to what was on and the tv start turning off and on by itself, And then a calming male voice whispered in my ear its alright, you have three angels watching over you, And I went more into a trance, And the same males voice whispered softly in my ear again that they find Jesus in Brazil and I was seeing visions of a man with long hair surrounded by hundreds of people being escorted onto a plane on the tv, next the same voice whispered lots of Muslim women commit suicide when this discovery is made and images of women in hoods crying and kneeling on there knees flashed onto the screen. This scared me to be honest, But knowing I'm being watched by angels has helped me cope, I don't want to see anyone commit suicide as life is precious or nor do I claim to be a prophet, circumstances just happened that way and I'm looking for closure and truth.

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Panhil (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-11)
Hmm it sounds like you saw reapers or perhaps they were lost souls being herded by the angels but it is very rare that they show themselves to humans. You have a destiny beyond perhaps what you believe e-mail me so we can discuss this further.

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