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Finding Another Four Leaf Clover


Two days ago a friend called to say that, for the first time in her life, she found a four leaf clover. The friend is a professor who teaches a class in Folklore. She was thrilled because four leaf clovers symbolize love, hope, faith, and luck and four leaf clovers are quite rare - one in ten thousand.

I told my friend that I found my first four leaf clover at age six and I wished that I would see a shooting star. As a 6-year-old I wished for a wish. Then I had decades to think of a better wish should I ever find a four leaf clover again. I found one at 42 and I wished for peace in my heart.

Now I am 60-years-old and although this phase of my life has been very difficult and quite disappointing, I had a spiritual awakening about two years ago. I know why I am here on earth and I have fulfilled my life's purpose. (Perhaps I only had a partial spiritual awakening because I still worry. These days I worry that I might die soon - not because I'm ill - but because I already fulfilled my life's purpose).

So, yesterday evening I was walking and thinking about four leaf clovers and my life's purpose and I looked down and there was a four leaf clover - the third one I found in my life. I made my wishes and said my prayers.

When I returned home I opened up a book written by my great-grandfather. These words of my great-grandfather lead me to believe that I should have hope and faith and know that God is not going to abandon me now: "Let us see this truth clearly... It would be absurd to think that when [God] has set thy feet on the upper way, after thou hast looked and chosen, [God] abandons thee... This struggle is the heavenly journey already entered upon. It is the way of victory... And the journey of the jubilant song."

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misty (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-17)
this day May 11 2019 I found 23 clover with 4leafs and 4 clover with 5leafs, in pathway waiting a bus. S0 while waiting a bus I seen many clovers beside whre I stand, so I kneel it and check one by one thres I 4leafs pup up and soon, then I ride in a bus again and going to the mall buy LOTTO TICKET hoping I won tonight, then I back home again when I walking again in the street I seen many clovers in the pathway home so I seen 5clover leafs pup up, my god I hve so many lucky clover leafs I'm so happy, wish and hope I hve luck tomomrw I will update u,bye goodluck everybody.
Leanne (guest)
15 years ago (2009-08-02)
I find four leaf clovers all the time. For me they stick out like a sore thumb. I know it's rare and I have a gift of finding them but it's easy for me. I have books filled with them. I give them away. I found 7 on the way to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license, he was with me laughing. I didn't search, I found them as I walked, they are like pennies on the ground to me. After finding a few I've watched kids sit on lawns trying to find some leafing through the patch. It's just me, my eyes see them. Like squares in patch of triangles, they just stand out!
Enjoy them.:)
PsiKid (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-23)
I can relate to you! I'm not to sure when I found a four leaf clover, I think I was a lot younger then six. Like you, I found my way back home-inner peace. I was first awakened when I was eighteen, now I'm twenty (in July). Everyday is a new day to awaken even further. Don't worry about dieing because there is no such thing as "death" It is an illusion. Even though we both may have found our life's purpose, where never going to "die" just move on... To something new, and take form into something different and better. Peace and love to you!

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