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Michael's Sword And The Sabbath For Angels


Saturday - Jan 10, 2009 from 2:30 AM to 5:24 AM

I have been having reoccurring dreams of a certain demon who has been looking for me named something like; Harmot. In a previous dream he threw something at my left hand which attached itself as I flew away from him and this object was sticky like the sticky side of a "Post It". No matter how I tried to knock it off by flicking about my hand the tag would not come off in this dream.

I woke up from this dream and to my alarm could still feel this sticky tag still attached to my hand. It was about 2:30 am when I woke because I looked at my clock. That mysterious feeling of something stuck to the inside of my left hand really began to alarm me remembering how this demonic person in my dream threatened that he would find me. This frightened me. I felt that possibly he was nearby and that was why I woke with this eerie feeling on my hand. Perhaps he was going to actually invade my bedroom about 3 am? It was coming up and I was worried.

I climbed out of bed and picked up my small bottle of Holy Water on my dresser and placed some on my forehead in the sign of the cross and also in my left palm in a small cross over that strange feeling of something stuck in the middle of my palm. I then knelt at the foot of the right side of my bed and began to pray to God and to Michael the Arch Angel to defend me, if I was about to be attacked this very night from this threatening demon. I needed protection and I just didn't feel the presence of any Guardians around.

So I pleaded with Michael to forgive me for calling on his aid on the Sabbath, but I was very fearful that Harmot may have found my home and was nearby and ready to strike around 3 am, which is often thought to be a unholy hour for Demons to come out. At least that is what Demonologists and Exorcists have suggested. Because my spirit had been so weak I didn't think I could fight him on my own. And I was very weak and needed help encase this one Devil was coming after me with a vengeance.

I couldn't help but cry as I climbed back into bed and laid there frightened and hoping I'd actually see Michael's Orb which is said to be blue as I closed my eyes and waited. I couldn't readily go back to sleep thinking that Harmot would be coming into my very room at around 3 am. I would open my eyes and scan the room for shadows that might move and peer over at the digital clock on top of my entertainment center. And then close my eyes again laying covered up with my blankets in bed spiritually spooked.

As 3 am came around I opened my eyes again and something made me look down at my comforter that was covering my form as I lay on my back. I didn't see Michael's orb this whole time but something amazing caught my eye. Laying down pointed directly at my abdomen on the left side one my bed was a blade of light. A moon beam was coming in directly on my bed pointed directly at my lower body sitting so beautifully bright with the moon's blue heavenly glow. The moon was directly peering through a crack in my bedroom curtains of my one large Western Window. The moonbeam was in the shape of a large blade or dagger at first.

It was at a 60 degree angle to the length of my body which was in a straight line feet facing the north wall. And this blade of glowing light was slowly extending and I reached down and pretended that I could possibly grip the light with my left hand. But I also opened my palm to allow the blade to rest on my hand to see what would happen with the feeling I had. I felt warmth that was so subtle but definitely was in that moon beam. And the blade of the moonbeam grew and in moments it looked like a sword the point was growing and pointed directly at lower body. But the sword was just laying there like a warning to anything wanting to attack my body. And it was laying their at my left sides. The left side is supposedly the one devils may appear at. I felt like Michael may have deliberately left his sword to ward off any evil but that he wasn't able to be there in my room at 3am. But I felt comforted and completely amazed by this mysterious event unfolding.

I laid back and rested a little feeling oddly protected by this enchanting sword of light. And this blade of light remained with me for the whole hour. It grew longer until it's point was slipping out onto my right side and just before I feel asleep a small rounded ball of moon light came to rest at my right side half a foot from my hip on the comforter. I knew I had nothing more to fear. God's hour was now approaching. I finally fell asleep and the fearfulness faded and I slept comfortably and then I began to dream...

I was deep inside a underground cavern of tunnel system in the earth. A massive catacombs with people walking about like a community living in these tunnels. And I began to recognize that many were wicked men who whispered amongst themselves evil plots. I was worried I would be attacked if they saw me but slowly I began to realize that they couldn't see me or sense me there. So I slowly would walk up and get right up in their faces and incline my ear to try and hear what wicked plots they spoke to each other about. I felt like I was an angel who wasn't visible to any of them and I could over hear and spy on them if I wanted to. So I tried but strangely their talk was like garbled gibberish and I gave up trying to understand what was being said. I walked away from them and made my way through this dark underworld or purgatory of wicked people.

And I came upon a lonesome man, who was in his late 30's and who stood alone waiting for someone or something quietly and I felt abit sorry for him because he seemed like a good man or a man who was lost. And I walked up on his right side and said; "God Bless You." I walked in front of him and off to his left side and watched him quietly and others approached and passed him and I think some may have been speaking to him but he was still quiet. And I got up close to his left side and looked into his left side profile curiously and suddenly his left eye turned to focus on me in almost slight fear and I said; "Ah, you see me..." And he nodded slowly with still a slight fear and I walked back around to his right side and then stood in front of him and he asked me;"Who are you?" A smile of amazement was growing on his lips as I stepped up closer and said softly to him my name.

And hearing my name he suddenly closed his eyes and began to lean his head back as if he heard a wonderful sound and closing his eyes I though he was about to cry and a broad grin of relief was filling his face. What touched him so much was a mystery to me. And he began to slowly swoon and fall back unconscious. I saw a young boy with dark brown hair; run up and was calling out to him; "My Son!" After watching this for a few seconds I decided to leave. I found my way out of the cavernous catacombs and came out into a field or meadow with beautiful green rolling hills.

Many people were walking about and standing around enjoying the daylight. I looked down at my shadow on the small hill I stood on and could see my shadow, and I lifted my arms up triumphantly and commanded my "Wings" to come forth. And before my eyes as my arms raised up toward the heavens the shadows of wings began to grow out and stretch forth also outstretching in the same direction my arms lifted out to. I then looked up and decided to fly and climb high up into the very clouds and I did. But as I soared higher into the sky the brightness of the day faded and it was as dark as night. I had entered the clouds and suddenly I felt an awareness of a approaching challenge.

A fight was about to begin with me in the heavens and I welcomed it with zeal and with delight. I could see my opponent far off starring up at me, but I could see a gold and white figure of a beautiful male angel glowing about half a mile below and slightly off course of my position. I looked up into the dark thick clouds that seemed like a canopy above and reaching up I called for my weapon.

I yelled out; "My Weapon?!" I don't know who I was addressing but I felt some powerful authority come over me as I summons a weapon as if I actually had one in heaven belonging to me. I began to see small rods of light the color of blue moons beams begin to form in the clouds over head and they began to rain down. Several were too far off for me to reach or catch as they fell. Finally one fell close enough for me to grab hold of and to my dismay it appeared to be a pure white, soft lacy Parasol. I needed something like a spear so I quickly examined the top point of the parasol and saw that it was in a spear like form but it was blunt and obviously not very dangerous to stab someone with. But it would have to do as a weapon to face an attacker.

Feeling no fear I suddenly turned to face downward and began to dive like an eagle swooping down to directly target the angel who now came at me at equal speeds flying upward to directly clash with me in a flight like two knights jousting. And we hit and he who was so beautiful but fearsome in his gaze at me suddenly was a small angel, the size of a 1½ ft doll.

He had a bow and arrows and prepared to shoot me; but I used my Parasol which was closed up and began lashing at him with it's blunt end. And he fell apart with my bashing hits. He came apart like a balloon figure but had no popping. The pieces faded away. Thinking about it now I feel so bad about destroying such a beautiful little angel. Why was I so determined to defeat that Angel? Why did he come at me like that? And what was the Parasol about? Did the heavens want me to be ladylike and not fight as a warrior?

But for some strange reason with "Wings" I felt too strong to not accept a challenge and too fierce to behave so feminine in heaven. I came to sit upon a cloud that was a firm as a blow up cushion but it floated but I was so light that I didn't make the balloon sink in it's float. And While sitting on it I began to meet new opponents that represented evils or something wicked in nature. And many of these representations were floating forms like balloons also and each one I destroyed with a thrust of my parasol.

The fighting was over and I descended into a palace of a brownish stone likeness. It seemed like an ancient Hebrew or Arabic Fortress or Temple. And on entering a large arched entry which was at such an altitude that you had to fly in it like a opened portal in heaven. I came down to stand on a platform looking in on other platforms further off with drop off that if you didn't have wings you could not move about inside this Temple Fortress. Inside there were more people, they seemed to be dining and enjoying a festive night relaxing together. But it seemed more like the wee hours over the early morning. I knew it was the Sabbath and I knew everyone in this place was an Angel.

Looking off to my left at a slightly higher level was a blocked platform that was part of a large pillar and standing on that platform were several men playing instruments and one who wore a modern brown suit and who had dark black curly hair with a dark complexion and very fearsome stern Arabic looking eyes. He sang wonderfully. I could seen more people standing on a platform to my right which was slightly higher then the one I entered onto. In front of me was another platform but it was taller then the any of the ones I had seen coming in. And this platform seemed grandeur and it was decorated with blue and white tiles. The designs seemed oriental or even dutch. And something made me want to be on top of that large block like platform.

It was high up and I had to fly up abit further to reach it. So I began to fly but my faith was failing me and I had a hard time getting speed and lift. I even began to flap my arms to get my wings to flag faster. And I did rise up as I began to rise higher and higher I looked back over to the musicians and the singer looked up at me and though his gaze was threatening with a harsh manner he gave me a silent acknowledgment with a sudden lift of his chin. He had no plans on expelling me from this Sabbath Feast and Festival for the Angels as I became to know this as. And he continued to sing and those around him continued to play their music.

I was really interested in finding out who this singer was. He seemed important to me. But as I turned back to the large block platform I ascended to an older man with a short white beard and white grayish hair walked up to the edge and reached out his hand to me hand to me to help me up. And I took his hand and he helped me up seeing I was struggling to rise. But I did and as I did I said to him with frustration; "I need to increase my faith or I won't be able to fly!" As I was helped up this old man who seemed like he looked to be between 60 to 70 years old began saying; "Sure, and I can take you on tour around heaven and we can wine a dine and then later you can come back to my room." I listened to all his words and I knew from experience that just being in the presence of angels can increase my faith and will to resist temptations and wickedness. I knew this from previous Angelic Dreams and experiences but when he said the last part; 'and then later you can come back to my room.'

At this point I felt that twinge of fear, the kind of intimidation a maiden should feel when being propositioned or even cornered by a man who had indecent designs on a woman. But just as quickly as that intimidation entered me a voice inside me said; "He can't do that, he's an Angel so take him up on his offer... Don't be afraid." So pushing fear from my thoughts I turned my head to my right and looked at him saying instantly; "Alright." I caught him off guard as he had been looking away, even looking slightly down but suddenly looked up at me with a stunned alertness and a; "oh-" It didn't offend me as much as it did later on, thinking that he was mocking me and making fun of me. And worse talking to me as if I was some whore who would go back to a man's room outside of marriage. And being an Angel that was completely non-negotiable.

I don't know what he thought of my quick response, but he had a playful grin now as he invited me to come and sit with him at his small little table next to the far stone wall where he was enjoying his Sabbath alone in direct view of the ongoing singing of the others on the lower platform level off to his right and further off. As he looked I turned and looked back at the singer and asked; "Who is that?" And the older man who sat with me said; "Michael."

My head quickly turned in excitement to look at the older man as he grinned at me and I asked again; "That's Michael?!" And my head shot back to look upon the dark (Not blond or European looking at all) Arab looking male singing music for this Sabbath celebration. What really was amazing is that Michael's pillared platform was not as high up as the level I was now on with this older male who seemed much older then Michael. I was beginning to believe that this guy could be Godlike if he sat above Michael and his platform was centered above the other platforms in this great Festival Court. And why was he all alone on this platform? I was still wide eyed as I turned and looked back on the older male and I suddenly noticed he was blushing. His cheeks had well defined tinting to them as he looked at me silently with a possible curiosity. Maybe he even liked me at this point? I had the impression that he was starting to like me and was maybe wondering how I could have readily said alright to his suggestion of even going back to his room.

Did he know of my trust in the valor of God's hierarchy? Or maybe he was imagining the possibilities? Then suddenly he began shaking his head and he said; "Take my word for it, just forget about this dream..." And I immediately responded with suspicion; "How did you know this was a dream?" I had never met anyone in a dream before that actually told me it was a dream while I was having it. So I felt that this person was indeed someone of a higher existence then just a fictional character one would normally have in dreams.

He was silent in response but smiled sheepishly and I suddenly noted that the music had ended and I looked back and Michael and all those who had been playing instruments on that lower leveled pillared platform were now gone. They had left now that Michael had finished his song. I felt bad that he had left so soon. So I turned back and asked the older man; "So, are you going to tell me who you are?" And he replied; "I'm the Big O." I tried to figure out what he meant immediately and I thought of all the Angelic names I could think of starting with the letter O. If he says he's the Big O then this angel must be of considerable power and maybe even higher in estate then even Michael since he sits so high up even over the level of Michael I suddenly began to ask; "Ophraim or Ophiel?" I really wanted to know but all he did was lean back in his chair and smile softly and he began to take a snooze in his chair against the stone wall behind him and his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

I guessed all Angels slept on Saturdays being that it was a day of rest even for God. I knew I couldn't get him to tell me more so I decided to look about a little and following the wall I looked off to the side and far below to the floor level of this great Hall and I could see a long kitchen window.

It lead inside a large restaurant style of kitchen, but to my amazement there were no Angels cooking or preparing meals in there. I only saw wild animals. And most notably was the head of a large Lioness peering out of the Kitchen window and moving about inside the kitchen as one of the main feast preparers. I said; "How cute! A Lioness working in the Kitchen?" Not long after I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 5:24 A.M., I gazed down at my comforter and I could still see the moonbeam in the shape of the sword but it was fading away.

And suddenly something bright caught my eye. I looked toward my main bedroom door but that is within a small niche on the far right wall. Just before that is my closet which comes out abit into the room. Peering around the closet from this niche was a large orb the color of blue. This orb was huge but it was just hovering there peering around the closet towards me. As I watched it, it slowly moved off and hid behind the closet's north wall out of my view as if it didn't want me to see it. I lay in bed for a little while before getting up to write everything down in my journal.

And then I went to read up in my Angel Encyclopedia I found out on Saturdays Michael does in fact rule the hour of 4:00 A.M. The hours listed in the Angelic Encyclopedia could be used like a schedule for times when certain angels work or honor the Lord? And Michael did perform on the hour at 4 A.M all the way to the early hours of 5 AM. ^__^ I felt so happy to be allowed to actually see one of Michael's performances at a Sabbath Festival for Angels. I hope and pray I maybe allowed to see future Sabbath events. I would loved to see Zadkiel perform. He happens to be one my favorite Archangels.

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IwanttoHelp (32 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-14)
I'm going to add this to favourites stories!
Thanks for sharing 😆
LIlly Exley (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-25)
Not long ago I was physically attacked by a demon, A friend of mine said she could send angels in to protect me, I said ok thinking how will I know they are here, that afternoon I was on the phone with her and was telling her how much I had wanted to be a guardian angel when I was young at that moment my living room became filled with blue sparkling blades of light and I felt as if something had me wrapped in warmth and I began to weep openly and couldn't stop, now I never cry... Almost never... But this feeling of electricity and love was so intense I couldn't contain myself and she said that's your angels! Since then they sparkle for me everyday as if to say "we are here"!I have seen and felt the love of god through these incredible angels and as incredible as it is I have now come to talk to and thank them everytime they appear, They whisper Gods love of us and give us courage and love unconditionally... May God bless you and keep you...
ZiShu (1 stories) (27 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-14)
Truely amazing experience. You had seen Heaven.
You have an amazing gift. I wish to contact you about your experiences and hope that you could help me with mine. Though I don't think t hat time will come until long from now. God will place that time.
God Bless

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