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My Experience With Michael The Archangel


While I do not believe in God the way others do, I do believe in him. He is the creator of all. I know things and always have.

Here is my experience with Archangel Michael.

I grew up with Italian parents from Italy.

Before my father met my mother he was studying to become a priest. We were Roman Catholic.

I remember always having odd things happen to me and being able to hear and smell and see things and no one believing me or wanting to. I always felt there was a devine good presence and a evil presence around me.

When I was younger I will say around 11 or 12 I awoke in my bedroom and was awake but sleepy in that in between state. When suddenly I became aware of a evil presence and I saw a black panther at the foot of my bed slowly creeping up until it reached my throat growling all the way.

I remember knowing this had to be the devil the evil that has been trying to get to me since I was a baby.

(I remember being a baby not many people can remember this but I do even before I turned one I remember things.)

Anyway as this panther started to claw at my throat. I remembered something I heard recently on a movie or show I had watched that said if you are attacked by anything evil just call out to God or Jesus and tell that entity that you and your soul belong to God or Jesus and they can not have you ever and repeat it. So I did that and above my bed as in all our rooms was a picture of Jesus and I leaned my head back and with all my might repeated this.

All of a sudden... I heard a big loud thunder boom and the room was filled with a white bright golden light and I saw Micheal just a fast glimpse but was told to look away by him. I think we are not allowed to look upon him. But it was hard not to but I did as he said and the evil was gone.

Just like that seemed like forever but it was gone in what seemed like a second once Michael got there. I was shocked and was like did that just happen? But I knew it did and when I got the glimpse of micheal although he was bathed in white golden light very bright his hair was not golden or blonde to me it look darker brownish and he had a sword and shield and when I looked upon him he raised the shield over his face and that is when I heard in my head to look away so I closed my eyes.

I remember running up to the 5th floor to where my sister was sleeping and her boyfriend was over and I ran and told them about it and she was the only sister out of my three sisters that believed me.

I asked them if I could sleep upstairs with them for the next few nights and so I did but I never did see Micheal again.

Just one of my many amazing and odd events that had happened to me.

He does exsist I saw him myself. This was no dream. Love

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mary (guest)
5 years ago (2019-07-04)

I am also one of the few people who remember myself being a baby. My sister believes that she was "aware" of the moment that she was conceived by our parents. (we are of French parents.) The odd thing is in my weekly meetings in which I have talk sessions with other young women (teens and early 20s) , one of them says that the Archangel MICHAEL (spelling?) - is her personal angel and claims to know him well. So I wonder if we are all assigned to be guarded by particular angels. For example, Michael guards you and this other young lady from my group-as well as whoever else says that. And the angel (Gabriel?) would guard some other people.

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