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Saved By The Archangel Michael


When I think about this experience 20 years later, I realize that this is the first time I came to understand that God actually exists. I had always been told God exists as a kid, but... You don't actually expect to experience God's protection.

I was 15 at the time, and I was sound asleep. Suddenly I awoke because I felt this awful presence nearby... Something evil was approaching me. There was no denying it, there was evil in my bedroom, and it was coming after me. I started to panic.

But I recalled something my sister told me when I was 7. If the devil ever comes after you, call out for the Archangel Michael. She told me he's there to fight off the devil and protect you.

I had nothing to lose. It was only a few seconds, but it felt like minutes, when my sister's advice popped into my head. As loud as I could think it (I was paralyzed with fear) I "shouted" out, "Saint Michael the Archangel, save me!"

I never would have expected what happened next. As soon as I uttered that cry, a bright orange-yellow light instantly filled my bedroom. I felt like I was lifted up from my bed. There was a tremendous ringing in my ears. It was almost like something exploded in my bedroom and the blast took me with it.

A few seconds later, all was quiet, all was calm. I opened up my eyes and there I was, lying in my bed. There was no feeling of evil anymore. In fact, it never happened again.

I know this story could be filed under "ghost stories" had there not been a rather dramatic spiritual intervention at the end of it. For years I was confused about what had happened to me that night... Did the Archangel Michael actually exist? I thought he was like Santa Clause, more of a pleasant fairy tale than fact. When the internet came along I was finally able to read the stories of others who experienced that nighttime evil, the "Old Hag". These poor people are pinned to their beds and choked and scratched and abused by an indescribable evil spirit.

But me, I was spared that horror because I showed enough faith in God to believe He would send His ultimate warrior to defend me. It took me years to accept that I could have possibly been that important to God... But now I know better: aren't we all that important to God?

One last thing. Over the years I've occasionally tried to imagine the experience from the perspective of the evil spirit. There it was, a despicable and immensely powerful evil spirit, approaching a tiny human soul completely incapable of defending himself. It must have felt like a massive lion about to feast on an injured and immobile lamb. I can imagine the abject fear that the evil spirit experienced when that tiny human soul unexpectedly called out to God, and then in an instant it was face to face with the undefeatable Archangel Michael. Talk about that evil spirit having a bad hair day. I felt a tremendous blast and saw an immense light - I wonder what happened in those moments.

God, thank you.

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God is great (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-08)
I posted a video that criticized the government on facebook and someone actually tried to hurt me, I was in the car with my parents when a car voluntarly tried to crash into us.
But at the moment he swerved trying to hit us I saw a strange light and the car violently getting on track again, I actually assisted on a gravity defying force, not sure if it was god or archangel michael. After the incident was over I saw a strange golden bird who stopped mid air to show me his beautiful golden wings. Thank you god or whoever it was that saved me from death or very serious injuries that day...
MM (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-02)
Angela, the demons are lying to you when they say you're going to Hell. They have no power over that. They're trying to drive you to lose your faith in God. Jesus hasn't abandoned you. There's something He needs you to learn through this experience before He utters the command and you are freed forever. Don't blame yourself. Try praying to the Blessed Mother for deliverance, and casting them out in the name of Jesus. ("Father Yahweh, in the name of Jesus Christ I bind and break and cast out all spirits and things not of the Holy spirit, and command them all in the name of Jesus Christ to return to Hell. Amen.") You will be freed soon.
Angela (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-22)
Please say a prayer for me to Arch Angel Michael and Jesus. I am possessed by multiple demons, have been through countless exorcisms and can't get delivered. My mind has been taken over and I can no longer pray or believe in Jesus and Michael to get them to help me. It's been three years and I am living in utter torment. I've already been shown in visions that I'm going to hell. I desperately need prayer and a miracle. Please pray that the Lord restores my faith and mind. Thank you.
Diane (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-21)
Although Archangel Michael is great to call on for protection, there are actually COUNTLESS other "unemployed" warring angels more that ready, willing, and able to respond to protect you! You can call on them, too! I do! You also have your own personal guardian angels, as well!
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-16)
For ongoing miracle of arch. Michael go: www. Archangel michael In a church of arch. Michael, of Mantamàtho, (on the greek island of mitilíni, (lèsvos), there is a giant wall painting/icon of michael, painted directly on the wall, not hung... A few years back, in 1974, it miraculously DISAPEARED! And reappeared a few days later! The priest and the people got worried that this was a bad omen from God! But Michael appeared to the priest in a dream, and told him that he had gone to cyprus during the turkish invasion, to help the greek-cypriots! This miracle can be verified by eye witnesses, including the priest... GO MICHAEL! Timfaraos [at]
Etherialstar (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-03)
While I do not believe in God the way others do, I do believe in him. He is the creator of all. They have lied to us and never told us the complete truth. I do not go to church as I know not all of them are not in it for God but for themselves but I know things and always have.
Here is my experience with Archangel Michael.

I grew up with Italian parents from Italy. Before my father met my mother he was studying to become a priest. We were Roman Catholic.
I remember always have odd things happen to me and being able to hear and smell and see things and no one believing me or wanting to. I always felt there was a devine good presence and a evil presence around me.

When I was younger I will say around 11 or 12 I awoke in my bedroom and was awake but sleepy when suddenly I became aware of a evil presence and I saw a black panther at the foot of my bed slowly creeping up until it reached my throat growling all the way.
I remember knowing this had to be the devil the evil that has been trying to get to me since I was a baby.
I remember being a baby not many people can remember this but I do even before I turned one I remember things.
Anyway as this panther started to claw at my throat. I remembered something I heard recently on a movie or show I had watched that said if you are attacked by anything evil just call out to God or Jesus and tell that entity that you and your soul belong to God or Jesus and they can not have you ever and repeat it. So I did that and above my bed as in all our rooms was a picture of Jesus and I leaned my head back and with all my might repeated this.
All of a sudden just like in the story above the I heard a big thunder boom and the room was filled with a white bright golden light and I saw Micheal just a fast glimpse but was told to look away by him. I think we are not allowed to look upon him. But it was hard not to but I did as he said and the evil was gone.
Just like that seemed like forever but it was gone in what seemed like a second once Michael got there. I was shocked and was like did that just happen? But I knew it did and when I got the glimpse of micheal although he was bathed in white golden light very bright his hair was not golden or blonde to me it look darker brownish and he has a sword and shield and when I looked upon him he raised the shield over his face and that is when I heard in my head to look away so I closed my eyes.

I remember running up to the 5th floor to where my sister was sleeping and her boyfriend was over and I ran and told them about it and she was the only sister out of my three sisters that believed me and also her than boyfriend who knew of the things I always told him I saw and heard. I asked them if I could sleep upstairs with them for the next few nights and so I did but I never did see Micheal again.
Just one of my many amazing and odd events that had happened to me.
He does exsist I saw him myself. This was no dream. ❤
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-22)
For a great ONGOING miracle of archangel Michael go:
darkassassin92 (39 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-25)
No offense I don't believe in god anymore but I am supposed to be catholic I don't know if I should be agnostic or athiest.
hisholyfighter (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-08)
Hello all you wonderful people who keep the lord near your heart. I want to tell you about my St. Michael experiences I have a few. One happened the same as the others on here I saw a tiny creature with black scales coming onto my bed as I usually pray to St. Michael sure enough I remember calling out to him immediately I saw a huge bright white light fill the room and I saw the little demon running away as fast as he could lol, Another more recent time I was surrounded by demons in a dream that suddenly turned into a nightmare I mean they were after me! In again an almost comical scenario I called out to Michael and in an instant a GIGANTIC marble sandal literally just stomped them out! I tried to look up and with my head bent back all the way... I still could not see him entirely only up to his knees he was enormous and made of white beautiful marble. More recently this year I had a horrible nightmare of my husband he wanted to dance but the way he was holding me was rough and the way he wanted me to move was unnatural for my human body I started to scream he kept trying to bend my arms back then I realized this was a dream I was being attacked by something else! At this point I can recall the entire prayer off hand and I started to recite it to my ''Husband'' in the dream well his face was LIVID I saw the evil in his eyes I continued to pray and his head began to shake uncontrollably until I assume he blew his top! I awoke and I knew it was a demonic attack. I do have to say it felt good facing it and destroying that evil spirit the prayer became difficult word by word more so difficult to say towards the end whatever this was. Wanted me to stop I didn't:) The lord will give you all the courage you need to fight evil everyday pray to St. Michael for yourself and loved ones he will guide you. ❤ ❤
michael3101 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-30)
hello I have never in my life participated in forums or post comments on anything how ever I looked up "saint michael dream on google" and this story popped up. The reason I looked it up because I am bored at work and for some random reason I remember a dream I had of saint michael. Growing up catholic I say the saint michael prayer when ever I feel it is neccessary. The dream which surprises and in a way sort of scares me is exactly like yours. I was in my room sleeping when I awoke to the presence of danger and evil. Frozen with fear I started to say the prayer after doing so a bright light went off as if something exploded also. I couldn't see a thing couldn't breath from the shock and had horrible ringing in my ears and almost instantly everything was calm and woke up. One thing differs from your dream however. In the corner of my room before the explosion happens I remember faintly seeing a small statue of something. I couldn't make it out. I woke up shortly after the dream and immediatley new I was protected nothing can harm me. As long as I have my faith I will never be alone. I cannot begin to tell you how shocking it is that some one else has had the same encounter. It makes my eyes water thinking about it.
MeganDear25 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-09)
I Alwayz pray to God then St. Michael Archangel ask him give me full protection watch over me God is amazing he has done so much for me in my Life glad I have God in my life I always worship him Heavenly father of glory St. Michael archangel is Amazing fighter Glad God sends Angel's to help us ❤
Jacob (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-05)

Have you ever experienced situations a lot of times where you have done everything right to achieve or do something in life which is right morally and will do good to you and will not harm anyone else. And yet failed. Failed over again and again. It may be due to some silly reason that you fail. Or may be even if you achieve it finally there will be a lot of unnecessary hurdles. Be Sure Its the Evil one who is testing you, and eventually you will move away from God and that is what he wants. If this is your situation in life, and you think why it is happening always in your life, it is St Michael that you should pray to and ask for help. For me and my wife, St Michael helped us miraculously. I was busy with my work and was not thinking of having a baby for first 2 years of marriage. And then when we wanted we were n0t having one, we went to doctors and they told us we both were having no issues. Our parents were also putting pressure and they stopped talking to us and pressure was building up. We had lost hope and started getting weird fears that we will never have a kid and started losing hope and trust in God. But we were still praying but not with much trust in him.

Then one day a priest visited one of my relatives for praying, this priest who does not know us by any chance, asked them if any of their relatives is working out of the country and asked us to call him ASAP. Yes, ASAP is what he told. You should believe God wants to help you fight Evil, he will assign you to St Michael who takes care of the fight. We called him the next day and he told us to pray to St Michael and offer a mass in honor of St Micheal and also to hand over our life to St Michael. There is a tradition in Esatern church to dedicate ourselves to Saints like we are handing over our lives fully to the Saint. Even Country of Russia and Firefighting dept of USA is dedicated to St Michael. We were skeptical first since we knew St Micheal is related to fighting Evil and could believe we were chained by Evil, we were ashamed and unhappy about this. I remember I was ashamed of telling parents about this. I am speaking from my heart.

We did what the asked us to do and went over our lives as usual in frustration and anger that God left us to be chained by Evil one. Also he had asked us to say the Prayer of St Michael daily which we did. We also kept Photos in our room so that we remember to pray to him daily. For someone who is sinking he will try to catch even a straw to save their life.

My wife conceived 2 months later and gave birth to a wonderful kid whom we named Michael. Whether you believe it or NOT, I would personally want to believe it a miracle. If you are objecting, please tell me why the priest ask for us when he does not know us at all.

epoy1984 (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-24)
I believe you really knew that st michael the archangel is real. So I suggest to recite his prayers everyday when the sun shines brightly or before it sets. Here is the website
And copy and write this in a booklet so that you can read it while praying. This prayer is so strong that it can destroy a whole army of demons. I also suggest this prayers to those people who knows Yahweh/Elohim/El Shaddai/Allah as their only powerful god. Good day 😊 😉 ❤
epoy1984 (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-24)
Eric Baal
I do not saw any scar on his face for I only had seen his left face while riding the holy chariot.
Rashidah (guest)
14 years ago (2010-06-17)
Hey monty
Thank you so much for posting your experience. I believe you 100%.
I and a friend of mine has had a wonderful experience with Michael. I emailed her this story and she loved it. If you want to know more about him please email me at rmawuta [at] and I will see if I can introduce you to my friend because Michael is her guardian angel and Lucifer is my guardian angel.
Great story and I hope to hear more stories from you.
Eric-Baal (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-14)
Hmm very interesting. Epoy. Does he look how he used to look? Does he still have that scar on his face?

That scar is very ugly on him... I wonder who are what gave it to him. Maybe it was in a fight.
epoy1984 (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-13)
I had another dream vision of archangel michael. While I am having a nightmare of many demons surrounding me. I prayed and called upon archangel michael and he after split seconds he appeared riding a white flamed chariot holding a spear like lightning and stabs the demons to smitherins with flashes of lightning as I saw archangel michael passed by flying right above me 3 meters away. I thank him for that amen. I also had a dream vision of the holy war between heavenand hell. I saw many angels kicks demon [at] sses.
monty42 (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-07)
When I had sleep paralysis as a child, I would be unable to move, but I wasn't really scared. Even at 8 or 9 or 10 years of age I knew I was on the border of being asleep and awake, and I would be fine. It was a little scary, but not scary in the paranormal way, just in the way it was unpredictable. I would try as hard as I could to force myself back awake, and sometimes it was a struggle. But I never felt anything "evil" near me during my sleep paralysis episodes.

This time that I talk about, I was awake and able to move, but I was just too terrified to want to try to move. I could have moved if I was so inclined, but I was just becoming terrified. I was too scared to open my eyes. I snapped awake because I could suddenly feel this evil presence in my room. It just came out of nowhere. I remember knowing that it was off to my left, that it wasn't quite in my room yet, but that the idea of dimensions and walls didn't really matter in this case. What I felt was like its presence and its intent to come at me, and I knew it was moving towards me with the intent to cause harm. Seriously, I felt the evil and I instantly started to panic. The only thing I could remember was my sister telling me as a little boy to pray to St. Michael. It was a thought that came to me in desperation... What else did I know to do? I knew absolutely nothing about this stuff. I was 15 years old and I didn't go to church anymore. It was too boring and I couldn't relate to it. My pleading to St. Michael was done with me expecting the same results as if I had written a letter to Santa Claus asking for a toy. But I didn't know what else to do.

But man oh man, the result was awesome. I recall being kind of dumbstruck afterwards by what happened... This stuff just does not happen everyday. A whole can of archangel whoop-ass got opened up in my bedroom, then it got dumped on whatever it was that decided it was going to get me. Whatever happened, it was not a case of the Archangel Michael politely asking the thing to leave. No, it was like the room exploded. Michael was not messing around with this thing.

I can't help but laugh a bit at what happened, too. That thing got served big time. If it had even thought for a moment that picking me would place it at risk of coming face to face with Michael, it probably would have left me alone. I had nothing to do with the results. All I did was desperately beg St. Michael, who I wasn't even certain even existed. But it's funny, I always had a place for him in my heart, and as an adult I like to "talk" with him during my day. I've heard his voice once, 20 years later, during a really stressful time of my life... It was only a word, but it was the most confident voice I've ever heard. But I could tell that he was so very fond of me, and he cared for me like I was a "little brother" to him.

I am so glad, too, that the thing did not get the chance to get on me. I don't think my life would ever have been the same had I been terrified like that.
Well Wisher (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-25)
Dear Monty42,

I experienced what people call sleep paralysis one morning when I woke up.

It was very odd... To say the least.

But what was strange was the fact it happened just in my right arm...

It was like as if it was completely dead... I was thinking thoughts of moving but my whole right arm would not respond.

I had to lift it with my left hand a few times.
Still nothing... It just flopped.

Then I just lay there thinking what has happened.
And why it has happened? Did I sleep on it... Why was it not responding?

To me it felt like that part of my spirit /soul or being was not there...i.e. In my right arm.

Eventually I realised maybe this was a sign from Allah/GOD that I was not doing enough right things in my life (as it was my right-arm that was dead).

I needed to make changes within myself spiritually and start doing more right or good things.

I probably started remembering Allah /GOD and maybe after about 5 minutes (though it seemed like ages) it came back to life so to speak.

Praise be to Allah /GOD it has not happened again since.

When something bad happens there is always something good that comes out of it... Though at the time we may not think this.

In this way Allah / GOD tries to teach us lessons so that we grow spiritually.
epoy1984 (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-25)
I also experienced being saved by archangel michael when I had horrific nightmares. I saw him as a very good looking man with glowing white hair having no t shirt and only wears very bright long pants bare footed with 4 huge dovelike wings. I also saw archangel gabriel, archangel uriel, jesus christ and virgin mary. Archangels michael and gabriel had saved me many times from near death experiences when I was sleep and during accidents since childhood when I was still laying in my baby crib.😊 😉 ❤
I believe (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-24)
I agree, I have had the experience of sleep paralyis myself. They say it happens between the age of teen years and 30. I experienced it at 24 and then at 29. Both the times, it felt like somebody was sitting over me and pressing my tummy. I could not move, I was terrified. I called out for God and it became okay. I did not see any light and all. However, when I woke up, I had tummy ache which made me believe that something did happen. A few days later, my friend told me about sleep paralyis and I googled. What I experienced was exactly they described. A lot of people experience it.

With that said, I do believe, there are powers that save us from evil. Even thought I have never felt a strong presence, I feel like I have been saved many times from running into something evil. I wish I could see an angel.
Cris (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-04)
It's an amazing story, me myself just love this blessed being and personally I've painted a picture of him, it's in my bedroom and I guess it works like a protection to me while sleeping or just staying there. The Lord's warrior of Light is truly fantastic and powerful!
About Michael's color, I guess it's not worth at all, but curious to know that my also husband saw him throught an orange/yellow light. I think he's got too many ways to express his love, his power and light than we can expect. Love to you all!
ZiShu (1 stories) (27 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-04)
I have never met Saint Michael, but I believe he has came into my house before and cleansed out demons.
I will meet him one day and soon on the battlefield against demons and devils.
Maybe on my next astral adventures I will pray to meet him.
Michael is known to appear with blue, though it's interesting orange...
God Bless
Nick (guest)
15 years ago (2009-10-12)
I've talked to Michael before he is an amazing being. I'm only 17 and I am going though my spiritual experience now, it's amazing I'm starting to feel them better and hear spirits. But the most scary thing is that I've found all this power in me. I've lock evil spirits away and can now perform spells, and Michael has helped me the whole way. I know he can't step in so much because this is my experience but one day when a the spirit that was trying to kill my girl friend and I started a fire in my house my girl friend open the door really fast and like everyone knows if you do that the fire explodes but my girl friends life was saved and the fire put out. I asked a spirit later on what happened and he said Michael saved her. I love her so much and I thank Michael everyday for that

Thank you Michael.
Patrick ramsey (guest)
15 years ago (2009-07-04)
i have been haunted bye this evil spirit since I was very young. In my dreams I am on my bed and something inviseble attacks me I am held down and attacked. There are now scratches on my back that will not go away. But it has stoped now because my mum gave me a medal of arch angel micheal and a statue of him its stoped but a couple of weeks ago I had the dream again only quess what I fought back the evil spirt shod its self the dream started like this I was on my bed and I new it was coming and I ran but I then said to my self what am I afread of so I went back to my bed and shouted COME ON THEN FIGHT ME! And a women with long hair it all messed up with a very scary face ran around the corner and charged at me I gave her one big bout on the face and the I just woke up and I new it was st micheal hew helped me he put his strength in me after I just kisses the medal and went back to sleep so if this happens to you fight back just fight with an army fight evil with yourself, god and st micheal just to let yous no I'm only 15 and I beat the evil in that dream after 7 years of trying you can do it to thanks for reading
No Debate (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-30)
There's no debate. God reveals himself to believers. Faith is rewarded both on earth and in heaven, and the rest enjoy their consolation prize on earth. Haven't you ever heard the saying, "the devil's greatest lie is making the world believe he doesn't exist?" Think about that, how he benefits as people lose faith. I've experienced numerous amazing spiritual experiences, both positive and negative. My life has been saved (I hope and pray) but I lost everything in the process, career, money and wife. Even so, I consider myself blessed. Everything happens for a reason, whether that reason being good or evil is the question. I've been wide awake and had experiences like these, every sense tested. Bless you. Share your experience with relatives and friends, and others who could use it. Everything happens for a reason.
Another Eva (guest)
15 years ago (2009-01-23)
I don't know... But if you had no preconceptions... Why allow..."postconceptions"?
mark (guest)
15 years ago (2009-01-11)
Wow, Kara, your friend is lucky. He had Michael intercede for him, and he didn't call out to God? I bet something in his soul called out for help when that thing appeared in his bedroom. But... He's very lucky... God must really appreciate him:)
Hopefromafar (guest)
15 years ago (2008-12-17)
You were not dreaming. I had the same experiece
people call sleep paralysis. It is caused by
the close proximity of spirits.Also, this means
you have the gift of discerment of spirits.
OP (guest)
16 years ago (2008-12-14)
I understand sleep paralysis. I used to get it as a child. This wasn't sleep paralysis.

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