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The Four Sweet Kisses And The Flickering Eye Of Jesus


I have not had so many spiritual and supernatural experiences in my 69 years of life but in the last month I have had two close together. They are very fresh on my mind and I will do my best to tell them to you as accurately as possible.

First a little about my background. I have been a Protestant Missionary for the past 40 years and recently converted to the Catholic Church about 7 years ago.

Two months ago I met M (name hidden) on the walking street of Gummersbach near Cologne Germany. It is usual for us, me and my wife, to go out nearly every day and distribute Catholic Literature for a donation. Our main support is from these donations that we receive meeting people and talking to them about our precious faith on the streets and giving out sermonettes by Mother Angelica of EWTN.

EWTN, The Eternal Word Television Network is a Catholic TV Channel, World Wide on Satellite, which has greatly influenced our lives and is responsible for our dedication to all things Roman Catholic.

M is the Lay Leader in Germany of a new Catholic movement called The Two Hearts of Love. This movement began some 20 years ago in Nigeria beginning with Father Montfort Okaa. It is still very small and has not yet received full recognition from the Catholic Church but has a Bishop's approval and like many things new in our wonderful church it takes the test of time to see whether claims made are really true or not. Father Okaa says that the movement will get full recognition after his death. The same happened to Saint Faustina. Any way that is all as maybe but let's get down to the 2 spiritual experiences.

The movement has a headquarters in Essen Germany and it just so happened that M was going to the headquarters on a Saturday and he had 2 spare seats for my wife Irmgard and myself. It also just happened that Father Montfort was on a short visit to Germany. He comes for a few days each year so that would be very nice for us to meet this rather extraordinary humble priest. Every day I wake up to the alarm on my cell phone set to 6 a.m. to get us out of bed to say the Rosary and read the Liturgical readings for the day.

On this particular morning the alarm went of accompanied by four very sweet and affectionate kisses on my forehead. The first was strong and firm and the next three were light. It is the kind of reassuring kiss that one would give to a waking child. I was first surprised to see that no one was there. I woke my daughter Angela who was asleep in the bed next to mine and she just politely told me to let her sleep some more and denied any knowledge of this happening. I then woke my wife as we pray together and excitedly told her about it.

We motored with M to Essen and attended the Mass with Father Montfort and of course I told him about my experience. He smiled and said something to the effect that the Lord was just trying to reassure me with His love. The prayer of the two hearts is a beautiful prayer of love and I will include it at the end of my story.

A few days later I was visiting the Shrine, which also belongs to the Two Hearts of Love Movement, in Neunkirchen close to Siegburg and some 25 kilometres away from where we live in Bielstein camping ground. We are there in Bielstein helping to take care of our five eldest children, Mikey 23, Angela just 21, Jasmine 18, Natasha 16 and David 13. We also have two smaller children, Jemima aged 9 and Michelle (Shelly) aged 6. The older 5 are in the process of becoming famous pop stars in Germany contracted to EMI Germany and known as the King Family.

They have appeared on all major German TV stations and you can look them up on Youtube by typing in king family perfect day and by looking up their website Their album, "Carry me Home!" is in all the usual outlets in Germany along with their hit single "Perfect Day!" and "Carry me Home..."

That does not have much to do with the following story but is a little more about us and the circumstances in which we live at present. The Shrine consists of a very small converted stable for about two horses. Now it is a beautiful Chapel seating not more than 20 people.

25 years ago thereabouts, it was reported that the Blessed Mother had appeared in the garden and from time to time the statues of Jesus and Mary weep tears and sometimes tears of blood. There is a Mother house for Sophia the German Polish caretaker and contemplative prayer warrior and a brother house where Czech Paul lives also in a care taking and praying capacity.

I love to go there and it is a special place for me and my wife with a very spiritual atmosphere. On this occasion it was the Holy Hour between 3 and 4 p.m. and I frankly fell asleep. My excuse would be that the prayers were in German and I did not really understand them. They were a kind of pleasant droning from Paul and Sophia. There is one particular chair where I like to sit as it is directly under the gaze of the statue of Jesus and one can literally look at him eye to eye.

Well I woke up rather slowly and to my amazement the right eye which for me was on the left was very much alive and the eye ball was moving and then to drive home the point the top eyelid started flickering for at least 2 to 3 seconds. I cried out interrupting the prayers, "Hey did you guys see that?" Of course they hadn't and neither could I as all had returned to normality.

I will never forget these two experiences. There is a famous Christian song which says His eye is on the sparrow and therefore is much more importantly on you and me. That was my first interpretation.

Then I Googled Flickering eyes, and nearly every reference alluded to stress. Not only does Jesus weep with Mary His mother for the sinful and apathetic state of the world, but it also gives Him stress.

Now for the Prayer of the TWO HEARTS OF LOVE.

This prayer (Given personally by Jesus to Father Montfort) is a gift of God's infinite Love for the whole world.

Jesus! Mary! I love You.

Be appeased. Save all souls. Amen.

(This is repeated 10 time as in a decade of the Rosary.)

O! Hearts of Love! O! Hearts ever united in Love!

Make me to love You always and help me to make others to love You.

Take my poor sinful heart to Thyself and do not give it back to me until it becomes a flaming fire of Your Love.

I know that I am unworthy to come to You, but take me to Thyself and cleanse me by the fires of Your Love.

Take me to Thyself and use me as it pleases You as I am entirely Yours.

O! Pure Love! O! Holy Love!

Pierce me with your arrows and send my blood flowing into the wounds of the Immaculate Heart.

O! Immaculate heart unite with the sacred Heart to give Life, to Comfort, to Glorify and to Love.

O! Jesus! O! Mary!

You are the Hearts of Love! I Love You.

Consume me

I am a victim of Your Love. Amen

O! Hearts of Love! Consume me.

I am your victim of Love. Amen

I hope and pray that this was and will be an encouragement to you and will help to build your faith in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church which He established on His chief apostle Peter some 2000 years ago.

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vagabondfaith (guest)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)
Dear Baba-du. It is always a challenge to reply or comment to remarks such as yours. First of all Baba-du, I wonder what nationality you are. Sounds like Indian? I love Indians. I was born in India and so was my dad and so were three of my five popstar children. Mikey Angela and Jasmine. I am going to imagine you dear Baba-du as a sweet adorable baby in the arms of your doting happy mother. That is how I am learning to visualise every body in this world, friend or foe. It is one of the hardest things in the world to do, that is, to love people who despise and hate you. In life we have to make many many choices. These choices lead us along the road through life. Like everyone else I too have had to make many many choices. Some were right and some very definitely were wrong. One choice I am determined to make rather late on in life as I am going to be 70 in two months time is to harbour no ill feeling towards anyone. In heaven there is only LOVE and forgiveness. I want to be your friend. Friendship costs many different things. For example, Friendsip costs time and that is why I am taking the time to write to you. It also costs money and above all it costs lots and lots of forgiveness. I must have upset you at some time in life that you know me so well for Yes! I am a beggar for Jesus! BUT my children and I are able to afford the 39 Euros a month to be on line. I could say that God has given me this money to promote His Kingdom and win and influence friends. Please let me know what I have done to you to upset you and make you write to me in such a way? I apologise in advance for whatever it was. Please forgive me. I am sincere in this Plea. May God bless you and yours with a wonderful day and future and I very much look forward to hearing from you soon. I will be making another post on this subject soon. Love in Jesus and may Mary pray for you. You are very special. You can contact me direct on email redletterkids [at] or on myspace Michael King.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-13)
This was a good story and well written. I am going to go to the site you mention here and see what else I can. Thanks for the story.
wisdom (guest)
16 years ago (2008-07-26)
What a beautiful prayer! Thank you. I feel as though you are writing to me directly. Isn't this wonderful... To be able to communicate with so many souls in all parts of the world. God is truely doing good works and we are listening.
You and others might be interested in reading some of this site,
God Bless

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