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Three years ago now I met a man with whom I felt a strong spiritual connection ~ it almost felt as we had known each other before in a past life.

After months of knowing each other we went on a holiday to France together, and what happened on one of the nights there will always stay with me.

It was a warm evening and we had decided to stay indoors. We were both sitting on the floor facing each other, talking about different things. We had lit candles, which created a cozy atmosphere, and we had some incense burning.

Suddenly, as we were speaking, something strange happened; my friend's face changed into another face! At this very moment, we both stopped talking and reacted at the same time ~ his face was changing from one face to another!

In a total shock I was looking at my friend's face without being able to talk ~ feelings of fear and astonishment were running through me. After a moment it was all getting too much, so I shook my head and looked away; I then looked at my friend again and he had his own face back.

Now, what makes this experience even more interesting; as I saw my friend's face change HE WAS SEEING MY FACE CHANGE! It happened exactly at the same time, and we both were in deep shock about it.

We then decided to look at each other again, and the faces started to appear on our faces once again! We stared at each other until it felt too much to bare, and we repeated this a few times.

To go into detail about the faces;

All the faces which appeared on my friend's face were different from each other, but they were all male and I would say Indian (?) descent. They were also around the same age (older men).

My friend described the faces he saw on my face, to be all female and also Indian (?) descent. The faces weren't all the same age, but from younger to older.

Have any of you had any similar experiences, or know about anything like this?

I've been trying to find some answers, and I have been told Stuart Wilde has once talked about a similar experience.

I feel I need to know more. And I would so appreciate it if any of you could share your knowledge and/or suggestions with me!

My only explanation so far is, that perhaps my strong spiritual connection to my friend was really due to a past life (lives) together ~ perhaps the faces appearing on us were the faces of our past incarnations? Or were they simply faces of spirits?

Why does an experience like this happen to someone? Is there any reason for it? I asked these same two questions when I experienced my first out-of-body experience ~ "why, why me..."

Let me also add;

Drugs or any other kind of narcotics were NOT involved in this experience ~ including alcohol! Also, I have had many unexplainable spiritual experiences in my life, so this one is not the only one ~ or the first one.

Thank you for reading my story, and please feel free to comment!

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Aros (8 posts)
3 days ago (2021-04-08)
While in theory I second -o0I0o-'s input and third Frodork's input, I have to say that I have experienced this phenomenon myself and while I understand the optical illusions that can in fact explain a lot of these experiences, it simply cannot explain them all. I've seen my face change from (at the time a 27-year-old white male) to an elderly woman, a Paul Bunyon-looking fella with a giant beard, a Native American, African American and so forth. I was under no influence of alcohol or drugs of any sort. While yes, I was surrounded in low lighting, there's no way these distinct face shapes and ethnicity switches could simply be defined by some optical illusion.
-o0I0o- (2 posts)
3 months ago (2021-01-13)
I second Frodork's input.

I have had countless multi-dimensional / higher-level experiences in my lifetime. You have to realize that there are scientific explanations for many things as well. These which can be explained scientifically as natural phenomena are frequently attributed to supernatural phenomena.

It is our duty really to avoid pseudo-scientific attributions. Another scenario that is frequently mistaken is a phenomenon called "after image" and people believe they are seeing a person's aura. I was attending a class and the instructor was wearing a green overcoat. Behind her was a blackboard. Many people pointed out how she had this vibrant purple aura. If you held that coat up by itself and waved it in front of that blackboard the same purple "aura" would appear. It was the result of the coat's color in front of the blackboard not her aura.

There is also something known as pareidolia where you see images in textures like a face in the texture of a stucco wall, the man in the moon or faces in clouds. People all over the world have mistaken this for apparitions of Jesus, Mary or dead family members.

You owe it to yourself if not everyone to educate yourself so you can decipher the actual paranormal from normal. When you are found to be grossly mistaken it damages the credibility of legitimate experiences.
Gayle H (guest)
3 months ago (2021-01-10)
I have had faces completely change to another person 3 times in my life. I am 67 years old. It is a different experience, to say the least. I feel it is very spiritual.
Frodork (guest)
5 months ago (2020-11-22)
i haven't read through all of these comments, so what I am about to say should not be taken as applicable to all these experiences, but at least for yossu42's experience, I may have an explanation.

This is going to sound odd, but there actually is an optical illusion that can make it look like a face is morphing into something else. Not only that, but it is easiest to replicate in low light environments, candle light in particular as the flickering helps the effect. Its literally called "the strange face illusion" and was formally discovered in 2010.

Here is how the optical illusion works. Have you ever heard a constant tone or a repetitive sound so long that your brain tunes it out and you stop noticing it? Or have you ever become so used to a smell you can't pick it out any more? Or, have you ever stared at your ceiling while trying to sleep, only to have small details of your vision begin to fade out? Our brains are designed to filter out repetitive back ground stimulation, and the same thing can happen with a face. If you stare at a face long enough, especially in a low light environment, your brain can start to filter information about it out, causing it to look deformed.

You can try it youself right now in fact. Go into a dimly lit room with a mirror, a bathroom with a night light will do, but candles work best, then stare at your own face in the mirror. As you stare, it is best to try not to move, or to look at anything else, as that will help to refresh your brain and ruin the effect. The effect usually takes about 10 minutes to start working, but once it does it is quite dramatic. I have personally experienced this myself, and can confirm it works.

With all this said, I'm not trying to rain on anyones parades, I have had my own experiences that I would deem supernatural, so I know weird things really can happen out there, but in this one particular case, this really sounds like a phenomenon with an understood scientific explination.
Missy (guest)
6 months ago (2020-10-25)
The boy I'm dating came to visit me. Like normal he sat across me, then after a while I looked at him. And in a split second. His face changed in to that of an older men. Than I said to myself, I'm I tripping? Or he is just tired, and I'm imagining thing. I told myself in my head, if he get old he is still going to look good. I wanted to tell him what I saw. But I didn't because maybe I'm tripping or imagining things. And what will he say. I let it go and forgot about it. But it just popped back in to my head. And I start doing research about what it can be. And found this forum, with people who had the same experience's so maybe. I was not imagining things. I also dreamed about events that where going to happen involving this person and me.

What I think it is, is that I'm Clairvoyance. Because if you are clairvoyance. Its possible that you can see faces change, or predict things that are going to happen etc. So maybe everyone here is experiencing clairvoyance abilities.
Sarah (guest)
6 months ago (2020-09-28)
I am happy to have found these comments of people who have seen this happen as well. I had a very scary experience with a man who I was briefly involved with, that turned out to be a fraud. He pretended to be someone he was not and I fell for it, however during the time I fell for it, scary things happened that I still cannot seem to make any sense of. One of those things is that his face morphed as we were staring at each other during an intimate moment. It became blurry and his eyes seemed to become huge blank sockets or something while the rest of the face melted and blurred into the rest. Its so hard to explain, he just froze midair above me staring at me as it happened and I was so scared that I looked away after about 4 seconds of watching it morph. When I looked back again it was normal but he was still frozen staring at me. This same man did things like sleeptalk in my ear in what sounded like a demon voice, whispering and muttering in what sounded like Latin? But that part could have been him messing with me, he would do the strangest pranks on me and carry out the scariest behaviors. I know what I saw with his face changing though, and it made no sense. He is a low level being and not magical, I certainly get a very negative energy from him. Similar to the evil that another commenter mentioned in how the man she dated was empty and had changing faces in photos. This man had the same phenomena in his photos as well, and I thought it was because he has such a poor sense of self and is always changing who he is. In a way I guess he is a shape shifter. Being with him was like experiencing an evil I never want to experience again. I wish I could say his whole name to warn anyone reading this to stay far away from him.
kenebulous (1 posts)
12 months ago (2020-04-26)
I can provide you with some insight regarding your experience as mine is identical to your one. My email is available on my profile.
davinia (guest)
1 year ago (2020-04-10)
this can be seeing someones soul, or sensing their true self or a strong part of them relevant at that moment to both you and them- that spirit is allowing you to see. In my opinion you really have to consider the circumstances
(person involved, emotional state of individual, state of yourself and relationship to the person) and guide with intuition to figure it out given that its safe to assume you have intuitive abilities in the first place- so trust them.

My friends face turned into a black and white version of an old woman who was grimacing in pain. I feel I saw the condition and pain existing in her spirit. Why I saw it, I don't know can only speculate that it was for me to understand her better. Understand her pain, and continue to be her friend as it was our first meet up post a friendship fall out. It was a flash a split second. First and last time I have ever witnessed.
Anon (guest)
1 year ago (2020-02-10)
Clipping errors associated with holographic projections of the universal mind

Could be one way of looking at it

Another could be the mutual destabilization of your sense of self enabling sensory illusions to occur

That could even be the cause
SunshineGirl (guest)
1 year ago (2020-02-09)
I just had this happen! I was sitting with a friend talking and his facial features started changing. He changed into 3 or 4 different people. I am unsure what this is called. Anyone know?
James (guest)
1 year ago (2019-12-13)
I have seen a woman's face in the face of now two different women when I looked at them in a certain situation. Now one would probably say I might have another on my mind when I was with these two individuals, but the woman's face in which I saw, is not someone I have known in this physical life, I'm sure of this... At the same time, the feelings that hit me were overwhelming and full of elation and joy, a warmth I've not felt from anyone or anything before. When I first saw it in the first woman it was a close an intimate moment, not sexual though. I was sitting face to face and had her head in my hands and I shiat you not, the woman sitting in front of me transformed before my eyes. Still had same color eyes and hair, but the facial structure changed. The same thing happened with the second woman. Has anyone ever experienced something like this or knows what it could mean?
Mike h (guest)
1 year ago (2019-12-10)
So I was told by this very old japanese lady that I "change faces" she also kept calling me "Jimmy" and said I followed her around for 50 years.
Betty (guest)
1 year ago (2019-12-08)
I have experience this before and I'm looking for answers as my story is similar to like yours I've known this man for about 3 years and his face changes a lot to be honest it's very scary it feels like my mind is being played with and Everytime this happen my mouth is glued shut and a great amount of fear shallows me away the feeling will last for about 5 to 8mins and when I snap back into reality things feel so awkward between us but he doesn't see anything wrong with this picture he actually calls me crazy I feel like he has voodoo on me some time or that he really have bad mental health issues that he needs help with but maybe be afraid to admit to I swear it reminds me of the movie split
Cass (1 posts)
1 year ago (2019-11-28)
I was with my friend and she was walking towards me and all of The sudden I felt this wave of confusion and her face was mine, it was my face on her body. Then I saw my friend again, and then it was back to my face on her. Then it finally switched back, and nothing like that has happened since. What is this? Was I hallucinating?
Jason wright (guest)
1 year ago (2019-11-07)
i was talking to a very spiritual lady one night we where both in deep conversation about spirits and how we can do readings I myself have seen spirits and can do readings. Nothing prepared me for this though while we where talking I slowly seen her face change into my aunties face who is still alive today that was weird even she couldn't give me an explanation for this so I am very keen to know why this happens and what does this mean?
Marty (1 posts)
2 years ago (2019-05-20)
Hi Yossu42,

Just had a similar experience and would like to maybe see if you have any clue on what this all means? Is there any way I can private message you?
REFD (guest)
2 years ago (2019-04-28)
I too have experienced this. I looked in the mirror and saw myself change 8 times in appearance. Really cool. Last night we were at friends, and the gentleman was standing infront of me, his face did the same thing 3 times.
Has anyone told you anything about this?
Ellaytche (guest)
2 years ago (2019-01-16)
You may find it interesting to do the experience facing a mirror, in a darkened room, eyelids relaxed and half-lidded. What do you see happen to your own face?
Stephanie (guest)
2 years ago (2018-12-20)
So this just happened. I was talking to my friend and her face automatically changed and looked like an older version of herself but at the same time looked nothing like her and I kept telling her your face is different! It was so strange to me. Is there any reasoning behind this!?
Karenhorney (guest)
2 years ago (2018-11-16)
I have seen people's face change twice, once in 2006 in the case of a friend and another time with someone within my family.

In 2006, I was sharing rooms with this 'friend' and I as a law student then, I was telling my friend about a criminal case of paedophilia that I was reading about. His face started changing. He looked very different. I had never seen his face like that and I immediately mentioned it. He started smiling, joking and became 'himself' again. A year later, while using his computer, I learnt that he had browsing child p0rn. Maybe the change I noticed was guilt. I will come back to this a little later.

The second instance happened when I was discussing with someone the concept of human evil in Scott Peck's book in 2016. I was narrating examples from the book to show how twisted, insidious some human actions could be. As she was listening, this 50 year old lady's face sagged. Eyes became different. Her chin 'disappeared'! I brought this to her attention. She started feeling uncomfortable, claimed that I maybe wrong about her face and walked out, saying it was getting late and went to her room. I noticed as she was leaving that she was on the verge of crying.

I brought up both the incidents with my therapist a week after the second incident. He explained that some discussions, some insights could have an effect on facial muscles - loosening or tightening. He also said that he sees it often in his clients. I believe him. Seems logical explanation
Karenhorney (guest)
2 years ago (2018-11-16)
I have seen people's face change twice, once in 2006 in the case of a friend and another time with someone within my family.

In 2006, I was sharing rooms with this 'friend' and I as a law student then, I was telling my friend about a criminal case of paedophilia that I was reading about. His face started changing. He looked very different. I had never seen his face like that and I immediately mentioned it. He started smiling, joking and became 'himself' again. A year later, while using his computer, I learnt that he had browsing child p0rn. Maybe the change I noticed was guilt. I will come back to this a little later.

The second instance happened when I was discussing with someone the concept of human evil in Scott Peck's book in 2016. I was narrating examples from the book to show how twisted, insidious some human actions could be. As she was listening, her face sagged. Eyes became different. Her chin 'disappeared'! I brought this to her attention. She started feeling uncomfortable, claimed that I maybe wrong about her face and walked out, saying it was getting late and went to her room. I noticed as she was leaving that she was on the verge of crying.

I brought up both the incidents with my therapist a week after the second incident. He explained that some discussions, some insights could have an effect on facial muscles - loosening or tightening. He also said that he sees it often in his clients. I believe him. Seems logical explanation
Ira (guest)
3 years ago (2018-09-18)
This happened to me inside a club called complex in Oakland,ca. First, I've always been... I guess spiritually inclined. I've had visions come true hours later or even weeks or days, I've had multiple dreams that showed me what was going on in people's lives whom I share no relation with... My dreams started to decrease as I began dealing with sleep paralysis for a few years. Only one time was I able to open my eyes very very slightly and saw a dark figure walk out my bedroom door-i saw what looked like a man in a trench coat and a hat but thought it could just have been my boyfriend and I thought I saw that because of blurred vision-yet he swore he had not been in the room the whole time because he was playing video games... And he was a TRUE gamer so he wouldn't have lied about it. Another random thing that happened to me-once him and I went to a neighbors home who was a an old latina and she kept talking to us about ghost and asked to read my cards and I felt an urge to leave. We left, went back in our room and as I'm putting on a face mask that comes in a package... I proceeded to say "I look like a ghost" but before the word ghost fully left my mouth a heavy glass candle flew about five feet away from me and landed right in front of my feet. Freaked us both out we ran out the room. I've also had extremely good decernment about bad people... Not a lot but I'd say a good three times I knew a person was bad and one warned others who never believed me until the person would finally do something drastic enough to prove me right. When I was a kid I saw Drake on Degrassi, I looked at him and then randomly said aloud "he's going to be someone really big one day, he has a focus that is strong and will be great at music." I still to this day do not know why I said that. Even when I was a kid I would stare at my hands front and back and get this huge wave of emotions... Like it was surreal that I was alive. Felt like butterflies with shock and excitement. All of these little random things plus more that has happened to me sparked my interest in finding out why all this has happened... But just the other night things got even more weird. Ok so there's this artist called Lil Uzi vert and some say he worships the devil and I didn't even want to go to the club to see him but my friend did... When we got there I didn't get a bad vibe. But when he came to sit on stage... Mind you I was sober, no drinks no weed and I've never pill popped, never did coke or any other drug but weed but I wasn't high that night... Anyway the dj starts playing his music as him and his "friends" sat on the stage looking at us... They're smoking and just sitting there. After dancing a bit I start to look around at the crowd and when I scanned the whole club I thought I was tripping hard! I saw one of his people's face literally change into what I can only describe as an evil skull like face. I really thought "damn my eyes are messing with me!" so I blinked hard and kept staring, still the same... I looked away and looked back, still the same! So I looked at other people and everyone looked normal, then looked back at him... His face was normal. This happened in the club twice! One with the guy on the stage and another guy in the club near the same side of the stage the dude was on. I don't know what this meant... It freaked me out so much I didn't even want to tell my friend bc I knew she would think I'm crazy. What am I experiencing? I don't know what any of this means but these type of things are happening and I feel like it's going to increase and I want to know what the hell I'm dealing with... What am I supposed to do? How do I know if this is god like or evil? And why did all of a sudden I start to see evil faces in people? Why now? Hopefully someone can help me hear.
Xandra (guest)
3 years ago (2018-08-12)
This has happened to me and with only one person. A man I felt and still feel deep soul attraction for and it was like that from day one even just from first written words.

When intimately kissing him and looking at him his face morphed into at least five different male faces
It was almost like an out of body experience making love with him

Even now to this day after much distance I can look at his picture and his face in photo changes into five or six different men like different versions of him
This is while staring at the photo

It's crazy and when I told him he didn't seem shocked
Which I did think alittle weird

Another thing the first day we actually met as I was looking into his eyes which I thought were beautiful almost like he was perfect in every way for me his eyes turned a much lighter silver blue then went back to normal

My reasoning of this is like some of the other guests
I have lived other lifetimes with this man
All in different versions
That he is my true mate
And when his eyes glowed that day
I was looking into his soul
He is over twenty years younger than Me

Never had an experience like this before
It's changed me forever really

I have also had telepathic er chats with him even to the point of him being sarcastic and making me laugh
That went in for a very long time but it has ebbed off a lot
I can only hear him once in a while

Am in my late fifties
It's almost as if he massaged my heart
Awakened my love chakra to help me in my life

I still love him deeply
Almost a special spiritual divine love

I feel blessed
Marie (guest)
3 years ago (2018-07-27)
For the first time in a a sunshine day and in live city pool... Suddenly I see this young father with a 2 years daughter in the pool. His face was with a white mask. I did see it two or three times why he was afar from me about 400 ft.
I was kind of puzzle why he had put that white cream on his face. Then, his face back to normal for a minute or so and back to be with the same white cream. He is white male.
I do not understand thed message. Do you?
cryingtacocat (guest)
3 years ago (2018-07-16)
I had just had something similar happen to me, me and my girlfriend were staying the night at her sisters house, there is suspicion of a death there and there has been pentagrams and a sort of angel of death cartel shrine, we were standing up, hugging and kissing, and when we pulled away from eachother, her entire face and hair changed, I didn't know who it was, a couple of days later and she sent me a photo of herself in the 8th grade and I absolutely freaked out because that is the girl I saw, just a younger version of my girlfriend.
Kirsten (guest)
3 years ago (2018-06-30)
My experience was completely different. I once dated this man who didn't seem to have his own face. I now believe he must have been some kind of living corpse. Being around him I could feel he was evil. It was like he wasn't a human being. When I would look into his face I couldn't get any kind of reading on his emotions or personality. It was like he was ACTING like a human, but failing. Anyway, everytime we were together I felt a deep existential dread when we were close. Every time I would see him it's like his face would change, like he was putting on a different mask every time he saw me. It's not as if he were a different person... His face was still the same person... It just seemed like it was a different version of himself. I'm not sure how to explain it. I have several pictures of him on my phone and he looks completely different in all his photos. I don't think they are photoshopped or filtered. I think his face simply changes from day to day. I can't describe it other than to say it's like he doesn't have a true identity. Most people you don't really get a feeling off of them. They feel pretty neutral. Some people you run into give you a really positive feeling, like a sort of charm. This guy was neither. There was simply nothing inside him. It's like he was a black void. Touching him was like touching evil. I always felt deep anxiety like something bad was going to happen. I decided to stop seeing him because he was hiding who he really is.
Kane (guest)
3 years ago (2018-05-02)
I've had this exact experience with my lover. I've seen hundreds of faces replace hers as she has mine Hers were all female and of all different ethnicities even an elf. Since this started we have grown stronger spiritually even being able to communicate with out words to an extent and the ability to achieve the almost impossible. Its taught me to fully experience and enjoy the present, things come and go but the true magic is the fact we are all connected and the universe will provide what/who we need to grow toward the one true purpose of our soul enlightenment.

Love, Honour and Integrity
Like soldiers coming from a past tense moving forward through a murky marsh, flailing crawling with one intent one mission the unity of one cause.
Or Angels from the future tense showing us paths of opportunity the ability of blind faith.
Or souls walking right now in the present followed by the intent the presence of the past and future tense. Taking on this journey the yearning of unity of blind faith the one true key to finding peace amongst humanity the knowledge of non-conformity to create community the true essence of non-duality.
My strengths are your weakness as yours are mine the one true bond transgressing the illusion of time moving beyond thinking there's a difference between your soul and mine creating power amongst the powerless a reason to transgress the decision of ego to guide humanity toward a new hope...
Kayne Paikea
Matthew (guest)
3 years ago (2018-03-21)
Well I'm not the best speller but I'm going to try my best but my experience was I met a girl and I seen her face change I think it was a demon so I kicked her out my motel but I feel like their was a lesson I was suppose to learn
zoe (guest)
3 years ago (2018-03-11)
this happened to me this morning; watching tv sat on the sofa, my housemate is asleep in bed. She woke up looked up at me grunted a bit in surprise and rolled over facing away then back "wtf you just had a cat face" I just thought it was her being sleepy "oh yeah?" then she went back to sleep about 5 minutes later she said do you have a cat? Or did you have a cat? "I have a cat and I've had cats" "did a cat of yours die? Because this is weird but I totally just saw your face like it was the cat watching tv" I asked her to describe the cat she saw; fitted the description of my cat I had from the age of 7 until he was put down when I was 20, I showed her a picture of him. "yeah that was the cat I just saw"
He had advanced cancer and my parents didn't realise until it was too late, so he was very quickly put down, my mum was just meant to take him to the vets to check up, had no idea it was so bad. But I didn't get a chance to say good bye, and I was very upset about this at the time. "I think he left a bit of his essence with you, when animals die unexpectantly they latch on to who they love alot." I cried a lot haha but it's nice to think I guess, I didn't get to say bye to him but he's been with me for the last 5 years I guess.

Anyway I know this isn't about seeing a person's face, but she saw my cats face on my face - like hermione in harry potter when she takes the cat polyjuice potion; just the face on my face not whole head with ears etc.

But I couldn't see much on the internet about pet ghosts just standard ghost stories of sightings. Nothing specifically about appearing on faces. But my housemate said it's a Hindu thing; if you die when you are not ready (i.e. My cat getting put down; then you are afraid so latch onto someone you love to feel safe)
Not just for animals for people too etc.

But I couldn't find anything about this on the internet; she says there's a proper word in Hinduism for it but can't remember what it is.
Sharon (guest)
3 years ago (2018-02-06)
I had a similar experience when my mom was in hospice dying. I was sitting in the chair beside her bed and was no light in the room just from coming in a crack in the partially closed door to the hallway. After a while I noticed that there were a series of trans parent masks superimposed on her face. It was the same faces each time someone male, some female and some looked like an earlier version of human. There was one face I was afraid to look at so I make sure I close my eyes and time that one would come around. I observed this for about an hour and I got tired and went to sleep. It only happens one time. Later I searched on the Internet to see if this ever happened to anyone else and only found one lady who describe the same thing happening to her Baby who died at birth. I had two Theory's as to what this could be one was that I was watching spirit from my mothers past in Carnations and the other one was that these were the spirit of others that had died in the hospital she's in

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