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I Saw God's Face


I had a religious experience in which I saw God now you might think I'm crazy, but I believe that it was true and power. Now some of you might think I was high or something but I don't care. It was in the sometime in this year 2010 during winter I remember that because there was snow on the ground I went outside to have a cigarette (it was at night) when I looked up at the full moon and I notice something weird about it. There was this light going around the moon and it just kept moving in and it seemed like it being stretch like a hole in space time or something like that or whatever you want to call it and then out the corner of my I saw a cars taillight a flash of red light looked back up at the moon and saw a rainbow around the moon then I saw the purest light I have ever saw it was so pure it was unbelievable and then I saw his face. And it was good.

Now when I smoke weed I feel like god is talking to me and that I have all the answers when someone who doesn't believe me challenges my believe it just flows out. That's why for me smoking weed is good thing but please if YOU don't believe that don't look away on my story because it TRUE. I truly believe for me that smoking weed helps me communion with God and let's me hear and talk to him. But this night was different I was not high I was high the day before but if you look it up marijuana high only lasts a short time depending on how much you smoke.

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GoldenGate (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-09)
I think smoking weed or marijuana or whatever might disturb your chemical balance in the body. What you experience might be your own hallucination. But do not know for sure. If you could experience that without weed, well, that is the real story.
😜 🤔
Smoking stuff like that for general people might cause a real negative side effects in the long run.
Adaryn7 (23 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-02)
Please read my comment with an open mind.

It's true that drugs can open you up to things of a spiritual nature, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea to take them. All drugs alter your body's chemistry, whether it's caffeine, alcohol, pain killers or ecstasy. Even drugs like marijuana, that are mistakenly considered "safe" drugs, can have serious long term repercussions with prolonged and continual usage. On the physical level, people with mild to sever bi-polar temperaments often experience severe feelings of depression after they come off the high, and marijuana has been shown to set off full-blown schizophrenia in those with a genetic pre-disposition towards it. Many people who use it often become extremely paranoid, too.

The problem with drugs is the "lie of the chemical high": people first start taking them to experience a high, but then after a while, their body becomes so chemically altered that they have to keep taking them just to feel normal. I am not necessarily talking about "addiction" here, either. I have seen regular cannabis users when they are sober, and they are NOT happy people. Is this the correct attitude or disposition for a spiritually-enlightened person to have?

The fact that people think they need to be high to have a spiritual experience is an illusion. I'm not saying that cannabis can't induce spiritual experiences (because it can) but what I'm saying that in my view, it isn't the right way to go about it. Not only do you wreak havoc upon your mind and body, but also your spirit.

To develop spiritually, it is advisable to meditate and to develop the chakras and balance the body's energy. By using cannabis (or any other drug) you totally screw with your body's delicate energetic balance, and you leave yourself vulnerable to a wide variety of negative influences. Some people have had some terrible supernatural experiences under the influence of cannabis, too.

I am not telling anyone what to do here. I am not judging people for using, or for the views they may have on whether this is ok or not. I am no angel, either. I am simply stating that in my opinion, taking drugs is not the way to enlightenment. You may have epiphanous moments, but they are like dreams: they pass; you come off the high, you feel bad, you drag yourself to work, trudge through life and you look forward to the next "hit" so you can recall what it was you were so enarmoured by in the first place. The experience may be fun, but it is also extremely transient, like so many other earthly things.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my comment.

Peace and blessings
renee (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-02)
I think I saw the moon that night during winter when a light Halo was around the moon. Everybody saw it. I know some one who took a picture of it. But to be honest weed opens you up to see things clearer. My brother smokes weed and he says when he's high he writes journals or like poetry about what he's feeling or about the world and when he goes back to read them (when he's not high) he come across spiritual things. Things he never could have known. It amazes him. Most people function better with weed. My brother believe weed was the "forbidden fruit" from the tree of knowledge that Adam and Eve ate from. Now I know you smoke weed but some people actually eat weed like in Europe they grind weed and put it in food, desserts and coffee. So I believe you.

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