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I'd like to make an Introduction. I had been placed from Foster home to Foster home and separated from my younger brother since age of nine. This story takes place in Grand Rapids Michigan, when I was the age of 16.

I am now twenty five years old, married and have a 10 month old son and 7 months pregnant with a baby girl and reside in S.E. Asia, (Malaysia to be exact.) I am also an English Teacher. This introduction was not brief but I felt I had to let you all know a little of myself as to let you all know that not all broken children end up growing to be broken adults with a sketchy lifestyle.

This experience is tame and wonderful compared to the other experiences I had. (Those are to be told at a later date.)

When I was 16 I was in a horrible transition in life. Being shifted left and right to foster homes and group homes. Making friends then moving to another town on the other side of the state just to make new friends and be moved yet again. I had acclimated myself quite nicely with a foster family in my hometown of Jackson. It was wonderful to live out in the boondocks again.

Late one evening I had received a phone call from my caseworker. She had not only bad news but double bad news. Turned out my dad was placed in jail for a bounced check (Nothing new!) and my younger brother reported physical abuse from his foster father and then ran out in the snow and passed out. My brother almost over dosed on pills. As it turned out his foster dad was implementing very brutal punishments to the boys that resided there. One example being. My brother was chained and handcuffed shirtless to a chair outside in the dead of winter. Why? There was a young seven year old boy named Ricky who has Down syndrome. The bunt of the foster dad's cruelty and my brother's crime was defending Ricky. (The foster father is a warden at Jackson Prison, it was later found that he had tossed poor Ricky against the wall and broken the boys arm.)

I hung up and discussed the situation with my foster parents when my foster mom gave me the ultimatum. "In order for us to adopt you, you must cut ties with that family of yours"! Her cold suggestion upset me deeply and I was at my wits end. I locked myself in the toilet with a steak knife and I had cut my wrists. The ambulance was called and I was placed three hours away into a mental hospital.

I am no stranger to this hospital I was there once before (Suicide attempt) and was discharged less than a week. Here I was day nine and I knew I would not be discharged any day soon. I rarely left the bed not even to eat. I did not even speak one word in those nine days. Late one night as lights where put out, I had taken the pills out my mouth and placed it with the bounty of other pills under the mattress. I was saving for the ultimate over dose and I meant business. I was full of dread and to much emotional pain that I was adamant not to move on.

Soon sleep came. I do not remember waking up or being roused awake all I know was that one moment I was sleeping the next I was awake having a conversation with... Something... All I could see was a bright light but it was definitely not blinding. The chair that was next to the window at the far end of the room was now placed next to my bed with a figure/light sitting upon it. I remember laughing and talking joyously with this entity. I was not even thinking it to be supernatural at all. I was conversing with it as if I was conversing with a normal person. I by instinct known that they were not responding with words. I could hear their replies in my head.

I remember seeing their feet and the glowing white robe and I had the desire to look up but I was unable to do so, it was far too bright signifying to me that it was forbidden to see any more above the knees. It was not the fact that it was not human and was not of this world that was important. The importance of this being was the feeling it gave me. I've never known in my entire life the peace and cleanliness it had instilled in me. It was as if all of my pain in those sixteen years were non existent. The joy, the love and the immense feeling of purity in my heart is what I remember most. As if hatred, anger and suffering was non existent.

Then nature began to call. I smiled politely and asked to be excused briefly. I got up out of my bed and walked towards the small door that is the restroom. Midway I stopped and turned (I wanted to tell it that I will be quick and to not leave.) When I turned all I saw was the dark corner and an empty chair. As quick as it left was as quick as my emotional pain flooded back in my heart and I collapsed in a pile of tears. The night shift nurse ran in and comforted me, I asked where did my friend go and they assured me I had no visitors.

The next morning I was told to go to the psychiatrist's office. I did. My Dr. Sat me down, He asked. "Who were you talking to? I then relayed to him what had happened. He said it was unique but I was quite alone. He suggested that I was probably having a night terror and I replied "There was nothing terrible about this, and I was very much awake!" and left it at that. The disbelief caused me to keep quiet of this incident up until I met my husband.

I can not tell you what the entity and I discussed about for as soon as it was gone the conversation was forgotten. All I can say is that soon after my release I had a desire to learn how to read Arabic, that then lead to the desire to read the Quran which in turn lead me to know Islam. I am now a Muslim woman and married with a second child on the way. Some of you may have a set mind on Islam but I just kindly ask you to not believe in what you hear from the media. The media is extremely biased for their own gain. Islam literally means peace and that is what this religion truly is. Peace and love and unity with God. I said my Islamic oath at age 17 just a few months after my visit from the light entity. I was born Christian, but I will be buried a Muslim.

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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-13)
People who come from disfunctional homes usually wind up in these kind of relationships for a long time, and some for all there life. I use to be from one person to another until I met my guy and wow the change that happen was wonderful. So yes I agree people that comes from homes like this tend to stay in the same routine.
antoinette (guest)
14 years ago (2008-07-18)
That was a fascinating story. I am so happy to see that you have done so well considering the challenges you overcame as a child. I hope your brother is well and that you have not lost touch with him. It seems that people (your foster parent) do not understand the deviastating consequences of their selfish actions on a child. It sounds to me like your guardian angel came to you to give you hope and insight. You are very fortunate to have talked to him at such a time of crisis. Your experience provides support that all of us are not alone and that we have a group of supporters in the spirit world looking out for us in our life experiences. Good luck to you!

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