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Kundalini: The Soothing Onslaught


I started to feel my head being thrown from side to side quite vigorously, yet elegantly. It was almost like a gentle swaying, which I mostly ignored for around thirty seconds, but it quickly got faster, more and more incessant that I take notice.

I felt a build up of pressure at the back of my neck, slightly uncomfortable yet warm and soothing.

Suddenly, my head was dragged backwards and my mouth flung open by an unseen force. Being familiar with Kundalini and its weird symptoms, I decided to allow the energies to do whatever they had to do... I thought that, if I could see myself, I was in that classic pose that they have in 'Supernatural', when Dean or Sam stab a demon, and the body dies as the demon leaves. As the demon leaves, the body throws it's head back, looks up, and we see the demon exit through the mouth.

If I were the sort of person to believe in the ability of outside forces to invade my body against my will, I might have been scared.

But I'm not, so I knew something was going on within me, something big.

My throat chakra began to vibrate uncontrollably and I felt I might choke but then I started gasping for air.

I got little reprieve over the next 3 or 4 minutes, rather what seemed like 3 or 4 minutes but was verified as taking just over an hour. I managed to force my head down for a gaspless breath, once or twice, but the Kundalini energies had a job to do and I found my head dragged back, and my mouth forced wide open, over and over again.

Intuitively, I knew this was about healing of an issue relating to all my sore throats as a kid.

At the time, I was perfectly aware of everything that happened, but looking back now I know that many things occurred, just not in what order.

Here's a list

A vomiting feeling, not from my stomach, but from my throat. It felt like I was vomiting huge energetic snakes. There were two big purges, then a slightly smaller purge. After the purging came a glowing sensation of energy entering my being and filling me up.

This energy then descended rapidly through each chakra, causing many vibrations and releasing of stagnant emotions.

The energy paused for around a minute at my sacral chakra then back to my heart centre. It never touched my root chakra or crown chakra.

My face cracked, on the right, just above the nostril. Perhaps this had something to do with the sinuses, for I now notice I can breathe easier through the nose.

I felt my entire brain being "rewired". The energies sent a wave of ecstatic pleasure throughout my consciousness.

I saw many movements out of the corner of my eyes, including a Being of Light and this Being seemed to enter my body from the left.

In the hour, I never once panicked. I've become intimately familar with Kundalini over the last 4 years, and while I never before experienced anything close to this intensity, I knew I was safe.

I expect many of us to experience similar things in 2014, and if I were to give one bit of advice, here it is - Stay calm. Familiarise yourself with as many Kundalini experiences as you can, but realise you're an individual and your experience, while being similar to others, will be unique to you. Know that you're safe, allow Kundalini to do what it needs to do then sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride:)

It's too soon yet to say for sure how this experience will change me, but I can't help but feeling a youthful sense of excitement.

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