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My Calling


I'm sure we all feel as though we have a calling, something we are meant to do in the world. No matter what religion or spirituality, I feel like we all have this connectedness. We all strive for the greater good and want to help.

For the longest time I believed that my calling was science, forensic science to be exact. To work to protect by helping to solve crimes. I was sure that was what I was supposed to do for so long and then the most peculiar thing happened.

Since this year started I have felt a few powerful presences with me, and I do not believe they are ghosts. I believe that, maybe, they are messengers or something of a higher power.

I don't think I can fully explain to someone what happened through this month though. It's hard for me to understand it myself and I have tried explaining it to family but they are left confused.

There is this overwhelming feeling that washes over me occasionally and somehow I can translate this feeling into ideas and even exact words. Like it is some sort of language. Recently this has been happening more frequently.

Like I said before, I wanted to be a forensic scientist. That was about three weeks ago. Overnight this feeling came to me, not to my mind exactly but I can't explain where it came to, though I like to think it was my soul. It said to me that I needed to make a difference myself. I couldn't stay in a lab and analyze things from crimes gone by that I would not be out in the world doing good for the sake of just doing good.

Now this message came with a job for me, I needed to help the last, the homeless, the sad. In that moment, nothing else mattered, only this job that had been sent to me.

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