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I will start by giving you a bit of background about my life. I have always had some belief in god throughout my life but when I've been at my worst my faith would weaken. In my early 20's I had three separate episodes where I was clinically depressed and each time it took me 4 to 6 months to recover. At the time I was suffering and I would pray to god to help me through the pain but I never felt like I was being heard. I have never felt comfortable attending church and don't really agree with organized religion. Ever since I have been searching for my purpose and trying to find meaning in my life.

Over the last few years I have realized that I have a passion for helping others who have similar struggles. So this year I have decided to study to be a social worker. I believe this is the reason for my suffering, so that I can empathize with others and help them get through their personal struggles.

Last week during a session with my therapist I had my eyes closed and was visualizing about how great I would feel once I'm qualified as a social worker and helping people. During this visualization I spontaneously had a vision of a bright light shining through my body up to God above and that same light shining out from me to the people I will be helping. Before this I had a lot of doubts about Gods relevance in my life. But now I have finally found my purpose and know I have Gods will with me to carry out my work. I feel extremely blessed to have had this experience and my connection with God has strengthened. God bless you all.

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