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A few times in the past a female voice has spoken my name and it was when I was drifting off to sleep. Another time when I was little, I had heard a stern "STOP" when I was running towards a bike track. As soon as I heard this I stopped in my tracks and a cyclist went riding by pretty fast. If I hadn't of listened, we would of collided.

Now being in my 20's i've become more interested in my angels and guardians wanting to learn more.

A few months ago I asked for a sign about his/her appearance, attributes, name etc so I could feel a closer connection. I asked my guide for a definite sign. Something that would be clear to me.

A few nights later while I was asleep, I heard a voice that repeated the name 'Karen' to me.

It was a soft calm voice, that sounded like a female and it repeated this name three times. The voice spoke quite calmly and slowly, as if I needed to pay attention to what it was saying to me. Each time it repeated the name the voice got louder.

It wasn't in a dream though. Usually my dreams consist of people, colours, objects, numbers, names etc but I remember seeing nothing, just hearing this voice.

After this voice spoke to me I woke up straight away, a little startled because nothing like that had happened to me before.

I wrote the name day and went back to sleep.

The next day the name Karen had popped up twice. I then asked my guide for a definite sign that I had the right idea about their message. I asked for a ringing sign (since I have been receiving ringing noises in my ear), and at that moment a phone had started ringing!

I truly believe that my guide had contacted me and answered me:)

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