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Was This My Guardian?


I have always believed in guardian angels and that we all have one. I have considered trying to communicate with mine and wanted to know peoples opinions on my experience this week.

I went to bed, was relaxed, the environment was nice and quiet. I firstly said my prayer, etc, (I am not religious but believe in good and bad and say a little prayer every night) so my thoughts could be clear as possible. I firstly acknowledged my guardian in my mind and asked if they could show me a sign that they were present. I felt a sensation on my ankles and feet that felt very pleasant. Once it stopped asked my guardian to make the sensation happen again and it did. When it stopped for the second time I asked for another different sign. I then felt in between my shoulder blades but lower down, a sensation of touch, that was like a motion of circling, it actually felt like a circle on my back, (I hope this makes sense, it was like someone placing something solid on my back in the shape of a circle and it was spinning round in one place). This circle felt like it was something from within me and felt like a pulling sensation. The sensation was not painful or anything like that, it was very calming, pleasant and I was in fact amazed at what was happening. It continued for about a minute and got more intense then stopped. When I had no feeling of the sensation anymore I said thank you.

Could this have been my guardian carrying out the requests I had made? Could the circle sensation have been one of my chakras?, (just a thought). I would just like to add, my toddler daughter sleeps in the same bed as me and I also told my guardian that I acknowledged my daughters guardian too and asked to pass this on to them, (hope I am not making myself sound odd, just thought it would be a nice thing to do). I am very interested in any comments or questions in regards to my experience. I am very excited to see what anyone has to say. Thank you.

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