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My Guardian


The true strange story. My old Dog, Sarge, half wolf half chocolate Lab (Or so I am led to believe, Via picture) is my Angel, my guardian.

Sarge died a few days before I was born. And my family was happy yet sad. But they covered their sadness with fake smiles for the baby. Sarge was a large pawed, smart, loving person-Animal. I'm always into animals are people too.

My turn to feed Banjo (See my Ghost stories, same name, Baneofthewolf for his death story.) and my other doggie. As it is they are the only two in the fenced dog area, like always, sometimes we bring them in so my mom called. "Bring them in" So I opened the cage and my alive dogs came out. But what scared me was the figure of Sarge. I was so curious at that age I walked up to him and made to pet him and he pushed his head into my hands. Then my mom came to check up on me and I had to go inside. I walked into my living room and gasped loudly, there was a picture of the dog I had jut seen, so I asked about the picture and they told me the sad story. And two days later I had a music test, I never study for those, and got an A+ with extra credit. 110%. Perfect score.

The second time I saw Sarge was when I was taking my HSPT. (High School Placement Test) And that was a month back. I saw him and backed away, he came up to me and licked my hand. He was a kindred angel. And I got into Biology, and a regular English, I stink at english.

My window faces the fence-pen and the scary garage. I see faces, figures of my imagination and they scare me. I moved my room around so I could be close to Sarge, but close to the garage. And since that month when I moved my room and got scared every night, I hear a bark, when all my dogs are inside (I have 2 banjo passed both inside dogs.) Coming from outside, and sometimes when I go out there for air, I see my beloved, Guardian Angel. Sarge.

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