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My Angel Kitten


In 2005, a new member came to my family. A black male kitten, with green eyes, could finally see me. I decided that I would keep him, and name him Shadow. Shadow was always by my side. We would run in woods, sneak in the house, everything best friends would do. He was the perfect pet companion.

But on January 2006, changes came and they came at what seems to be, the wrong time. Shadow came home with only 3 legs. Possibly, he got hit by a car. I was upset by this, but proud because he kept living, and he also kept watching, and following me.

But, in Febuary 2006, Shadow died under my house. I cried, of course. He was my best friend, and he still is. I can still hear his meows, purrs, feel him rubbing against my back, and hear the jingling bell from his ripped collar. I can hear his feet running through the woods, and I know he's there. He's my angel kitten, and he always will be.

Now, I have 3 cats. Romeo, Spencer and Samm. Sometimes I see them staring at the strangest things, but I know it's just Shadow.

When I sleep with Spencer and Romeo, with Samm, by my bed side, I can feel Shadow's body right beside mine.

Have you had an experience like this, it would be great to know!


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mycatromeo (2 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-27)
Aww, That's pretty sad. Sorry that happened. And sorry it took me so long to say something back. Haha!
Joy (guest)
14 years ago (2009-05-22)
I had a similar experience. When I was young, our cat had her kittens in the ceiling of my father's painting room. We called it the painting room because my father kept his paint cans and equipment in it. Well the painting room was just below our kitchen. While we were in the kitchen, we could hear the kittens right under our feet. It was so eerie. My father said we would just have to wait until the kittens were big enough to crawl out by themselves, and they did. I took a shine to one particular kitten because not only was he beautiful, but he was smarter than any animal I have ever seen. I would bring him in the house a play with him because he was my special kitten. I would roll a jack ball and he would run after it and pick it up in his mouth and bring it back to me. I have never seen a kitten so smart.

On a sad note, the kittens got into my father's painting supplies, took sick and died. I even saw one kitten put his foot in another kitten's stomach to try to put him out of his misery. I didn't know they were suffering until they all died. We found all the kittens except the one special kitten. I think he was an angel kitten who came to take the other kittens home.

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