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My Guardian 2


I am going to submit this on all three experience sites. I felt the fire. I let it burn. I lost what I held dearly, only to regain it.

It was a day at school when I started vomiting. It was gross and disgusting and all vomity. I went home and I was running a fever of 103 Fahrenheit.

My mom took me to a doctor, who said it was only a bad case of the flu. LIAR. Next doctor please. My mom took me to another doctor, same thing.

So I was getting to the point I was going to go... Forever. My mother took me to my normal doc and he said I had strep throat and one of the worst cases of the flu he's ever seen. So with my good hearing I heard. "We need to hospitalize him, Red tube." I was scared as... pudding. (I don't want to swear.) I hate hospitals. Needles, the smell of syringes. IV's. Shots. Blood. All those things scared me puddingless.

I felt myself leave my body for a moment. A Tug on the string of life about to be cut. As in Greek Mythology, the Fates. I heard two growls. Sarge (as in this story) and Banjo (this story) came to be with me on my passing, as I was to believe. Banjo and Sarge's spirit looked me in my eyes, telling me not to go. I reached weakly for them and touched both of them. They saved my life, I don't know how. My guardian angel, and my pathfinder.

No longer did I feel the twitch.

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Taurusgirl10 (2 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-18)
Scary. One of my friends fainted a couple of years ago in school. Everyone thought it was just because he got overheated in gym class. But he went to a doctor and they told him that he had a bad heart condition.
It must have been scary to be so sick like that for so long.
Shawn Tester (guest)
14 years ago (2009-04-13)
I also had a near death experience when I was younger. I hit my head hard when I was a kid and died on the operating table. I remember looking at my mother sitting in a chair outside in the waiting room and my dad standing against the wall with blood on his shirt. I wanted to speak to them but nothing came out. The next thing I remembered was waking up in a bed that had padded rails. I remember my mom standing above me with my father. His shirt was bloody, that is when I knew that I was dreaming. You see, I was knocked out when I hit my head and I was out for over 8 hours. I never saw my father before waking up, of course, except when I floated into the waiting room.

Awesome experience.

Shawn Tester

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