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The Miracle


The following is an account of how an angel helped my dearest friend Angela. To clarify one point, Angela was unable to get medical help for any of her health problems due to previous bad experiences that she had.

Angela's body died in November 2006, and I know that she lives on with Our Father in heaven, either as an angel or sleeping, awaiting a resurrection. And so I keep a diary written to Angela. The following is from an entry I wrote in 2008, to keep a written record of The Miracle:

29-08-2005 00:00

You call me,

The period that went on for ages (I think it started 27-08-2005, lasted for weeks and was the penultimate period)


You were screaming in agony with outrageous pain coming from the region of your right ovary - we think it was another burst ovarian cyst, this had happened a few times before, and around the same day of the cycle. You couldn't move your right leg.


You started to call out 'Please God help me' continually. I joined you in asking Our Father for help, saying 'Please God help her', then 'Please God help' continually. I stopped calling out, you were still screaming in agony. I was sitting on the chair beside you, you were lying on the window side of the bed.

I was bent forward, then something told me to sit up straight, eyes forward. I thought, 'yes, be positive, strong for Angela'. Then, it couldn't have been more than a few seconds later, the blue beam of light! A crystal clear, deep blue, laser-like beam of light, flashed into the room through the open doorway, stopping by the wall to my right. A white flash of light, the size of an open hand came after the blue beam, where it stopped by the wall. It looked like no other kind of light - like you said later...

I first thought someone must have been standing in the hallway and flashing a torchlight into the bedroom, and that maybe it was the police, someone having called them because of the screaming. I didn't want to leave your side, so I listened very carefully, and thought, no-one could have got into the flat without me hearing. What was this light, where did it come from? I looked at the curtains, they were closed, no light could have got in that way - wrong angle anyway.

The boiler room door was closed. Not sure about the kitchen door - wrong angle anyway. And everywhere was dark, with either the kitchen light or lamp in the hallway as background lighting. I didn't have time to dwell on this because you were still screaming in agony. So I thought 'O.K. If God is going to help, it looks like it's got to be through me, since I am the only person physically here with you...'

So I bent forward, hovering both of my hands a couple of inches above you, taking care not to touch you, since I knew this would make things worse - you couldn't be touched when you were in pain. No more than a few seconds could have passed, maybe only 2, or more like 1 second, because I had only just done this when there he was!

The Angel came between you and me. I sat back and watched, he was a large man, short dark hair, dark beard, white clothing. He looked kind of like how Saint Peter is portrayed. Obviously an angel, he was a living person, I could see clearly the features of his face and his facial expression, he was very matter of fact, professional, getting on with his job, competent. And just like the light was 'like no other light', this person was like no other person. His facial expression, persona, manner, a perfect person - no flaw in him, an angel, a son of Our Father - no sin existing in him. His face glowed. It seems to me, that he radiated righteousness.

He cradled you in his arms and sat you up, a transparent version of you, your body was still lying on the bed. I could see a ball of white light in your abdomen and another in his abdomen, about the size of an open hand. The light in his abdomen seemed to be absorbing the light in your abdomen, both lights were joined, looking like a dumbell made of light.

He then laid down the transparent version of you, and moved to the top left corner of the room, where he joined at least 2 other spirits, (there seemed to be 3 of them) Moving into the middle of them, and becoming as transparent as they were, just slightly above invisible. They all seemed to be smiling.

I looked at you, you were smiling, a gentle, serene, content smile. It was only at this point that I realized you had stopped screaming. I looked at the spirits, and in my heart thanked them for helping you, and then, with reference to the next door neighbour and everyone else who was giving us trouble while you were dying a slow painful death, I said in my heart 'What about them?' - meaning, if you can help like this, what about the other problems... The spirits replied, silently, 'We'll deal with them, you be here for Angela', which I took to mean 'We'll deal with them and everyone else, including yourself, fairly and justly at the appropriate time - this being a matter for us and not you or anyone else. You, you be here for Angela.'

I then looked at you, and you were so serene, with that lovely smile that you have. I looked out through the open door to the hallway and recalled the blue beam of light and white flash, and the angel, the abdominal lights, the conversation, everything.

I then thought 'how do I tell you this? You'll think I'm mad. But then I came to my senses and recalled your experiences to do with Saint Sebastian which you had told me about. It was around this moment that I could no longer see the spirits in the room.

I said 'I saw a flashing light', you opened your eyes, looked at me briefly, then looked forward and said 'I'm always seeing them'.

I then explained what I meant, and told you the whole story. When I described the blue beam, you said 'It's like no other light'.

You wanted to know what the angel looked like, and said that Sebastian didn't have a beard... One day we'll find out who that was, if you haven't done already...

Then you realized that you weren't in pain and could move your right leg.

I stayed with you for 3 days until you could get around unaided. And for 2-3 of those days, whilst I stayed with you, I kept saying 'that really did happen, didn't it?' to which you would say 'yes'. It was only when you made it clear that you were completely fed up of this that I stopped.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with others.

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Dixie (14 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-02)

Sometime when I have the time. I will post my experiences.

My oldest son should not be here according to Dr. S God was my only hope. He didn't let me down.

My older brother died back in 08. All though my brother died. I saw God working in his life. My brother went through a lot before he died but he never lost faith. ~Dixie
Redcurse (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-25)
hey dixie...
Where does all that faith come from?
I mean I have some solid reasons but what about you?
For some reason I feel your interesting.
Dixie (14 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-24)
wOw! Nothing is impossible with God. All things are possible through Christ. I am sorry about the loss of your friend. I lost my brother in 08. He was very ill (for years) before he died also. Its hard to see loved ones in pain. So much that only God can heal it, ease it or keep our loved one going. ~ ❤Dixie

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