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A Whisper In My Ear


A few years ago, my husband, and I were living in a small town in Pennsylvania. I received a letter from my sister saying that my parents house burnt down, and my mom's dog perished in the fire. (my dad fell asleep shortly after starting up a pot of grease to make some french fries) I cried, because the dog was part of our family for so many years

I was sitting alone, reading this letter. When I finished, I asked my self, why did the dog have to die? And I swear, I heard a whisper in my ear that said "to teach your dad a lesson". I looked around, and no one was there! It was a man's voice, but my husband was at work! I honestly believe God spoke to me that night. It was God's voice I heard.

I told my husband about this, and he pretty much brushed it off like I was crazy or something. I haven't mentioned this to anyone until a few years later. I told my aunt, and cousin about this. I know they think I'm crazy! Like why would God speak to me of all people. I believe the "voice" was telling the truth, my dad did learn a lesson. Because as of today, my dad has never done anything like this again...

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Karen Dillingham (guest)
2 years ago (2018-09-17)
Just sharing an experience that took place in 2003
A Spiritual Awakening I was reading the Bible on a constant basis seeking wisdom knowledge after my father passed away I begin to deal with attacks physically from demonic forces holding me down with my eyes clearly open my spirit was open each time something with come in my room and my presents my spirit would automatically Focus to where it was I knew some type of presents was in my room spirits actually came into my television as a shadow spirits came to me in video above my head and spoke out and knew my name and said to me we are not afraid of you I saw Spirits 3 came in blue fluorescent lights as well I heard audio voice come through my ear to give me three numbers which I today still remember and pray about for understanding of the meaning of 81120 it would not let me rest until I wrote it down I have had several out of body experiences I have been taken on Journeys out of my body I could actually see my body still laying on the bed there were times that as I was being taught through the angels how to be able to use my mind to turn lights off to be able to do things through my mind I was taught how to fight and defeat the Demonic forces that were coming against me during the spiritual awakening I am gifted to hear directly from the spiritual rim of yahshua I could sit next to someone and I will begin to hear things about that person of what they've gone through what is great that is coming for them and if there are any warnings for them I am now much stronger and more educated would knowledge and wisdom in the gifts of the Spirit which have been given to me all 9 of them and I continue to seek more knowledge sometimes uncontrollably trying to put pieces of the puzzle together I do want to encourage many not to be afraid if these things take place in your life you are not crazy but to seek yahshua and His Holy Spirit for help and guidance in the car that is on your life and most important be obedient thank you and please allow the blessings of the Lord be upon each and everyone of you God bless you prophetess Karen Dillingham
destiny (guest)
11 years ago (2009-05-05)
dear logikq,
I too have experienced the same thing. Mine had gone on for about 7 months and then one day it stopped. The situation was about someone whom I thought was a friend but was not. Everytime I thought of this friend or talked to her, this chime would come around more and more. Later I had found out this friend was bad. So maybe mine was a danger as well. I do not know but was really annoying me and sometimes I still catch myself listening when its quiet and nothing has sounded like chimes lately, but once the friendship diminished then the chimes did also.
Logikq (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-19)
I had something similar happen to me and I came upon this site looking for answers.

This morning I heard a synthetic chime in my left hear saying "You are in danger." This repeated two times and I awoke. I got up and checked out my house (inside and out) with nothing found. I prayed for protection and answers.

This wasn't a male or female voice. As I said, it was synthetic and mechanical like from a Herbie Hancock synthesizer. It was more than a whisper but was directly in my ear like a mini-microphone. It was slow and steady. Like a 4-count musical note:

"You... Are... In... Dan... Ger..."
"You... Are... In... Dan... Ger..."
"You... Are... In... Dan... Ger..."

I take this as some kind of warning, but warning of what? Not to yield to paranoia, I have to assume someone or something has the intention of causing harm. I know some will say I was dreaming, but this was like being shaken from your sleep. This interrupted a dream of a visit from members of my family -- there was nothing significant about it. It was cordial and kind of plain.

This is the goal of my posting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1.) I would like to know how to pin-point the source of harm.

2.) Protect myself and family from the threat.

3.) Identify the person or entity that has warned me and possibly communicate.

Any thoughts and insight would really help my peace-of-mind.

Nataszha (guest)
12 years ago (2009-04-04)
Dear Vagabondfaith,
I would like to attempt an answer to the question you have asked to justintime. About this contract thing. I have a strong belief in something of this sort that there is an agreement, a "contract", so to speak. I think the contract is more between you and yourself. I also believe that we are all one with God, so this explains how the "contract" is between us and our ultimate higher self, God.

I believe some, or all souls reincarnate until they either decide, realize or are called upon into unity with God. Suppose someone dies and their soul feels empty (the purjatory state perhaps) because it has never made a true union with other souls, then it will be eventually pushed or driven to return to a place (earth in our case) with other similar souls, and try to live a life leading to the proper connections. The problem is that many souls keep on reincarnating because they come back to earth with goals of living a more fruitful life for themselves only, rather than help others. Hence the contract is our chosen goals we make before returning in body form. The goals are probably selected according to things we percieve as past mistakes, eg. I could have had a better education, be richer, marry someone else... We all strive for love, but many think that fame, money and prestige bring this love and unity. I think that the only way to be one with God is to learn how unite with others first.

Thus the challenges of marriage, or friendships. In a true soul connection we have to compromise and let go of our ego, and satisfy the dual ego. If you can't truely join with one person, how can you ever learn to join any other souls, who eventually join God... These are first steps to happiness which some souls reach without ever needing to reincarnate, and other will take multiple reincarnations to reach. I don't swear 100% by what I have written, but this is my perception.
crystaldart (guest)
12 years ago (2009-04-01)
Dear snowflake, I believe its your our love for God that makes you say and believe so. If its a one time experience, I guess its ok to think so.

But we can't escape the truth by neglecting it. There are spirits. There are souls standing in different stages of evolution. For them to come in contact with someone is not any big deal. Its a simple spiritual truth. All you need just to walk the distance, that's all.

We are indeed the children of God. But, are we evolved enough to hear his voice is the question. Irrespective of this, we can still keep loving him.

But if it gave you solace, its the best news for me. Nice time. Take care
snowflake (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-29)
Crystaldart, I only assumed it was God, because he would be the only "person" who would've spoken to me, so I like to think. I don't think there was a spirit or anything like that in my apartment. Redcurse, as for the gaurdian angel, you maybe right. Never thought about that. Dixie, yes I understood what you said, and thank you. I know God doesn't speak to everyone, but He may have spoken to me. In fact, that was the only time He has,lol. Thank you Dixie 😁
Dixie (guest)
12 years ago (2009-03-25)
Why wouldn't God speak to you? You are His are His child, right?
Don't worry about any one else thinks. Does it really matter? You know, what you know. Just as you have your own relationship with your husband and aunts. You have a relationship with God. Right? You talk to Him. Why wouldn't He at some point answer you?

I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

~ Dixie
Redcurse (9 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-24)
P.D: it could also have been your guardian angel whose aura has the essence of god that confused you.
Redcurse (9 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-24)
i know it maybe weird but as well some people can feel if the spirit its bad, good or something else.
Why disscard the change of her feeling god?
It may be exeptic wouldn't it? After all god watches us all the time and sometimes give us signs it wouldn't be weird to also speak to us at least a few words.
crystaldart (guest)
12 years ago (2009-03-20)
The thing that surprise me is the haste in which you conclude that the voice was that of GOD. It could have come from anyone. Any ordinary spirit.

What people sometimes still don't get is that, We experience GOD not as deep as GOD himself. But only as deep as our own spiritual experience can take us. So don't attribute every thing you find extraordinary to GOD. GOD is a truth that's far far higher than our perceptions.

Many have seen lights, and words in spiritual experiences. So have great souls like Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha and all. There is a difference in what they saw /heard and what we have. See, the concept of GOD goes deeper as our soul evolves higher.

So, if those words have inspired you, good. But more than that don't let it pester you.
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-20)
Dear just in time, where did you get this idea from that we sign a contract before we are born as to which lessons we are going to learn. Sounds very interesting, but where is the evidence for this? Look forward to hearing from you.
just in time (guest)
12 years ago (2009-03-18)
I think what's so nice to know is that before
We come to earth we sign a contract of what
Life lessons we are going to learn. Its nice
Knowing that we have free will and in that free
Will we can decide to do something or decide not
To. This being said, it was a miracle no one else
In the house was killed. That is a blessing in it
Self. I bet your father just feels awful and definatly learned a good lesson here. I know I
Would have. Something like this could have happined to any of us.

love just in time
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-17)
Very good story and no you are not crazy. You are just in tune with the wonderful spiritual world that surrounds us and has amazing treasures to be searched out and tapped. God does want us to learn our lessons here on earth so that we do not have to learn them later on in Purgatory. Look forward to more of your stories and experiences. Keep in touch either here on this website or direct wit me michaeljaffrayk [at]
Have a great week!

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