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To start off with, I really don't know that much about angels. I've always felt really connected to them, especially archangel Michael. Michael is a family name, so he feels very close to me since both my grandfather and uncle are named Michael. When I go to sleep I ask Michael to give me courage and the instant I ask it I am no longer afraid.

Recently I've been having these visions of angels. At first I kind of just had this thing with them where I would think of them all the time. It was a little strange, even for me.

And then, I saw the guardians. Guardians are angels that guard the doorways where I walk. The first time I saw them it was at school. My friend Jenna, who is a medium, couldn't see them. They were... Indescribable really. But they were true warriors, that I could tell from just seeing them. Two stood on either side of the doorway with gleaming swords held straight. As soon as I passed into the room they were guarding, I felt safe.

Then I had a vision. I am psychic, which often helps me understand the confusing thing I call my life. The vision was of me, as an angel. I had one grey wing, and one brilliant white one. I was on the ground, both wings dragging, the grey one dipping into the ocean that was on the right side of me. I looked like I was in pain.

Then I had another vision. This was of me again, this time holding a sword with half of my face reflected in it. Today I had the vision again, except this time it continued to me fighting with something.

Soon after, I got the strange feeling that I was angel, cast down into the earth for something I had done wrong in heaven. I feel like I was Michael's daughter or something. Is that even possible? I don't know how to describe my closeness to him... If anyone has answers, please let me know.

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Traveler (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-17)
Well, this post is several years old, and perhaps you've evolved your thoughts about what your experience means to you. I am commenting because in my own experience, I would agree with the one reply here suggesting that a past life as an angel might be the case. I have worked on healing my own past lives for years and years, and in with all the apparent human lives I recall, there is a sense of having been what we consider an angel, as well. There is certainly commentary online, by various "new age" types, about what characteristics humans who were once angels have. Some of the traits suggested by some seemed rather superficial and useless; but some others rang true to me, anyway. There is even a psychic who specializes in doing angel readings for "incarnated angels." Just look up the term.

At this time, I believe angels were a race of beings that were more prominent and more visible in ages past, thus references show up in the Bible and other literature and art. It was a race, just as there were other non-human races of beings, that were incarnate many years ago.

Yes, being an angel may be, and have been, a big commitment and dedication; but it does not mean we have to be chained to that identity forever. Yes, it may mean you have certain personality characteristics that will always be with you, but if you are looking to find meaning for your life now, to fill some sense of emptiness within, by grasping at some grand vision of yourself as a world savior or warrior for "god," you are going in the wrong direction. I was on that ego trip to some degree several years ago.

The real achievement will be in staying grounded and accepting of all the mundane aspects of this life, and the graceful enduring of the karmic challenges your soul has arranged in this life; and possibly coming out the other side as someone who contributes in their own subtle way to the betterment of the world as it is now, to those in your family, to those you encounter through your life. Hopefully your view of just how this all works also evolves with your journey, and you are able to provide peace to others who are looking for answers themselves.
Watchful (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-07)
Which King are you speaking of? Alexandra is...wary. She wants to know exactly what your talking about. Many prophecies speak of her...
The Prince (guest)
13 years ago (2009-03-26)
O yes and a reply to the other message. She isn't a otherkin. Or one of those people who believe themselves to be angels reincarnated... She was sent, I believe, to aid a certain King in, well, fulfilling certain prophecy.
The Prince (guest)
13 years ago (2009-03-26)
Hmmm Michael you say? Funny thing that, I kind of know him... Well, know him is a understatement. We are connected in ways people cannot understand. Anyways, I know what the Ocean means, and the wing, although the side would define what was lacking in yourself. However, you came to Earth by your own choice, I believe, although he may say otherwise. (he kind of expects alot, although I'm definitely becoming more heroic). Anyways, either wing respresents either spiritual or physical power, and if one is neglected, well, then you cannot fly about the ocean, which is... Something I won't reveal to people, not necessarily you. Email me at paramrarru [at] Its a friends email but serves me well at the present, I will let him know to expect a email. Btw, Dont mention School!
Woman in the woods (guest)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
While reading your story I really felt that your visions of you being an angel could be memories of a past life. Sometimes it happens that angels (or other entities) are born into a human body to learn and evolve, and some of these beings come to know that they're different, though some never notice. These people call themselves otherkin.
If you'd like to read more:
I really hope that will help you. Good luck and take care
just in time (guest)
13 years ago (2009-03-18)
we are all daughters and sons of god. So you are right with
The way you feel! You are a daughter of god. Arch angel
Energies look like different things to different people you
Will find that some see wings some see colors, depending on
What belief system they have. The eight main arch angel
Energies have been put in a healing system which we can call
Upon for strong healing. I think white you are a healer and
Maybe should look at different healing modalities to work with.
I would start with reiki. Just, whatever you do don't be afraid
Reiki is simple to learn and can do no harm. Reiki can be used
With arch angel energy healing for a strong healing.
Plus it makes your reiki stronger. Hope this helps you
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-17)
We are all so special and that includes you. You never asked to be born, but you were just like that. We are not really sure where we were before being conceived. Somewhere in God's plan of things. Angels are real and we each have a Guardian Angel. We can name them if we like. They do not mind. We need to chat to them from time to time and thank them for taking care of us. I need to much more than I do. I did see mine once and I think I wrote a blog about it. I have written so many on this excellent site.
I think the main thing I want to tell you is that you are very special as otherwise God would not have sent you to this earth. Keep in touch with me on this site or by my email michaeljaffrayk [at]
Faithful (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-16)
hmmm I don't know, but you clearly are blessed with something! How old are you? And are these visions you have seen while you sleep or while you are awake?
I was told 4rs ago by a really wise and gifted old lady, that Gabriel is my angel and he has been keeping me safe from harm that some one had tried to inflict on me. I have always had this feeling of being safe, no evil could really get far with me... But what I wanted to say is that Michael is not a fallen angel, he was not part of the- sons of Gods sleeping with women (Genesis)... You may feel like this towards him because he watches over you, and since you are gifted with being sensitive to seeing and feeling what others can not, you probably just feel his presence, protection and love he has over you. We as humans can not comprehend the love of God, God is love! you feeling as close to him as being his daughter is probably all you (we) can grasp from that love and closeness he has for you... Does that make sense? The love that is with God and his angels is a love we do not have here on earth, nor can we love at that level... I say this because Mary had appeared to me once, and I felt exactly what she was feeling in that moment, and it was a love I did not understand or could mimic back to her. I simply could not love the way she can... I hope this all makes sense lol... Also, Michael is God's greatest solider! He is the angel at the frontlines... So if you are able to feel him and see him, you have been immensely blessed! Pray about it, and give thanks to God also, that he has blessed you in this way! Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

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