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A Sibilant Hissing Sound


In the fall of 1970 I was in my second year of college living in a dormitory at the University of South Carolina. I had just finished a test and was laying down for a nap mid-afternoon. Laying there I heard a sound somewhat like passing gas. Immediately my consciousness became centered at the base of my spine. Quickly, it moved from there up my spine to the top of my head. It was a sensation of being at the top of head, within my skull. At the same time I felt this overwhelming bliss, peace, and timelessness. When I finally got up I felt completely refreshed (although I hadn't slept) and mused that what I had just experienced was so grand and divine surely it could not be a "tease," but would have to happen again at some point. I never had the experience again.

For over 30 years that memory lay dormant: I never met anyone who had had such an experience, nor understanding of it. Until... Around 8 years ago my brother sent me a small paperback on Kriya Yoga printed in Nepal. The author speaks of Patanjali's yoga and the release of the Kundalini. The author states,"Kundalini has been described as serpent power because it resembles a coiled snake, and when aroused it hisses. It is the sibilant hissing sound that is heard." When I read this I knew that this was the sound I had heard laying on my bed at age 19.

My purpose in writing is to perhaps help someone understand their experience with the mysteries and realities of the Kundalini.

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Butterfly (guest)
4 years ago (2018-06-22)
For years I have been faced with many unfortunates events that seam to follow me around. And on three separate occasions I have heard or heard of this hissing sound like a snake. On one of those occasions I heard of it's sound coming from a closets bedroom from which I was ask to investigate as the home owner. The other was about five years later after I had moved in an entirely different house in a completely different state. This time it came from a closed bathroom cabanette from which I had been passing by at the time. It had been so loude that I had to investigate my self only discovering nothing out of the ordinary was there. And lastly on this day of 06/ 21/2018 I awake and promptly heard the sound of a hissing snake in my left ear this morning. My quariousity had quicken me and I began to search for answers as to why this phanomom was happening and the only explanation I had been offered so far was the story expressed on this web site. The kundalini was a though that first came to mind and I truely hoped that this was my answer. Only recently had I learned that snakes were good, quite adverse to western belief from which I had been reared from. Ide like to think that my kundalini was being awaken verses some sort of bad luck was following me around all of this time.
alakeshwar (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-10)
I think this story is about a genuine experience and it strengthens the evidence for the kundalini power which a number of people claim to have experienced. However it is dangerous to try to awaken this power as it could do serious psychological injury to a person. There are a lot of forces in the world we still don't understand which need to be investigated scientifically.

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