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Green Ball Of Energy


About 15 years ago I had an argument with a girlfriend and deep down I knew I was in the wrong but wouldn't admit it. On this night of the argument we both decided to go our separate ways but over the coarse of the evening I decided I would go back to her house and apologise but she wasn't home so decided to wait outside her house for half an hour or so in my car.

As I was sitting there waiting, I started to think about my life and what has lead me to this moment and why I couldn't admit I was wrong in this argument, and realised I was protecting my ego and started to brake down and cry.

At that moment I looked up into starry winters sky and a giant green ball of energy appeared above a house opposite me it was beautiful nothing I had ever seen and I knew in an instance it was not of this world, the hairs on my neck literally stood up and my heart beat was racing but not in fear. The only way I can describe it was about 40ft in diameter no sound, no fire but a sort of lightning flashing inside the ball it just looked like energy.

It lasted about 3 seconds then it disappeared. My theory is, that in that moment of my remorse/brake down my ego was temporarily silenced and I had a brief insight into the real reality. The next day I told my father and he looked as if he half believed me and that was the end of it.

About a year later a friend of mime offered me a video tape of all the latest UFO evidence from America, so phoned my father and asked if he would like to watch it with me so we did. About half way through this video tape a military man explains about what they know and mentioned that these UFO's release green balls of energy into our atmosphere sucking up a lot of earths pollution, then shows a sketch drawing of exactly what I see.

A that moment my father looked at me and remembered me telling him that a year ago. Make what you will of it, but I like to think. THERE ARE MANY MANSIONS IN MY FATHERS KINGDOM.

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RiteFate (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-08)
I believe you... As I do believe in ufo's, good and bad. I can see auras, green means healer like a medic or like Jesus putting his hands on people.
Mine is Emerald Green.

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